Loading paintings onto the moving vehicle. Larger artwork is also priced differently. Learn how to plan your shipment from packing to delivery. It’s up to you to vet your options and negotiate your shipping rate. Custom packing solutions for your fragile and high-value art and artwork. TSI has personalized solutions for shipping paintings. The way your painting is mounted determines how it should be packed. Artwork can be immensely valuable, both financially and sentimentally. How much does it cost to ship a painting using peer-to-peer shipping? With crating included, white glove service typically costs between $900-$1,000, but is much safer than a standard LTL shipping environment. Pickups and deliveries available 24/7/365 to meet your schedule or changes in your schedule. It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friendsCustom Packaging Boxes USACustom BoxesSlider Boxes Mailer BoxesCustom Soap Boxes WholesaleFancy Hard Boxes Wholesale, Thanks for sharing an informative article, you are really hardworking. Every other company and business does. Peer-to-peer shipping costs can vary, and are often negotiable depending on the size of your painting, how many pieces you’re shipping, and the level of involvement you require from your shipping partner. Next-day or expedited shipments will cost significantly more than regular ground freight, no matter how they are packed. Paintings must be properly packaged according to strict requirements in order to be insured. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? You’ll pay a day rate based on the size of the vehicle, as well as mileage and fuel charges, and any additional charges for moving supplies and insurance. Larger local moves, such as a full household move, If you don’t have the ability to load or unload your belongings but are able to pack your paintings, Unmounted artwork that can be packed and shipped in tubes, Inexpensive artwork that doesn’t require additional packing or loading services, If you are shipping a few other large items, Loading and unloading by hand (instead of by forklift). Damit Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihre personenbezogenen Daten verarbeiten können, wählen Sie bitte 'Ich stimme zu.' If you’re considering hiring professional movers, always get a quote from at least three moving companies before you commit. How Much Does it Cost to Ship Art? Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. After you post your shipment on an online marketplace, potential shipping partners who are travelling in the right direction will bid on your shipment. Exclusive-use, direct service available with a truck sized and equipment matched to meet your artwork's needs – whether you are shipping paintings, sculptures, fabrics or other fine artwork. I have found that FedEx is much more economical. FedEx also has the added benefit of packing the artwork for me, although I have chosen to do my own packing. View all of our Resource pages here. How much does it cost to send a painting by post or by courier? It the shape is not well loved, it is going to cost..and of course, almost all paintings are large flats that they hate dealing with, so your going to pay. Our team is here to make your move or shipment simple. There are several ways to move or ship a single painting or larger collection across the country. If you are shipping a single painting or smaller pieces, or need expedited shipping, parcel shipping is your best option. Moving locally or long distance? Live Customer Support. Pack your paintings the right way with our step-by-step instructions. How much does it cost to hire professional movers? For local or short distance moves, we recommend transporting paintings and other artwork in your personal vehicle. Find out which shipping method is best for your move. As a collector, once you find a piece that speaks to you, the last thing you want to do is leave it behind when you move. Take your painting to your local UPS store (or call them and give them the dimensions of your painting) and they will give you an estimate free. Always load paintings standing up instead of lying flat. Consolidated freight shipping services are always provided by licensed and insured shipping companies. Finding the right painting—one that’s the right size, the right price, and the right aesthetic—can be as simple as stumbling across the perfect piece while you’re on vacation or as arduous as a months-long marathon of gallery tours. Any shipping partner should be qualified to handle these delicate items, and they should also be able to provide a safe transportation environment that reduces the risk of damage to your artwork, such as temperature control. Our team understands your needs and that every piece of artwork is unique. If your artwork is especially valuable, fragile, or sentimental, you’ll need white glove service. Unmounted canvases can be rolled and shipped in tubes, while stretched canvases should be carefully packed in boxes. Simple LTL shipments start at $375, and can reach up to $900 or more for White Glove service. With the best freight shipping companies, recurring shipments can be scheduled in as little as a single email. The size of your painting also determines how it should be packed. One gallon of topside paint costs anywhere from around $16 to over $200. FedEx also has the added benefit of packing the artwork for me, although I have chosen to do my own packing. We pride ourselves or giving back to our community. Couriers are available to fly along to monitor shipments in the air and on the ground upon approval. If you’re selling your home, your real estate agent may recommend packing your paintings early to help with staging.