Solar Empire Plasma units: Uses a plasma weaponry as powerful as a flame thrower. Release Date(s) 03 While one single unit is controlled fully by the player, whom the camera focuses primarily on, the rest are given orders by the player that range from following them, moving to a location, holding ground, or guarding another unit, to attacking enemy units and structures. It is a spin-off of the Advance Wars series. During the exercise, a recon scout spots several Tundran armored divisions invading their territories at the command of Tsar Gorgi. Very often Xylvanian leaders use the tactics of une… Light Tanks: The most common vehicle. Bazooka Troops: A powerful anti-vehicle unit, which fires rockets with their bazookas that deal massive damage to enemy vehicles. She has broken the curse of the Iron Legion (an army that can only be destroyed by the Doomsday device) and is accepted into their clan. Missile Units: Carry surface-to-air missiles, very powerful against enemy aircrafts. It is the weakest tank. However, Vlad betrays him by having bombers, commanded by his subordinate Countess Ingrid, attack both armies. Famicom Wars (Charge! Light Recons: The fastest vehicle but is the weakest recon. PEGI Their main antagonists are the commanding officers of Xylvania - Kaiser Vlad, the country's ruler; Kommandant Ubel, a hulking monster of a man; and Countess Ingrid, a devoted female pilot veteran. Xylvanian Acid Gas Troops: Similar to the Flame Veterans except for it blows out a horrible and powerful gas. anti-air), and long-range mortar companies; "battlestation" tanks; and "stratodestroyer" aircraft. 02 05 !Famicom Wars) where it is a spin-off to the series.. From its conceptual stages Battalion Wars began as an original IP and not intended to be related to Advance Wars. The game was originally going to be an installment of the. Following a previous war between the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories, both sides maintain an uneasy truce with each other, while maintaining a constant vigil of each other's forces at the demilitarized zone along their borders. The continent is shared between the Western Frontier in the west, based upon the United States and whom the player controls throughout the campaign, and the Tundran Territories in the east, based upon Russia. Nintendo The southern seas consist of several islands, including a large archipelago to the south of the western continent, which is home to the Solar Empire, a nation based upon Japan with a mixture of traditional Japanese and high-tech futuristic themes. Battlestation: The best land vehicle, has a double-barreled cannon, two-sided gun turrets and three rear mounted heavy machine guns. Developer(s) Rating(s) The game received "generally favorable reviews" according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Battalion Wars is the first subseries since Super Famicom Wars to be released on a Nintendo console. It has a machine gun and a cannon. The game is a real time strategy game with 3D person shooting elements though out the game. Learning of his father's actions, Nova forbids Gorgi from participating further in the war he started, determined to end the conflict himself with his second-in-command, Major Nelly, leading Tundran forces. leading the Solar Empire is its ruler, Empress Lei-Qo - a wise woman with mystical powers. While the campaign's missions focus primarily on controlling forces from one of the game's four factions, bonus missions are unlocked if the player achieves an average score for a set of missions, allowing them to take control of troops from one of the other four factions. It is a spin-off of the Advance Warsseries. Weakened after the Xylvanian assault, both Herman and Nova call a ceasefire between their armies, effectively ending the conflict. For each mission, the player is given a variety of units to utilise, including infantry, armoured vehicles, and aircraft (with the exception of Air Transports), in which the number and types that can be used vary between missions; more troops can be earned as reinforcements depending on the player's progress in a mission or from capturing POW camps and helipads. They are vulnerable to anti-air missiles and, when flying low, are weak against MG fire... To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below. Zeldapedia • Kirby • Pikipedia • More...Wikia Gaming IRC channel. It is the sequel to the 2005 game Battalion Wars, in which players take command of a battalion of troops to complete missions and defeat opposing forces in battle. The eastern continent consists of a desert province in the west, called the Dune Sea, and a large gothic-themed landscape in the east, which is home to the nation of Xylvania, a country based on a mixture of pre-World War I Germany, modern Romania, vampires, and Gothic themes. The game features only a single-player campaign, played from a third-person perspective, in which players take control of a variety of units that form a battalion, to complete a series of missions. While unrelated to the Advance Wars series in the Western Hemisphere, in Japan it is known as Totsugeki!! Infantry units can use cover to reduce the threat of enemy fire, can man mounted gun emplacements, and can be healed individually by collecting first aid kits dropped by eliminated enemy infantry. The game's main protagonists are the commanding officers of the Western Frontier - General Herman, the leader of the Frontier forces; Colonel Austin, a resourceful officer; and Brigadier Betty, a young, energetic woman, whose uniform is based on a cheerleaders outfit. Vehicle and air units, along with their primary weapons and abilities, have manned machine guns that work autonomously against enemy units, and can be repaired by picking up jerry cans dropped by destroyed enemy vehicles. Genre(s) The in-game HUD comprises a mini-radar that denotes the location of objectives, and units - friendly, allies, and hostile - along with the battalion bar at the bottom, which lists the units and the number in a company that the player has. It is also able to destroy weak tanks and helicopters. Both nations decide to join forces, forming the Alliance of Nations, in order to retaliate against the Xylvanians as they prepare to attack both countries. Battalion Wars is a subseries of games in the Wars series. Before dying, Gorgi apologizes to Nova for his actions, leaving his son to vow for revenge for his father's death. Battalion Wars, released as Assault!! Bombers: Bombers drop bombs on ground units and has two heavy machine guns one at the bottom and one at the top (it is mainly a defense weapon. 210 articles since the 1st September 2008. Battalion Wars 2, released as Assault!! Ubel had referred to Vlad as "Herr Kaiser" ("Herr" being german for "Mr" or "Sir", and also being the proper way to address a superior in Germany). Leading the Tundran Territories are its officers - Tsar Gorgi, the country's former ruler who believes in strength; Marshall Nova, Gorgi's son and successor, devoted to modern progress and peace; and Major Nelly, an experienced female officer. NA: September 19, 2005 JP: October 27, 2005 EU: December 9, 2005 Countess Ingrid - The shy plane rider has now become an evil ruler. Flame Veterans: Wield flame throwers, only powerful at a close range against enemy infantry. Ingrid then is possessed and her voice, emotions and appearance change., Notice: Support for online play has been discontinued as of May 20, 2014, But you can still play online using custom servers such as Wiimmfi, Every wiki has two list of articles that need help called, You can find a list of useful templates on. The game received generally favorable reviews upon release, and led to the creation of a sequel, entitled Battalion Wars 2, for the Wii in 2007. While the camera is focused on the player's unit, it can be freely switched between an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, to a battlefield overview viewpoint. Uses assault Rifle. Heavy Recons: Slower but more powerful than the light recon. [9], X-Play complemented the game's emphasis on strategy and third person shooting as well as its cartoonish art style while criticizing the sometimes clunky controls and lack of multiplayer.[19]. There are five different nations in this game.