You might already know that, and the fact that it... more, Reviewed on: 05 April 2016   Platforms: PC, If you're a racing fan ToCA Race Driver 3 is a no brainer. VAT no 918 5617 01 We’d love to see Double Dash‘s two-seat carts return in a future Mario Kart game, or maybe even as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the brilliant culmination of 25 years of Nintendo cart racing games. Best PC Racing Games of All Time - It's a pretty broad statement, but after reviewing a ton of PC car games, we've compiled a list of the Top 30 games ever! It's got game modes and racing disciplines bursting from every polygonal seam and it's smart enough to cater for beginners and novices alike. Grid aims to walk the line between being accessible for beginners while still being engaging enough even for seasoned sim-racers, and it somehow manages to achieve precisely that. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing was released across multiple platforms last... more, Reviewed on: 05 July 2011   Platforms: PC,PC, While casual players might question whether much is different a year down the road after 2010, those in the know will agree that F1 2011 is the most complete representation of the sport to date. If you had an account with the old site, don't worry - it will be transferred over. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has both local and online multiplayer for both traditional races and the battle mode. Set in an open world called Timber’s Island, you visited five different biomes, completing four races and a boss fight in each world. Diddy Kong Racing was the best cart racer on Nintendo 64 and one of the best N64 games outright. Burnout Paradise, the most recent entry in the basically dormant series, took the high octane arcade racer into the open world. This can cause you to lose control and spin out quite often, giving the races a feel more similar to riding bumper cars, rather than a race in a professional setting. And because this is Need for Speed, every car can be modded within an inch of its life. Update: With Project Cars having now having been out for two weeks, we've... more, Competing against friends to fastest times is going to be a bit of an addiction, again like Trials, and for only £25 I can't see many reasons not to give Trackmania Turbo a whirl. DiRT Rally is not DiRT 4. This is not a racing simulator, and it’s not a fluffy arcade game either. It was always going to be hard for Criterion's Need for Speed to break free... more, Reviewed on: 09 November 2010   Platforms: PC, Driver San Francisco could have been a one-trick pony but it has managed to use that trick in a variety of clever and interesting ways, ensuring the driving gameplay never becomes tiresome or generic. The GameCube game added an extra seat to each cart, opening up the door for the first, and still only, cooperative gameplay seen in the series. If you want a realistic racing game on Xbox One or PC, look no further than Forza Motorsport 7. All rights reserved. The... more, Reviewed on: 16 September 2011   Platforms: PC, Joe Danger 2 can be an incredibly tricky game, but it’s one that always puts a smile on my face. But Blur also had a feature typically reserved for cart racers: items — making it a great PS3 game. Slick, forgiving handling made Blur easy to pick up. The pod racing title for N64, Dreamcast, and PC lets you relive the best moments of the movie across several planets. Ever since I was told about Bizarre... more, F1 2010 is one of the most comprehensive and complete Formula 1 offerings to date, and has everything we’ve come to expect from the genre over the years. Zipping around the 26 tracks in Omega Collection has never looked better with high definition visuals and a crisp 60fps. You're screaming towards a rather terrifying-looking chicane at 180mph. Yes, even better than Mario Kart 64. Read our interview with the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi, here. If review scores were handed out for slickness alone Codemasters' Colin... more, Reviewed on: 03 September 2009   Platforms: PC, Blur is a modern take on the Mario Kart formula, done in a way that feels incredibly cool and refreshing. Allowing you to follow the same lines as Hamilton and see his inputs, it offers an unprecedented level of access, and another reason to buy GT Sport. Codemasters undoubtedly has one of the best racing game development studios... more, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has all the best qualities that Mario Kart initiated years ago and features controls tailored to the portable iOS devices. Developed by Playground Games, Forza Horizon 4 substitutes hyper-realism for an experience that falls halfway between simulator game and arcade. In some ways Heat is a continuation of everything we like about NFS: it follows the familiar formula of letting the player rip it up in a world of tournament heats, illegal street races and police chases. Unlike most racing games where the AI drives carefully and avoids contact with other cars, the AI in Forza 7 will constantly ram into your car, even on the lowest aggression settings. The photo-realistic visuals are particularly impressive. There’s an entire genre of racing games available, but we’ve managed to highlight some of the best ones of all time. On top of the car list, Motorsport 7 has more than 30 locations scattered throughout the world. Codemasters' Race Driver GRID turned out to be one of the best Arcade racers... more, Reviewed on: 08 August 2008   Platforms: PC,PC, GTR Evolution is definitely an evolution of the series, as opposed to a revolution, and while the game is in need of a graphical overhaul, the rest of the game is all you could ask from a racing sim. Even though the single player is what stood out, the multiplayer, especially the battle mode, gave Diddy Kong Racing some serious legs. F-Zero GX was essentially the twitchy-fingered precision platformer of racing games. An RPG of sorts, with each stunt-fueled objective completed, your driver leveled up. Unlike many other racing games on this list, Trackmania Turbo‘s tracks are very short. With arcade games like Blur, Split... more, Reviewed on: 20 September 2016   Platforms: PC, A beautiful Britain, an exuberant driving engine, and generosity of spirit make Forza Horizon 4 a masterclass. Double Dash, despite the innovation, could still be played conventionally as a solo player for the Grand Prix and multiplayer modes. Acquiring power-ups throughout the match allowed you to do things like shoot other racers and Blur introduced these mechanics in fun ways. Despite dwelling in the weird no-man’s land between ‘arcade fun’ and ‘gritty sim realism’, Codemasters’ Grid delivers an exceptional pick-up-and-play racing experience. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer was the best thing to come out of The Phantom Menace. Episode 1: Racer is one of the best licensed Star Wars games, and that’s saying a lot considering how many have been released over the years. The only drawback? Starring characters from Rare franchises, Diddy Kong Racing had a novel single player campaign at the time.