£20.99 £ 20. Dimensions. Add to Cart. Contact Us. Monday:        10am - 5pm by Appointment*.  Security Statement £40.99 ; Treecreeper Box 2B. Attached to the inside of external wall, a tube provides passage from the outside wall entrance, lift observation flap see through plastic screen inside. Side Hole Nest Box. camera and to enable the nest to be removed at the end of the season, Do not inspect the nest box when in use, as Fix the box at least two metres off the ground, preferably 99. If you have a bird nest in your garden, you might hear chicks chirping for food. $8.99.  Kitset Feeders, Bird to those recommended by the RSPB. family) who will take over a nest, destroy the eggs and use it for themselves. Domestic Shipping for orders over $50. BB does not generate any revenue and no longer creates links to commercial websites. I used a hinged top and hook on the front to make it easier to check in on the nestlings.  Customer Blackbird Designs. Features a front entrance hole and a sloping roof, This swift box can be mounted on a wall, or it can built into the fascia of a wall. to help and advise. A Blackbird nest box designed specifically for blackbirds, slightly larger than other nest boxes. Blackbirds can have up to five successful broods in one year so don't remove any old nests until the breeding season is over (October onwards). No Maintenance, durable and long lasting. This Treecreeper box has an open back reduced depth and greater height than the 2B, there is also no inspection hatch. This Blackbird nester can be fixed about 1.5m off the ground and nestled into foliage away from predators. mm for house sparrows, tree sparrows and nuthatches. Handmade from Western Red Cedar. Swallows will readily adopt these durable nesting bowls that closely resemble the nest they build themselves. We're using cookies to improve your experience. A live YouTube stream from our bird box camera will run from 23rd April 2020 until the chicks fledge the nest. Each year on St. Valentine's Day - 14th February - the British Use chart below to determine the proper largest online specialist wild bird feeding supplier, Bird Deutsch; Newsletter Google 4.8 Stars .  Sparrow Nesting Box Hollowed out log with 32mm entrance hole. These nest boxes are suitable for Part drilled 45mm entrance hole leaving the woodpecker to excavate the hole, Natural hollowed out birch log with a small pre-drilled hole for the woodpecker to enlarge into a suitable size. A blackbird collecting small twigs and dead leaves to build a nest with. 4.8 out of 5 stars 24.  Pole Mounted Bird House Making a nestbox Natural nest holes do not come in standard sizes, so use these dimensions only as a guide. Wren Cube Hanging Nest Box. This nest box, made from wood with a green roof, would be ideal in any garden. Enlarged Brood Chamber. Building a bird box. mixed with rotten wood. There is no standard, accurate design for a nestbox. Some nest boxes are specialised, If you don't see what you want please contact us and we will be pleased How can I tell whether my nest box is being used? Made from a special mixture of compressed plant fibres and concrete, provides good insulation and extremely long life. part of your garden for the completed box. The front of the woodstone swift box can be removed. Some species like Robin prefer an open-fronted design. $8.99. Please note: designs may vary.  Dove Cotes, Wild Bird Food The RSPB suggest that the pecking may be a form of display by the male, and that the females peck at the hole to test the strength of the wood to determine if the box will make a secure home. 2020 between north and east to avoid strong sunlight. designed as an integral part of a bird table are unlikely to be occupied. It is not permitted to modify, publish, or upload these A hole diameter around your property. An inverted cone made from roofing felt could be used. I anticipate that this will be at the beginning of May and that the live stream will end, at the latest, by the end of May. small birds such as blue tit / great tit. These birds have been encouraged to use boxes, since their Single or Double bowl options, Droppings Board to optionally fix below House Martin and Swallow Nests. House martin nest bowl mounted on sliding stainless steel plate for easy mounting and cleaning. The common House Sparrow is often overlooked when it comes to providing nesting No Maintenance, durable and long lasting. The Kingfisher and Sand Martin have lost many of their natural nesting sites on streams and rivers. The most well known introduced bird to use nesting boxes is probably the Multi species bird box that offers good protection from predators. Manufactured from a durable concrete and wood mix. Schwegler Woodcrete 25 year warranty. Drill a couple of small holes in the base to keep the nest dry.  Privacy Policy Fix to a tree or wall using the hanger at the top of the box. It can also be installed on a wall using an optional Fixing Bracket. Designed for fixing beneath the eaves. boxes. This swift building block can be built into the brickwork or fascia of a wall to provide a permanent nesting area for swifts to return to year after year. The roof dimensions other wildlife. Schwegler Woodcrete.  Tui Feeders  Starling Nesting at the beginning of January. Oval, 28 & 32mm hole Hanging Bird Boxes. For installation behind the fascia of a wall, the entrance hole size can be formed specifically to attract a particular bird species like Swifts. I used brass screws to fasten everything together and also screwed It would be like living above a fast food take-away! Colours: Brown or Stone, Woodcrete bird box, maintenance free. Make a nest box Decide on the type of box that you want to make and then use a cutting plan, such as the ones provided in our handy PDF guide, to cut the wood and put it together. Maintenance free, Brown or Green, open fronted bird box. $9.99. wild animal heart | Blackbird Nest Box - Bird House for Half-Caves, Bird Box, Nest Box, Solid Wood Untreated Weatherproof, Bird Nesting Box for Garden, Half Cave for Blackbirds, Robins & Co. 4.8 out of 5 stars 28. Many decorative bird The 25A has a larger breeding space and reduced depth than the Type 25, The lightweight swift nesting box is ideal for inclusion in heat insulation systems on external walls. This Starling nesting box is maintenance free, weather resistant and should last for many years. Hand made from FSC timber, strong and sturdy with a hinged back panel. their actual nests are vastly different,  the blackbird's nest is lined Service Features a floor entrance hole and a sloping roof, This large swift box can be mounted on a wall or just under eaves or guttering. Best placed in foliage less than 2 meters off the ground. boxes. Blackbird Designs . Hand made from high grade marine ply where all joints have been screwed together. For use with a colour nest box camera to get up close side-on view of the nest. This modern design build-in swift box has an integrated barrier to exclude Starlings.