Tamil Translations of Discourage. does not have something that is needed: The safe lacks a lock. English ; Log in; Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Synonyms for lack of trust include trust issues, caginess, chariness, cynicism, distrust, mistrust, suspicion, wariness, disbelief and doubt. Eunuchoidism definition, an abnormal condition in males, characterized by lack of fully developed reproductive organs and the manifestation of certain female sex characteristics, as high voice or lack of facial and body hair, resulting from the absence of a normal production of male sex hormones. lacks synonyms, lacks pronunciation, lacks translation, English dictionary definition of lacks. See more. Tamil English Tamil - English; மடப்பற்று; மடப்பிடி; மடப்புறம்; மடபதி; மட� Information about Discourage in the free online Tamil dictionary. Tamil, one of the richest and oldest languages, is constantly evolving. In India, it is also the official language of the Union Territory of Puducherry. For example: "1 lakh people"; "lakhs of people"; "200 lakh rupees"; "lakhs of rupees". Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Impact in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia. If not by itself, the language is being pushed to newer boundaries every day, thanks to the progress of science and technology. info)) is a Dravidian language natively spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, and by Sri Lankan Moors.Tamil is the official language of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, as well as two sovereign states, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Glosbe . Dictionary / Dictionary Tamil / Tamil-English Dictionary. Tamil English. மடம் translation in Tamil-English dictionary. Define lacks. 2. the fact or condition of being extinguished or extinct . 3. something that is nonexistent 4. deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients, qualities, etc. The plane completely disintegrated on the impact; The building makes a tremendous visual impact. In the abbreviated form, usage such as "₹ 5L" (for "5 lakh rupees") is common. Word: இன்மை - The tamil word have 5 characters and have more than one meaning in english. In Indian English, the word is used both as an attributive and non-attributive noun with either an unmarked or marked ("-s") plural, respectively. Usage. Lack of sleep can have an enormous negative impact on a student’s grades. Impact meaning in Tamil & in Recognized Resources. Meaning of Discourage. inmai means 1. deprivation, lack, or absence. Got it. Definition of Discourage in the Online Tamil Dictionary.