Cheddar Cheese, england You eat it and love it, but how much do you really know about this iconic cheese? Now 100 years later, we’re proud of our thriving farms, strong communities, and happy, healthy cows that produce the rich, buttery milk that we use to make Cabot’s award-winning cheese and dairy products. What a great tour and educational experience...and a tasty one at that! Next, we tasted a vintage cheddar aged for 22 months with a drier flavor profile and hints of crystallization. Operated by John and Katherine Spencer since 2003, Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company is the only company currently producing cheddar cheese in the town of Cheddar. #mc-embedded-subscribe-form input[type=checkbox]{display: inline; width: auto;margin-right: 10px;} As we learned, the constant temperature and moist conditions are ideal for aging cheddar cheese. The largest producer of Cheddar cheese in the United States, Kraft, uses a combination of annatto and oleoresin paprika, an extract of the lipophilic (oily) portion of paprika.[26]. The cheese is kept at a constant temperature, often requiring special facilities. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. About Cabot Cheese The farm families that own Cabot Creamery Co-operative love what they do. We had just ventured into the gorge’s deep, dark cavern with sounds of dripping moisture buzzing in our ears when we hit the motherload. [31] Cheddar exports totalled 234,000,000 lb (106,000,000 kg) in 1904, but by 2012, Canada was a net importer of cheese. The "Joseph Harding method" was the first modern system for Cheddar production based upon scientific principles. It is sold in several varieties, namely mild, medium, sharp, extra-sharp, New York-style, white, and Vermont. Located just a few hours from London, the bucolic hamlet of Cheddar is famous for its cheese – and not just any cheese…. As with other hard cheese varieties produced worldwide, caves provide an ideal environment for maturing cheese; still, today, some Cheddar cheese is matured in the caves at Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge. [2] It is the second-most popular cheese in the US behind mozzarella, with an average annual consumption of 10 lb (4.5 kg) per capita. [20][21], The ideal quality of the original Somerset Cheddar was described by Joseph Harding in 1864 as "close and firm in texture, yet mellow in character or quality; it is rich with a tendency to melt in the mouth, the flavour full and fine, approaching to that of a hazelnut". It received the most journalistic attention at the fair and was awarded the bronze medal. We’ve partnered up with Olympia Provisions to bring you a new line of savory charcuterie and grilling staples. Follow the link below to view the latest version of our Privacy Policy. [citation needed] Vermont's three creameries produce cheddar cheeses — Cabot Creamery, which produces the 16-month-old "Private Stock Cheddar"; the Grafton Village Cheese Company; and Shelburne Farms.[36]. Furthermore, certain cheeses that are more similar in taste and appearance to Red Leicester are sometimes popularly marketed as "red Cheddar". New York-style Cheddar is particularly "sharp"/acidic, but tends to be somewhat softer than the milder-tasting varieties. 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Beyond outdoor activities in the gorge, the main attraction of Cheddar Gorge is Gough’s Cave which, natural wonders aside, contains ideal conditions like humidity and temperature for aging cheddar cheese. A cheese this size would use the equivalent of the daily milk production of 16,000 cows. COPYRIGHT ©2020 MURRAY'S CHEESE. This bitterness has been found to be significant to the overall perception of the aged Cheddar flavour. The Spencers produce their cheese with vegetable rennet. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian. Harding introduced new equipment to the process of cheese-making, including his "revolving breaker" for curd cutting, saving much manual effort. This is such a great idea for a day out in England. SponsorshipWe thank Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company for hosting us to facilitate this article.Article UpdatesWe update our articles regularly. [34], Percentage of milk fat must be labelled by the words milk fat or abbreviations B.F. or M.F. After meeting the Spencers and hearing their story, we were anxious to taste the cheese. [3] The US produced approximately 3,000,000,000 lb (1,300,000 long tons; 1,400,000 tonnes) of cheddar cheese in 2014,[4] and the UK produced 258,000 long tons (262,000 tonnes) in 2008.[5]. Cheddar is a hard cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, and it ranges from white to pale yellow in color. Every variance changes the end product.” With that simple statement, Marketing Manager Mark Brady summed up the cheddar cheese company’s approach to cheesemaking. Let us know if you see anything that needs to be updated in this article. Cheddaring is just one part, albeit an integral part, of the multi-step process. [22], Cheddar made in the classical way tends to have a sharp, pungent flavour, often slightly earthy. We were about to eat in cheddar in Cheddar – the realization of a food travel fantasy. [6][7] The style and quality of cheeses labelled as cheddar may vary greatly, with some processed cheeses being packaged as "cheddar" while bearing little resemblance. British trains tend to be highly civilized and this ride was no exception. Dig into fall flavor and get inspired for holiday snacking with our brand new Fall Favorites Cheese Board. [5] The Slow Food Movement has created a Cheddar Presidium,[27] arguing that only three cheeses should be called "original Cheddar".