Usually when I eat a cheeseburger with the bun I get so full I feel like I am going to pop! If you leave my house hungry…it’s your own fault! Mix ground beef with seasonings and Worcestershire sauce. Anyway, I end up wearing a swim suit plenty that week. SmartPoints® value* not what you expected? Remove skillet from heat. I don’t think I explained why it’s such a big deal for me to fit in a swim suit for my kids swimming lessons. Divide mixture into 6 sections then roll each into a ball. We follow the same method as WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) when calculating the value of a recipe: We add up the SmartPoints® values* of the individual ingredients using the Recipe Builder, not the calculator. Happy Stirring. Top with tomatoes, avocados, and favorite dressing. How To Make Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburgers Mix together ground beef, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Or switch it to mozzarella. A minute before hamburgers are done, add cheese and continue to cook for one minute. Stir until thoroughly mixed and melted. I’m just saying I think I will wait until after I’m done wearing my swim suit for those! This is a quick and easy one pan meal prep! I can’t believe I just told you that because I really don’t believe in cutting out the cheese! I know you should not use lean ground beef if you want juicy burgers, but when I’m trying to watch calories I use 93% lean beef for these and they are still amazing as ever. Keep your pals stocked with easy recipes... Click "Send to a Friend" now! Easy Beef Burrito Skillet – can be used to make nachos, salad, burrito bowls, and more. Everything you love about a juicy cheeseburger without the bun! Add cheddar cheese, cream cheese, ketchup, and mustard. That’s how I justify the cheese! And I hope that my men feel the love in every bite. Even when I’m trying to eat lighter I still won’t deny myself a cheeseburger. When you're craving cheeseburgers but want to eat a healthy lunch, make this! Here’s the deal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My family has grown to love a healthier version we call Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps! Why are they so dang delicious? Wrap beef patty in a paper towel and microwave for one minute. And I’m okay with that! Instructions Heat a grill or skillet on medium heat. Tips for how to make these In and Out Style Burger Lettuce Wraps: For this recipe, you want to prepare all your ingredients before grilling the burgers. 1/4th of recipe (3 lettuce wraps): 238 calories, 9.5g total fat (4.5g sat fat), 555mg sodium, 10g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 6g sugars, 27.5g proteinBlue Plan (Freestyle™) SmartPoints® value 6*, 1 lb. Lol! I am passionate about catching up with each other at meal times. Let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours. Filed Under: Beef, Grill, Main Dishes, Quick Meals, Sandwiches Tagged With: cheeseburger, grill, ground beef, lighter, sandwiches, wraps, Your email address will not be published. I add a few extra things that make these burgers so yummy! Repeat for each bunless burger. I use what I think is good, then add a little more! Eat THREE for just 106 calories! Learn how your comment data is processed. Use seasonings and sauce to taste. Hi I’m Amy! Happy July 12th, National Pecan Pie Day! Welcome to my stinky farm life where my days are filled with chasing kids and cows! Place a slice of cheese on each cooked burger. We rent a camper and camp right by the pool. Stir in chopped pickles. Copyright © 2020 ? Cook, stir, and crumble until beef is fully cooked and onion has softened, 5 - 7 minutes. I’m usually not into lower carb, calorie, fat, etc. I live on a dairy with my husband and three boys. Anyway, in my attempt to be more comfy in that swim suit I have decided to cut back on the carbs here and there. 2. All Rights Reserved. Wrap lettuce leaf around cheeseburger. You gotta try it! Required fields are marked *. When I eat my cheeseburger this way I don’t feel that heavy feeling. Wrap it up in a nice piece of lettuce and you won’t even miss the bun. Hungry Girl. Place patties on grill/pan and cook for approximately 4 minutes on each side or until cooked to your liking. (Many foods have a value of zero and remain zero in recipes.) Place each burger on a large piece of lettuce. choose the biggest leaves from the head of lettuce. Build the lettuce wrap burger inside the paper wrapper: lettuce, burger, 1 teaspoon mustard and more lettuce. … Add beef, onion, and seasonings. Refrigerate until ready to use. Grill over medium high heat until medium well. Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps + More 20-Minute Dinner Recipes. That’s when these lettuce wrapped babies make an appearance! Cut it in bite sized pieces. Honestly though, I don’t miss the bun, at all! Click for more about our editorial and advertising policies. Recipes | Food News | Recipe Makeovers | Ask HG Q&A | Weekly Recipes | Go-to Guides, Subscribe | All About HG | Books | Video | TV Show | Contact Us, Unsubscribe | Home | Editorial Policy | Advertising Information | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, (E-mail addresses will be used only to send the Hungry Girl Email requested. Sign up for my newsletter so you won't miss out on anything that's happening around here! *The SmartPoints® values for these products and/or recipes were calculated by Hungry Girl and are not an endorsement or approval of the product, recipe or its manufacturer or developer by WW International, Inc., the owner of the SmartPoints® trademark. Divide mixture into 6 sections then roll each into a ball. Prep Time … Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps. I know you are going to love them too! Since I don’t know how to swim I have to either sit there or practice some water aerobics that I made up for people who have to sit on the shallow end of the pool! Press each ball down flat to form a patty. My love language is food. The kids and I buy day passes to the pool and end up swimming the whole day. Enjoy! Wrap the lettuce up over the top and serve. In a large bowl, mix together ground beef, seasoned salt, pepper and oregano. Wrap it all up and you will love it! In a large bowl, mix together ground beef, seasoned salt, pepper and oregano. I mean, they swim and I sit in the pool and watch them the whole day. They are pretty much lame! Cheeseburgers… Mmmm. (If using a skillet, only cook 3 at a time to avoid over-crowding.). We may have received free samples of food, which in no way influences whether these products are reviewed favorably, unfavorably, mentioned with indifference, or mentioned at all. I love how light and yummy this cheeseburger wrap is!