Zeta is the 11th hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. People walk on a flooded street after Hurricane Delta hit near Cozumel on October 07, 2020 in Cozumel, Mexico. (CNN) Here is a look at the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. It is conceivable for Tropical cyclones to appear before or after the official season, depending on sea temperatures. It … 2020 Hurricane Season. Hurricane season in Cozumel has begun and will proceed through November 30, 2020. The water must be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit for a hurricane to develop, so if this takes place before June or after November a hurricane could develop outside of the season. Tropical Storm Zeta is following roughly a similar path as did Hurricane Delta earlier this month, as parts of Cancún, Cozumel, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico are still recovering from that tropical system: Travel Alert October 2020: Hurricane Delta to Impact Cancún and Cozumel; Gulf Coast of … The system was centered about 210 miles (340 kilometers) southeast of Cozumel island Monday morning, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. According to Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach, only two other Atlantic hurricane … A tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch have been posted for part of the Yucatán peninsula — including Cancún and Cozumel — for tropical storm Nate. During the Hurricane & Tropical Storm Season it is especially important to have a checklist of things to do. Facts A tropical storm can change into a hurricane quickly. Preparation for hurricane and tropical storm season in Cozumel is a must.