Timer accuracy: 5% The cast list on the info screen, as mentioned, is interactive. This EPG is subscription-based and while we found it did deliver a very accurate guide, the pricing structure in the past has been confusing. * If I download and pay for a movie, it freezes constantly. Cancelled my subscription within a day after almost 11 years and would have kept it if I had been allowed to keep my IQ2 which is proven technology. We have used Foxtel everyday since getting it and it has never disappointed. The quality seems better and there is 4K. If you’re watching AFL 360 on Fox Footy, for example, you have direct access to stream previous episodes in HD or set recordings for upcoming episodes, all from that one screen. With all of these major user interface improvements arriving alongside new features, improved functionality and overall more fluid and responsive operation, this new Foxtel iQ4 experience is an absolute winner. Further details in the disclaimer. I called and was told 2 different things. The only way for the reset to work is to turn the power off each time everytime we want watch foxtel. I am very irritated and thoroughly disappointed with Foxtel now. It’s likely this is just a temporary glitch, as the Store designation appears everywhere else it applies. Changed our Foxtel through Telstra Package, and have had 2 issues.Initially we upgraded to the sports pack, but the stations would not come through-that required a reset by Foxtel. It doesn't. Netflix connection only works once after a reboot - or not at all. It’s no secret that Foxtel is, of course, co-owned by Telstra – but despite that fact, the huge phone and internet company has been pretty hands-off when it comes to Foxtel over the years. 'Tested model' indicates they can still be found in shops and 'Discontinued model' that they are not easily available either at the shops or online. And from this screen – even while the movie is playing – you can choose to stream it, download it, or record it either now or in another time slot. And the error message tells me I have an IQ3 (I have an IQ4)After an hour on the phone, apparently the box is the problem, and we have to wait until another is sent out.This technology needs a serious rethink. When trying to start foxtel using the power button on the remote nothing happens. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. While it retains the familiar Foxtel shape – and brings back the high-gloss finish that was dropped from the previous remote – it adds some significant new features, including a prominent group of four buttons just above the number keys. Was installed ahead of schedule and the customer service was outstanding. I've had Foxtel for years and years before this move and these 2 new box's. Their reboot plug and unplug solution hasn't worked either. How do we start it up again, please? If you're happy with your choice of box stay with it. Log in, Get full access to all our tests and reviews. You can go straight to any menu using the number keys – so for your movie recordings, just press the Guide button, then “3” on the remote’s number pad. However, it drops the internet connection regularly and it's NOT my modem or internet - that hasn't changed. And I cannot find a living person to complain too!! The iQ4 will soon support voice commands via a button controlled microphone built into the new remote, bringing the platform in line with other devices like the Telstra TV 3 and the Apple TV. The Good Foxtel's iQ3 is a genuine step up from the last set-top box, with a big 1TB hard drive and a good mix of traditional Foxtel channels with video on demand features.. Get basic access to comment Or get all of Foxtel Now for $25 p/month for 3 months (new customers only)! We look at the front panel controls to see to what extent the machine can operate various tasks without using the remote control, and look at the quality of information conveyed via the front panel display. Last I heard Foxtel has 2.8 million subscribers, and only 330k of them have the iQ3. The only way for the reset to work is to turn the power off each time everytime we want watch foxtel. Plugged everything in and turned it on. Series recording: 10% Foxtel, well aware that this wasn’t fun in any way, has changed the way you seek out content on the iQ4. On the iQ4, Netflix will stream up to 4K Ultra HD if you have that plan on your Netflix account (you can see the current streaming quality and bitrate by pressing the “i” button on the remote). frequent problems with (a) recording failures , (b) needing to reboot. We upgraded to an iQ4 - its just a software update. We also play back recordings to check the quality and range of functions that are possible. When it works it works "fairly" well. Your trust is our top concern. At the top of the remote […] We have two rooms, both now set up with Foxtel. shows I have recorded come up as an error message. Below each cast member, there’s a number that highlights other titles they are featured in that are available in the online library. With so many streaming services available at a reasonable price best option is to totally ditch FOXTEL after 10 years. All I want is for the product to do what it is supposed to do and what it has always done. Recordings either do not eventuate or appear multiple times. Your iQ4 will update itself to the latest software automatically overnight (if you happen to see its power LED light up amber, that’s the update in progress). The Foxtel Voice Remote is the latest Foxtel remote and can be used on iQ4 and iQ3 boxes. Look for the “Apps” button (that you never even noticed before) above the volume control, press it and select Netflix. Some PVRs allow you to rewind the show up to three hours while others only record for 1.5 hours. At the moment, subscribers to Foxtel’s top bundle plans – Platinum Plus, Sports HD and Movies HD – get a standard (HD) Netflix subscription included at no extra cost. After many many years of Foxtel this has been a massive disappointment. 2 hours over two days talking to (so called) technical support; and being told that the headphones are the problem (over and over again). Join CHOICE. We recommend models with an overall score of 70% or more. Absaloute joke!! I received a call regarding free upgrade from IQ2 to IQ4 but when i asked this specific question the answer was only 1 free to air channel can be recorded at one time. However, it drops the internet connection regularly and it's NOT my modem or internet - that hasn't changed. Drawbacks or issues you need to know about, How to buy the best personal video recorder, or PVR. Some of the PVRs we tested also include Blu-ray or DVD players, which provide a convenient home entertainment solution for watching recorded programs as well as playing rented or purchased movies on Blu-ray discs or DVDs. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of ProductReview.com.au. Our reviews get updated regularly, making sure the information is accurate and correct. They said the box must be too far away from the modem. Program starts at 7.00pm and ends at 8.00pm. There are new shortcuts too – recordings are sorted into categories now, with “all” as the default while TV shows, movies, sports and family/kids can be browsed separately.