These people take photos to provide beautiful content. I do love my summer dresses and flowy tank tops, but I buy clothes very rarely. Opt for clothing made of breathable materials, such as cotton,... 2. I’ve discovered I can save a lot of cash by not buying new clothes and spend it otherwise on traveling! Suits won’t work (too hot) and I dread the idea of cotton or linen in humidity… because of the risk of looking crushed and unprofessional. Some countries, especially Muslim countries, have very professional requirements for men’s and women’s business we clothing, which throws me into a mild panic. Make sure it is not see-through! I also research what people normally wear on a day to day basis in each country, and what is appropriate for the culture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do I need to wear pantyhose with them? 3/4 sleeve length jackets. When you're visiting a hot weather location, there's nothing better than wearing a dress. And I have quality lined suits and jackets for more formal meetings and visits, and for business travel to the US or Europe for meetings. Linen and cotton are your best fabrics for hot weather as they are very breathable. My question for you is this… how do I, as an almost plus size (size 14) hourglass figure, who likes to look reasonably tailored and stylishly understated, dress appropriately for formal business meetings in hot tropical and equatorial countries without either looking too casual or too overdressed? Yes, it was hot, but I stuck to the shade, kept my skin covered as much as possible, and stayed hydrated! The gentle ruching at one side adds soft texture to a slinky tulip-hem tank dress. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re someone who prefers to dress conservatively. Andreas doesn’t go anywhere in a hot country without his cargo pants! Nobody wants to sweat buckets under their long and flowy piece, especially when it’s already hot and humid outside. Selecting Cool Fabrics and Materials 1. Interested in Becoming a Personal Stylist or Colour Consultant? If you are visiting a country and this is not your job, please respect the culture in what you choose to wear. if you cover up in this heat you will also avoid sunburn. Photos taken by people who are paid to travel or “Instagram influencers” are not the best research. Wearing yoga pants in these cultures is basically being “naked” because they are skin-tight and don’t leave much to the imagination! And how to wear them and look streamlined when I am curved? Find out which dresses made the list and add them to your wardrobe for your next trip. In some Muslim countries, skirts are preferred, and shorter skirts are required to be worn with pantyhose… not something I think I could pull off without turning into a perspiring mess. What about a “dressmaker” jacket? And then add a tunic top or blouse, and a light jacket – I’ve found that, as Imogen suggests, it’s usually air conditioned inside, the real trick is to get to the venue without getting too hot! An easy solution for if you aren’t sure of what is appropriate or not, and also if you are traveling in a religiously conservative country, is to always carry a sarong or very large scarf with you. Even if your favorite Instagrammer is wearing a bikini or a tiny backless dress in the middle of India, please don’t follow their example! If you click these links and purchase something you will not pay anything extra, but I may get a small commission because of my partnership with these companies. Any of these 'performance' dress shirts that actually work and don't look like I'm wearing under armour with a collar? Are there certain fabrics, weaves, ply, or whatever that are more breathable or better in hot weather? They are amazingly comfortable in even the hottest weather. So that's why we reached out to someone we knew would be able to help: Amira of Modest Mira.She's the Manchester-based style expert, content creator and stylist who never fails to tick off trends, and looks entirely cool and collected even when the temperatures soar. Fashioned from Nature Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. And as far as hosiery goes – that would be up to the actual dress code of the people you’re dealing with. – I agree with the above statements about pants. Even though Kenya is a warm country on the equator, people dress very conservatively. You just may want to carry it until you reach the office lobby. How to Adjust Your Wardrobe for Your New Grey? – Better-quality linen garments will be lined with lightweight, breathable rayon or silk fabric, which will cut down on the wrinkling and actually make them more comfortable to wear in the heat. I wore cool, loose, breathable cotton clothes and was not affected by the heat at all due to my clothing. Wear cool, loose-fitting clothing in hot climates, Quick-dry or athletic wicking clothes are great for hot climates, When in doubt, dress appropriately anyway, In conservative cultures a basic rule to follow is to cover your knees and your shoulders (men and women), Copyright © 2020 | Don't Dream, Just Travel, How To Get A Driver’s License As An Expat In Germany. Other good fabrics are silk or poly georgette in a dark color. Business pant suits are just as formal as skirt suits, and in many cases, more conservative. Dressing for hot weather in conservative Islamic/Muslim countries So in about a month I'm going to be heading to Morocco for a bit of recreational travel, both to cities and more rural areas. Enter your email address to subscribe to Don't Dream, Just Travel and receive notifications of new posts and other goodies and news by email. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Long wide black trousers in light weight fabric are fine for even conservative Muslim work environments (in fact I was advised this is preferable to skirts or dresses). Long-sleeved bodysuits or long-sleeve T-shirts, as they don't require you having to wear layers, and they're super versatile. They travel and wear well in hot weather, but are they appropriate for formal business?