It's also -- and despite no marketing whatsoever -- probably the most celebrated retreat in the U.S., booked solid nine months in advance. Escondido, CA 92027-6208 See Map Telephone: (760) 749-3399, Welcome to California. call myself . The ashram center offers several programs, including a guest program, conducted weekends, volunteer and resident programs. so much from God . Hidden Valley Ashram Experience the Monastic Lifestyle “That God has given me the privilege to serve is my blessed good fortune. Outside is our backyard patio and pool area. Ananda Ashrama is a non-sectarian place of worship dedicated to all the religions of the world, where people of different faiths may come together and worship the One Spirit Who is called by many names. I have learned so much. the ashram california ... and delicious meals are shared but where you truly feel the warm and friendly atmosphere that is so unique to The Ashram. For detailed information about the programs, visit the Hidden Valley Ashram website. Elder Ashram. I have learned. Established in 1974 by two Swedish women, The Ashram is boot camp West-Coast style: Basic training with meditation, sprouted chickpeas and a hefty price tag thrown in. A cozy living room with comfortable sofas in front of an inviting fireplace bids you to relax and share the day’s experiences with your newfound friends. Our philosophy is based on the universal teachings of Vedanta as expounded by India's mystic and world teacher Sri Ramakrishna. a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew. 16455 Old Guejito Grade Rd. that I can no longer. The Ashram California is an all-inclusive fitness resort located in Calabasas, California that focuses on improving guests’ mental, emotional, and physical health. The truth has shared . Shanti Ashrama is a spiritual retreat located in the Upper San Antonio Valley in unincorporated Santa Clara County, California, United States as a branch of the Ramakrishna Mission.It is approximately 40 miles (64 km) east of downtown San Jose.. History. I want nothing; my only desire is that I may establish this work as a divine oasis where aspiring souls may quench their thirst.” 3121 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, California 94602, United States (415) 840-6719 mobile (510) 698-4674 fax.