WOODCOCK IN FULTON STREET. Robins, Warblers … Part 2 Part 2 So I thought I was done telling this warbler story, you know, those little yellow birds, quite cute actually, flitting around right at our front door, leaving droppings on the stoop and making a huge mess. Our home phone is 718-828-8262...and Deborah's cell is: 347-703-5554. Yellow-rumped Warblers The wood warbler that winters most widely in North America owes its success to myrtle berries (Myrtus), including bayberry and other natives. Email is above (rdcny@earthlink.net). Meet at the Boathouse Restaurant/Cafe. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. The bird was seen alive by Mr. Zack Green and Mr. N. G. Scollay, and a short time after died was given to me. ‘Yellow Warblers‘. We also followed another Cooper Hawk moving around in the Ramble for a while. Robins, Warblers and ‘Herbert’ Two summers ago, in 2014, we had robins nesting in a honey locust tree in our back yard. Hey everyone. By Chapter 427 of the Laws of 1886 it is specifically provided that no person shall catch with bird lime or any similar substance any song bird or any wild bird other than a game bird. The Boathouse Restaurant is located at 74th street and the East Drive within the park. A new nest is built for each brood, and in northern climes the first clutch is usually placed in an evergreen tree or shrub, while later broods are placed in deciduous trees (this must be this family’s second clutch?). I was out in the back yard on June 26 and witnessed robins building a nest, in the exact same location, at the intersection of two low hanging limbs. However difficult it may be in the country districts to enforce this and similar laws, there should be no trouble about doing it in the city, where it falls within the province of the police to prevent infractions of the statutes. Change ). How Do I Go About Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by buffalobill20, Sep 11, 2020. The provisions of the law are clear, and it is the duty of the police to see that they are carried out. These little captives after being taken are either sold for a trifle to the keepers of bird stores, or more frequently are at once destroyed and their skins sold to the dealers in feather millinery. This summer the robins are back! Walks last about 3 hrs (less if hot or rainy), and you can leave at anytime - we won't be offended. Directions to All Meeting Locations can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/ya65n5a8, Any questions send them our way: rdcny@earthlink.net or call: 718-828-8262 (home). Then we were hearing this ‘peck-peck-peck-ing’ on our front door starting first thing early morning. Nesting in the same place. Larger than a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, smaller than a Field Sparrow. buffalobill20 Member. A while later I notice our vegetable scrub brush quarantined in a glass by the sink: “Oh, I used that brush to scrub the bird poop off the front stoop…”, “Ewwww! But then within a day or two it was a mess again. sparrow-sized or smaller Measurements . Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Robins, Warblers, and Snipe Seward, Alaska. Please consult the Schedule page of this web site for updates to the schedule and directions to the meeting location (the Boathouse). A lady said she spotted one briefly by the west side waterfall. I wandered into a massive ROBIN gathering on this foggy afternoon. (You know, out of sheer exhaustion.). Or lead the female to a resting place when he sees she needs a break …. Here is a link to the blogs. It startles us every time we open the front door. Follow us on Twitter: @DAllenNYC and/or @BirdingBobNYC, Central Park (Bow Bridge hidden on left) in mid-April 2015 with an ornamental cherry tree in flower above and Manhattan Schist (now the Hartland Formation) below, #AmericanWoodcock #PineWarbler #BirdTrappingManhattan, Spring Birds Are Here: Migrating Woodcocks, Robins and Pine Warblers. Loaded with peanuts, almonds, pecans and cranberries, Nuts & Berries is designed to attract suet- and fruit-eating birds like woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, wrens and more. It was alive when found but died in a few hours. Since then the officials in control of the districts referred to have taken all possible steps to have the law enforced, and especially to watch the particular piece of property mentioned as the scene of the trapping. I think we just have one pair of these, but they surely have made their presence known. Now the birds were fluttering, pecking, puking and pooping – right at our front door. Warblers that prefer to feed at the tops of trees, for example, will rarely be found at the lowest heights, while warblers that feed on the ground are rarely found very high in trees. Sat-Sun 9-10 March (Boathouse Restaurant at 9:30am) - Sandra Critelli covered the Saturday morning walk, while Deborah and Bob covered Sunday which proved to be a rainout...so the summary applies to Sandra on Saturday. Robins and waxwings and warblers, oh my!