Occupation: Field Researcher, Photographer, Head of Research for Site 17, Administrator. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, Is able to photograph entities otherwise unable to be detected, https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dr._Kondraki?oldid=6950566. Alongside photography, his interests include fencing, writing, and classical music, which he regards as "the only kind worth listening to". Gears, Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under. According to SCP-1389-1, SCP-1389-3's name is Dr Kondraki. When asked about this inconsistency, he refused to answer directly, just stating "I just need a better camera". ! Future Projects. Managed to escape SCP-076-2 after suffering massive loss of blood and a loss of an arm), Range: Standard melee range with his sabre, several meters with SCP-515-ARC and SCP-291-1, several dozen meters with firearms. General Wikidot.com documentation and help section. Addendum: As of █-██-████, Dr. ████████ Kondraki is now a member of the Administrative staff, with wide jurisdiction over multiple Sites. Despite no previous schooling in either field of knowledge, he seems to be doing well for himself. Dr. Kondraki has been observed to hold long conversations with SCP-408 as well, but since █-██-████ the latter has seemingly ceased visual communication with the former. dr. kondraki here once again, and today i'm here with a new addition to the amino! Promotion rendered on the grounds of "good" behavior and 100% success record involving employee termination. While he claims that his motivation is simply a practical application of his research, it's more likely due to the ease in which he becomes bored. -Prof. Crow, Note: After review of the records concerning Dr. Kondraki and his official title, it appears the correct spelling should read as "King of the Booooterflies". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Sort by: Hot. Despite this, a consensus between O5 members have deemed him both too valuable and too dangerous to either terminate or revoke his employment. Continue SCP Review. 479k members in the SCP community. It's also my first romance book as well! Tier: 10-A, 9-C with firearms and saber, 9-B, possibly 9-A with preparation and anomalous weaponry, Name: ████████ Kondraki, 'King of the Booooterflies' (Informal nickname given by other researchers), Age: 40s ~ 50s (Joined the Foundation at 35), Classification: Human, Field Researcher, Photographer, Head of Research for Site 17, Administrator, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Reaction Speed, Is able to photograph entities otherwise unable to be detected (With SCP-515-ARC), Light Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement with SCP-515-ARC (The flash of the camera is strong enough to cause third degree burns at a close range, and blind enemies even from a mid ranged distance), Weapon Mastery (Firearms and Sabre), Animal Manipulation (SCP-408) (Has a pheromone that causes the colony to fight for him and take his orders), Invisibility and Illusion Creation with SCP-408, Fire Manipulation with SCP-295-1 (An incendiary weapon akin to a grenade that causes fires that spread anomalously fast), Regeneration (High-Low), Statistics Amplification, and Disease/Pain Resistance with SCP-427, Attack Potency: Athlete level (Easily broke Dr. Clef's neck, then fractured his skull by repeatedly slamming his head into the corner of a desk), Street level with firearms and saber, Wall level, likely Small Building level with anomalous weapons and preparation (When using SCP-388, he amputated a limb of SCP-083-D. SCP-295-1 could burn down a building faster than regular incendiaries), Speed: Average Human with Supersonic+ reactions and attack speed (Caught SCP-083-D by surprised and managed to outrun him for a significant amount of time, although 083 was crippled repeatedly during his chase. View wiki source for this page without editing. Mushroom world love your art scp foundation scp containment breach scp 076 Able scp 049 plauge doctor dr. bright dr. kondraki dr. clef dr. glass dr. gears dr. iceberg MTF scp 035 Possessive Mask scp 871 Self-Replacing Cake scp 4299 I see life in Rosy Hues scp 2295 The Bear With a Heart of Patchwork Append content without editing the whole page source. Info About The Team with this new team in place, users can get professional critiques on their scp stories, background, interviews, files, art, and etc! Read kondraki from the story Reader x scp doctor by UserNameIsTakenF (Whyyyyyyy) with 2,445 reads. 479k members in the SCP community. Hot New #1. Ever since the capture and containment of SCP-408, which had been completely invisible to accompanying agents, he has been privy to sensitive material above his security clearance, including the status of SCP-███ and the result of [DATA EXPUNGED]. -Dr. Stakes, garlic, holy water, cat urine, and various other anti-vampire tools. He is the friendly rival of Dr. Alto Clef, and has helped and hindered his fellow researcher in a slew of incidents regarding reality warpers, and the decommissioning of rogue anomalies. - King of the Booooterflies, Note: Hey, I didn't do nothin'. Addendum: Dr. Kondraki's camera, now classified as SCP-515-ARC, has been confiscated until further notice has been returned following a thorough investigation. Someone needs to do something about him before we're forced to just shoot him, he's too much of an asset to simply bury. Bright. View and manage file attachments for this page. He is a bit boastful about the work he's done on that camera. What ever happened to Dr. Kondraki? His access privileges have been returned, and we'll be putting him back into the field as soon as possible. He can only use 427 for a limited time (An hour) before it adversely affects him. Dr. Kondraki needs an assistant. Log In Sign Up. Why is he listed as "MIA?" Site of Operations: Site 17 (when not out in the field), SCP Files Authored: SCP-396 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-214, SCP-408, SCP-250 (Since updated by Researcher Voct), SCP-295, SCP-330, SCP-336 (Since updated by Dr. Vang), SCP-515-ARC, SCP-252-ARC, SCP-122 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-208, SCP-266, SCP-276, SCP-285, SCP-570 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-460, SCP-312, SCP-337, SCP-395, SCP-382, SCP-375 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-625 (Since updated by Dr. Vang), SCP-705, SCP-577, Log Files: Experiment Log 295-1-a, Dr. Simmons's Private Log, Oversight Disciplinary Record 79922005-oo8-Kondraki, Taking Out the Trash, Duke 'till Dawn. Secure, Contain, Protect | The official subreddit of the SCP Wiki collaborative-fiction project on scpwiki.com. A high ranking researcher of the SCP Foundation, an unparalleled expert in catching SCPs with abilities that make them unable to be perceived. It should be noted that SCP-1389-3 does not get along well with SCP-1389-2, and the two are prone to getting into fights resulting usually in minor injuries to both creatures, though in at least one instance it has resulted in a fractured femur bone. Some have regarded him as anti-social, and he has admitted that despite having worked at Site 17 for 5 years now, he can’t recall the name of a single co-worker.