It has been designed as a “starter” to be g�$uO�2��?lv����ac�9��W� 0000016492 00000 n Accordingly, the Creator agrees not to divulge to anyone, either during or after the term of this Agreement, any Confidential Information obtained or developed by the Creator while performing Services. ��2\_]7�3��_s��c9��)�K�'�?�o�=~L+�"��������2���]��&��q�%ޅ��y�)Mߚs�����.���/6�b:Ev�zcD�8��R��s�V�Ew�Nd�W�rB�y�D��=��iFT��nѷҧ�t�N9��@[V7T�ۈ� O����ϱ��o��n���a�=uH�w�UJ��)��_kq(�M�p&� K���JH֚�u�[�0�+Z�Ƅ�XID����'c2tȵş���J��'���3:=}Mל�1���!����� ~�(�>��3��ѯb���a���|l��vm�D��@aH} �%3�S���D��>������/������. 0000054336 00000 n (c) The Creator retains the right to reproduce, publish, and display the Work Product for the Creator’s personal use in portfolios and websites, and in galleries, design periodicals,and other media or exhibits for the sole purposes of recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement. 0000015486 00000 n (b) Upon termination of this Agreement, whatever the reason, the Creator shall: (1) provide the Company with all Work Product completed at that time, (2) execute any documents deemed necessary by the Company to satisfy the obligations set forth in Section 3(b), and (3) promptly return all of the Company’s materials in the Creator’s possession; however, the Creator will not be required to comply with clauses (1) and (2) while the Company is in material breach of this Agreement. H�\�ˊ�0��>E���x�IZ��Sp1ƙ����(�.|���Kg���ǹ����Y~�u32��tUA#�� ��T�.tm�FL5�x'��ڲ�lm1 #���;/I��nc�h&�:��Bk�5�L��l��k����������LQ���sٿ�-1ߕmre��8ml�o�����p�:EC_VdJ}%/ �IYr�'�H��m��K]}�ƥ�6=� �)�@O �(܁Ă�v�/谠�_�pC��3�:چ�1~��AGG1292c���N�.���A�3!A�V����}�q�L`fV����� ��I�����ܻ�����v!�c���1v��ֺݙ����X�뙭�?�G� �t�� endstream endobj 32 0 obj[58 0 R] endobj 33 0 obj<>stream 0000011140 00000 n 0000017061 00000 n Upon termination of thisAgreement, the Creator agrees to deliver to the Company all documents, papers, drawings, tabulations, reports, transcripts, audio tapes, video tapes, and similar documentation and recording devices which are furnished to or produced by the Creator under this Agreement. 0��!���z@�>�ǽ�0�,2��*Ex >�5�ĕ�F^��lEn�Eh-�zҗ1�E�H#Ϥ~�'��ab�.�����|�ő�Q�*!Ĭ1y��ዑ�7|#�.�Z]繲I␌ �D�)��.�&Z%�e,��5�mc;������ŗ �c�aJ�V=i��v������R4����- "0%P>L��1��4$3���MC�()�F@�Q� �@1�//�h��D��� Sale. 6 0 obj 0000001778 00000 n Proprietary & Confidential 1 User Certification and Master Service Agreement Rev. This includes, without limitation, all copyright and other intellectual property rights; publication, distribution, and exploitation rights of any kind and in any media, whether print, electronic, or otherwise; and(as between the Company and the Creator) rights to the subject matter of the WorkProduct. The Creator accepts no responsibility for the results the Company may or may not achieve based on the WorkProduct. Payment is due within fifteen (15) days of invoice. Clauses: Creative Services Agreement 0000028927 00000 n 0000007172 00000 n What began as a small private investigation firm has evolved into a global, full-service employment screening and security consulting firm, serving corporate, nuclear and government market sectors. The Company is the sole and exclusive owner of any copyright and/or trademark rights in the Work Product, including all applications, registrations, and renewals arising therefrom. "��u�'��-+y[�0|��0�a8#c�(�f`�ea`,�e�` o� endstream endobj 103 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[5 60]/Length 20/Size 65/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream Within one hour of start-to-finish you can download this, personalize to your business, and have it uploaded to a free e-sign service like Hellosign or Docusign, or integrated it into your client software system like Dubsado, 17 Hats, or Honeybook. 5 0 obj endobj 0000033726 00000 n 0000034645 00000 n 0000029181 00000 n 2. CLIENT/AGENCY AGREEMENTS CREATIVE SERVICES ONLY VERSION General Note: This draft is only intended to cover the provision of creative services. 0000030495 00000 n In consideration of the Creator’s performance of the Services, the Company shall pay to the Creator the fees set forth in Exhibit A upon the Creator’s achievement of the milestones set forth in Exhibit A.The Creator is not entitled to any other compensation, including royalty or commission on the sales of products incorporating all or any portion of the Work Product (as defined below).