Where exactly can I be able to sell them? When it comes to chemical fertilizers, an N: P: K ratio of 120:160:100 kg/ha should be applied. If it is irrigation based crop, it requires frequent watering in hot summer season. Avoid heavy clay soils for growing this vegetable. Intercultural Operations in Beetroot Cultivation:- Crop rotation and weed control and timely fertilizer application is important in beetroot cultivation for avoiding any some pests, diseases  and for fast growth and good yield. The problem is that i need to find more people whom i will supply and vegetable are very fresh.Can u help me with marketing. You may also like the Tamrind Cultivation Income, Project Report. However, it thrives best on deep and well-drained, loose, loamy to sandy soils. If the crop is marketed with top leaves, any dead or damaged leaves should be eliminated from marketing. Beetroot is ideal to grow in cool regions like the southern states. Get contact details and address| ID: 16780653891 But over the years, it lost this unique distinction with the fast depletion of sandalwood reserves. What is the best way of doing this without investing in expensive harvesting machines and without employing hundreds of casual laborers? Kindly requesting for all the agronomical practices as per beetroot farming is concerned. Subscribe to Get Post in E-mail. Season for Beetroot Cultivation:- Beetroot can be grown throughout the year if there is enough water present. Am a beetroot grower from western uganda(fortportal). Harvest only quality roots that are dark red with a diameter of 8 cm. Sugar beet also needs less water. Manual or mechanical harvesting can be carried out depending on amount of area grown. Garden beet is primarily a cool season crop but grows well in warm weather and hence can be grown during winter all over the plains. Sharing of knowledge is a great gift you are providing to the required farmers. Seed Rate, Sowing and Spacing Beetroot Cultivation:- Usually a seed rate of  6 to 7 kg per one hectare land is good enough. Thanks, for your anticipated co-operation. Beetroot is relatively free from pests and diseases. Karnataka, especially the forests under Mysuru division, was once known as ‘Srigandhada Nadu’ (Land of Sandalwood). Beetroot is generally easy to grow and is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 vegetables grown in India. Cabbage Growing – A Beginners Guide. am a young farmer in bomet county kenya. you are utilising your professional expertise and making very useful information to other interested farmers…. Sir I am beetroot grower I want to export beetroot any one buyer? Hasmukh chaudhari. ... Beetroot Growing Information Guide. In dry conditions thorough watering is necessary. Keep then roots dry to prevent any fungal damage. Form ridges and furrows at 30 cm to … My worry is the market. BENGALURU: J Ramakrishna, a farmer from Mandya, is set to drive across Karnataka to educate farmers on how to earn a living by cultivating oyster mushrooms. Heavy soils are not satisfactory for beets because the roots are likely to be unsymmetrical in shape when grown on such soils. Kerala farmers take MSP for fruits with a pinch of salt. The conslusion of Beets farming is with proper care and cultivation practices, one can get good returns. I would like to grow beetroot on commercial basis. Mr. Reddy was born in farmer's family and was into 'IT' profession where he was not happy with his activities. Soil Requirement for Beetroot Cultivation:- Beetroot vegetable can be grown in any friable soils. If they are left in the ground much longer, they will become woody and not taste so good. Please advise me how to go about it. contact me I will supply in all 12 months in a year, I am shadrack from Delta State in Nigeria. It does not thrive well in extreme hot and extreme cold weathers. Since you labored to come up with such an article, please do the same and teach them how to buy seed, plant and harvest beetroot. Deccan Herald News now on Telegram - Click here to subscribe, Manasi Joshi: From losing leg to winning gold medal, Fungie, Ireland's missing dolphin, ‘goes with the tide’, Trump no good for comedy but comedians flourish, Fossil of 50-million-year-old giant bird identified. In Asia region, July to August (monsoon) is  best period  for beetroot plantation. Later they did not respond to our repeated pleas to procure," he said. The top is medium to tall with large, bright green leaves having maroon shade. This includes personalising content and advertising. Carrots, beetroots, fruits such as mangoes and grapes, … ISSN 2395-3411 Available online at www.ijpacr.com 138. I need more information and assistance. asks Cong, The pessimist's guide to Jack Ma's record Ant IPO, International flights suspension extended till Nov 30, Protest demanding reservation for Panchamshalis, Sensex plunges 600 pts; Nifty cracks below 11,750, Tanzania votes for president amid fears of violence, Flights to start from Sabarmati to Statue of Unity, Pisces Daily Horoscope - October 25, 2020, Pisces Daily Horoscope - October 26, 2020, Capricorn Daily Horoscope - October 23, 2020, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 review: Reliable mid-range tablet, Aquarius Daily Horoscope - October 23, 2020. i will appreciate the co-operation of my brother from Ghana by name richard anane to please let work together on this. You may be interested in Growing Basil from Cuttings, Seeds. The 42 … interested in farming the beetroot this febuary is there market for the product, Kindly advise if beetroot can be planted in greenhouses. Beetroot helps in controlling blood cholesterol. Rotating crops, allowing 2 to 3 years between planting beetroot in the same garden bed, will help to suppress the leaf spot. It can also be harvested within 2-3 months. Every bed can consist of 3 to 5 rows that are 30 cm apart. Ahmedabad, gujarat, much interested in beetroot farming. am from mumbai, India. Hi,I wish to plant beetroot for personal use. I am in Central Uganda- Africa. In case of commercial cultivation of beetroot, go for soil test before planning for it. I leave in kampala areas uganda and i am interested in growing beetroot on large scale . The pests like Red Spider, Aphids, Flea Beetle, and Leaf eating insects can be controlled by spraying 2 ml of Malathion 50 EC per 1 liter of water.