And when we’re feeling bold, we make chocolate peanut butter. He meets a local family who teach him how to bake traditional national treats and creates his own version. My family all agreed they tasted better than Reese's peanut butter cups -- our favorite candy! Hope that helps. In this little jar of liquid gold, we have a peanut butter with the most perfectly melty, creamy texture, and with a barely … Remove the skin by rubbing the peanuts together in your hands held over a salad spinner, allowing the peanuts and skins to fall into the bowl. The Osmond family asks Brenda and Alisha to build a replica of their log cabin for a fundraiser. My kids and their friends gobble them up. If you want it even nuttier, you can use chunky peanut butter, and if you're not a fan of cashews, substitute your favorite nut. We develop the recipes, photograph, shoot videos, and we’re the ones answering your cooking questions. These are the best soft peanut butter cookies, and my family can't get enough. —Lori Brow, Manhattan, Illinois.Get RecipeTaste of HomePeanut Butter S'Mores SandwichYour favorite s'more flavors come together in this tasty peanut butter sandwich—no campfire required. Add the roasted peanuts to the bowl of a food processor. —Dorothy Pritchett, Wills Point, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeChocolate Peanut Butter Overnight OatsSoon after I learned about overnight oats, I decided to create a recipe with my favorite sugary combination: chocolate peanut butter. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. We’ve noticed that the amount of oil required changes based on the peanut (or other nuts) we use. Hey Caroline, The coconut oil helps make the peanut butter extra creamy. He meets locals and learns how to make some traditional baked goods. More about us…, We set out to create the best turkey meatloaf recipe, and here it is! Now I continue the tradition for the next generation of peanut butter lovers. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Your email address will not be published. We want to know. Having decided to stay in Dorset, Hugh considers the big question facing the committed smallholder: how far are you prepared to go? Read more, How to make tender ground turkey meatballs cooked in a quick and easy tomato basil sauce. Award winning blogger and former city girl Ree Drummond shares her special brand of home cooking, from throw-together meals to elegant creations. Just an FYI for people out there who want to make this but have high blood pressure, diabetes, or want to avoid oils, etc. For this peanut butter cupcake recipe, I blended peanut butter and chocolate. Nancy’s family arrive at the farmhouse for Thanksgiving. This recipe was easy to follow and perfect as written but I tried some variations. In California, an Italian joint stays true to a family ravioli recipe. He uses the fantastically versatile ingredient to create macaroons, pavlova and the classic baked Alaska. By the way, if you only use almonds, you can make almond butter. Use your favorite flavor of jelly and switch to crunchy peanut butter if you like extra texture. Makes me want to jump through my screen into your kitchen! The four remaining bakers give Hanukkah's gold-covered chocolate coins a twist. This recipe is easy-to-make, yet produces a delicious creamy homemade peanut butter that far surpasses the flavor of store-bought. —Kandy Dick, Junction, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeGluten-Free Peanut Butter Kiss CookiesGuests will stand in line to kiss the cook when these treats are served! But, which of his stunning tart recipes will he demonstrate? Switch to crunchy peanut butter and sprinkle chopped peanuts over the top if you like the extra crunch. Fourteen years later, Kellogg was granted a patent for a slight variation on Edson's original process. Process for about 5 minutes—or until the desired consistency is reached—scraping down sides with a spatula as needed. I love making my own peanut butter. In Kauai, a Japanese-Hawaiian eatery is putting a quick spin on fish, burgers and burritos. It's also an easy one for children to help with. Please review our Comment Guidelines. Jump to the Peanut Butter Recipe or watch our quick recipe video showing you how we make it. I've made them for a bake sale at my granddaughter's school and tucked them into holiday treat boxes for neighbors. I discovered a healthy variation that substitutes pure vanilla extract for the honey! That’s it. My recipe is actually for chocolate peanut butter! You can’t taste the coconut oil in the peanut butter. Start by placing the peanuts and salt in your food processor. (We add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey). Buckeyes are a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate, which is exactly what this cookie is. This is how to make homemade peanut butter cups. He just turned 33, and he still has to have his favorite treat. Plus, he bakes two Afrikaans classic with a British twist - Earl Grey milk tart and BBQ meat pasties. Finally, invest in clear glass jars to store and display all your hard work. This sounds so good, I’m looking forward to trying it soon. Country music star and best-selling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood provides access to her kitchen. Since they’re roasted you could skip roasting in the oven, but we do it anyway — it sort of brings them back to life. For a change of pace, try them with chunky peanut butter, too. He demonstrates how to make the classic Victoria sponge, a chocolate roulade and an American baked cheesecake. James Martin explores the varieties of sweet breads. Overnight oats are a perfect breakfast for busy mornings. Creamy, chocolaty goodness — we’re absolutely in love with it.