Let’s see the steps for each method. You have 2 options to do this – using Excel Options or VBA. The easiest way to remove dashes in Excel is to use the Find and Replace feature. I came here to see if it was a known problem and first thread, bingo! Based on the direction of movement, the scrollbar … if it disappears then the element you've just deleted is the offender undo deletion (Ctrl+Z) and inspect it. Step 1: Open your workbook in Excel 2010. On a Excel VBA userform I have a Combobox holding a number of years as long numbers in the format yyyy. You can find the corresponding preferences under the Excel Options dialog. Hide or Unhide Each Excel Scroll Bar Using Excel Options. The combobox properties are set in the UserForm initialize event like this, showing only the essential bits: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim i As Long Hover on suspicious elements and Delete them while keeping an eye on the inner scrollbar. The scroll bar is just increasing the start date by 1 or 7 depending upon you click the end or in between and goes till maximum 100 days from the start. Best regards Vijay Verma Timezone: UTC+05:30, PST+12:30 Availability Hours (UTC) : 05:00 AM - … Re: Delete scroll bar off Gantt Chart deleting the scrollbar will not show all year you need to extend the columns upto NI Also you may need validate some of the condition formatting again. These number are in a 1-D array. Step 2: Click the File tab at the top-left corner of the window. A scroll bar in Excel is just like the one you have seen at many places while using a computer system. The user had a very wide table (~390 columns) and the phantom scrollbar seemed to appear at the place where Excel would normally show the dotted line for a page break. Scroll bars can be displayed or hidden. Display or Hide Scroll Bars. Let’s see how to do this. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to hide or unhide each Excel scroll bar. Keep in mind that this problem is somewhat similar to this one: Remove the scroll bar on a list box. But occasionally, being able to control the scroll bars and their display properties is useful. In this post, the accepted solution states: This can occur when you have the column width format property of the listbox set to something wide, then you size the control to the data, it will show the scroll bars. The first thing I did was unfreeze panes, phantom scrollbars were gone, re-froze and they didn't come back. It will never display the full range of data. If you want to clear the scroll area lock, you just need to delete the range address from the ScrollArea Properties box in above step 2. As a point of reference, the scroll bars that we will be removing are the ones identified in the image below. 3.Then close the Properties box, and now, you will be restricted to click or scroll to the cells beyond the range you are specified in the Properties dialog.. Notes: 1. Normally, we delete this code, as we just don’t need it. This is a thin bar mainly displayed in most of the computer applications to move the viewing area of computer applications, left, and right or up and down. Otherwise if the scrollbar persist even after deleting the element, then the element you just removed isn't the offender. As the name suggests, you can find all the cells that have a dash (or hyphen) in it and then replace it with a space character or a null string. When recording a macro, Excel includes all the scroll bar movement in the code. The cell address you enter must be a contiguous range. 2.