They dive straight into the trap and get caught by the glue which keeps them in place till they die. The reason for this is that, especially for those who smoke, the moths are sensitive to foreign smells. Once you have acquired your clothes moth traps it should be very simple to remove them from their packaging and set them up in the affected areas. If you need a ‘use one stone to kill two birds’ type of product, this is it. This Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Trap is one of the best moth traps you can come across as it eliminates a number of the mistakes one can make while setting up the bait. Since their lifespan is rather short, they will die off soon enough and just like that, no more moth issues. If you choose to use it in the living room or any other part of the house, your kids and pets are still safe around it. With it’s unique design this moth trap is able to not only capture crawling various species of moths but even catch flying ones. This is because as we have already noted, they are non-toxic. This product works by breaking the moths’ breeding cycle. This trap is safe as it does not contain any insecticide or pesticide. Containing no toxins nor harmful chemicals makes it safe to use in any household. You have to truncate their mating and fertilization process otherwise they’ll keep showing up. You are required to replace the trap after this time. Sadly, you have to throw out any food that has any trace of infestation and must keep looking out for larvae to ensure they don’t hatch, They are highly effective and are made from natural ingredients – No chemical additives, These Catchmaster moth traps are easy to set up and dispose of, They are safe to use around children and pets, The glue is heavy duty and has the capacity to catch many moths, Some customers have complained that some batch of the traps were not as effective as others, It is treated with pheromones to attract moths, It can be used both on the ground and be hanging in the air, There are no real issues with this product you just have to make sure you position it well for satisfactory results, It has an improved and more effective pheromone lure, It is non-toxic hence safe around kids and pets, It can be placed on the ground or hung in the air, It would have been great if it worked on cloth moths, It is easy to use and can be used almost anywhere, It is effective at attracting and capturing food moths, There are no serious issues, but be sure to wash your hands before usage as you don’t want to contaminate the pheromone and deter the moths, It is non-toxic and safe to use around your food storage, It works on different species of moths and even some beetles, It only obstructs moths’ reproduction cycle by taking out only the males. Lightweight, hangable design, you can set where you want. Pantry moth traps may not be effective against moth eggs and larvae, but there are other effective solutions. It is merely paper coated with glue. Just open, peel, and fold. It is good at its job which is why it is still in business after all these years. LONG LASTING: Moth infestations can cost money, time, and energy, and can lead to food waste or even health issues. These factors can help you figure out which seller is the right one to choose when you buy your next homemade pantry moth traps. Users are amazed at how fast the pheromones will bring the moths out of their hiding spots and into the trap. You are required to change these pantry moth traps in about two months. They are non-toxic and insecticide-free moth traps. Price. Other traps suggest that you wash your hands and wear latex gloves before applying the pheromone to avoid contaminating it and thus reducing the efficacy. This is always the result of listening to customer feedback and implementing such in new product development. Above All: The Best Clothes Moth Traps Must Be Easy to Use. This way, you can attack the moths both in the air and on the ground, making them more effective at getting rid of moths once and for all. Stops any future infestation and migration from one product to another. They are 100% safe, toxin-free, and are simple to use. Pesticides are not very effective on pantry moths as it can be difficult to find the larvae, and besides, you likely don’t want to use them in any areas where you store your food.