I will tell is obs studio better than obs classic and which to use for streaming and recording in twitch/youtube. Another major point is that OBS Classic will be losing support from the developers (in fact its last update was about 5 months ago at the time of this post). OBS classic I have no problem. Or is that a compression problem. Would studio solve that issue? The first thing that this will mean is that Studio should perform better on your current system. This allows developers to write and create plugins to specifically use and amplify your user experience. The overall conclusion to make on which you should use is on you. Now, if you want to learn all these differences and performance stay tuned because this video is exactly about \"obs classic vs obs studio\" as said in the title. Read now for our in-depth comparison of the two! If you’re not sure if it’s time to make the change, then read on and learn why it’s time to uninstall the original version and move to Studio. If you’re new to streaming you can skip this post and move onto installing OBS Studio. This video will cover all the differences of obs studio and obs classic. While they may seem a bit intimidating at first, they’re really quite easy to learn! In the Classic version you would have to specify which sources you would like to be global. Last, but certainly not least is Studio mode. If you’ve ever streamed before, you may have already used OBS Classic, the original version of OBS. A nice difference between OBS Studio Vs Classic is that the settings menu has been reworked and redesigned to make things easier to understand and set up. OBS Studio absolutely has a solution for that. Studio mode gives you the capability of setting up and making changes to your scenes in a “behind the scenes” sort of fashion. If you watched my YouTube videos, you may remember a part where we had to install and set up OBS Plugins. In particular, on this page you can check the overall performance of OBS Studio (8.8) and contrast it with the overall performance of Filmora9 (9.4). It allows you to "monitor" the audio coming from all your source It allows you to "monitor" the audio coming from all your source If you're new with OBS Studio, sometimes you might encounter the moment where you can't seem to hear the audio coming out from your audio sources, such as an external microphone or camera. If I had to compare OBS Studio Vs Classic, one of the biggest things I’d tell you is that OBS Studio is designed with higher quality production in mind. I love it. I’ve received a lot of questions about comments about installing plugins, so with this reason alone I’d already recommend upgrading. it's the only OBS that is supported now period, no more updates to the original. Mar 24, 2020. Thanks! Or allow for better quality at all? OBS.Live is optimized for gaming & IRL live streaming, integrating your Twitch / YouTube Live / Facebook Gaming chat into OBS… If you’re a Linux user, you can install OBS Studio and stream to Twitch, and a host of other streaming services, as well. It's a completely rebuilt program that's more streamlined, and I notice a small drop of cpu usage with it. From my experience I’ve noticed that it works great in Windows 7, 8 and 10 – and I’ve also tried it out on Mac OSX. However, I have noticed that Studio is being updated frequently. It was called Multi-platform because this version is meant to work across all major platforms. Let’s talk about the difference between OBS Studio Vs Classic. This means that over time you may see no updates at all. An interesting difference for OBS Studio Vs Classic is that all sources are now all global in Studio.