Learn more. This step is all about learning how to roll a rug for shipping. Roll the rug tightly, and secure the tight roll with 2-3 pieces of twine. For many people, it can be quite a confusing and daunting experience to buy an Oriental rug in the USA. B. Keep folding your area rug straight – should you feel that the fold is starting to go left or right, go back a little bit and straighten it up. When you get home and try to lay it down where you would like it, it will want to roll back up. Oriental rugs should be rolled up so that they are tight enough to hold, but loose enough that there are no creases. ROLL the area rug against the grain. It's easiest to prepare your twine first with a loop at one end, then feed the other end through the loop. You may browse numerous retail stores online, with no real knowledge about how to judge the fiber, dye, or handiwork of the rug. Wrap the extra 2 feet (0.61 m) of paper or cotton around the outside of the roll. Then secure your rug with a piece of rope or another material that will form a tight knot. Prior to rolling, you need to make sure that the rug is on a flat surface, with any creases smoothed out. We are here to guide you. If you pull it tight that is when it starts to cup and not lay flat. Reply 01-27-2019, 08:51 AM ... Ease it in as you would the cap of a sleeve. If you don’t roll them, they may become creased or, worse, warped beyond repair. I made one and I think it will probably by my only one. Without the best Oriental rug buying tips, you may face some hitches when shopping online. No advice on a jelly roll rug, but...if you get blank posts, just refresh your screen and they magically appear. The best way to pack, store and transport a rug is by rolling it tight.You will notice, depending on the construction of the rug and the type of rug fibers, that the flattening can be instantaneous or require a bit of help. For the straightest roll, lay a rod or wooden dowel along the length of the rug and roll … Start at the bottom portion you just folded over. Finally, roll the rug tightly from the bottom, up. Roll up your rug. So, start rolling it slowly and carefully in order to form a tight cylinder-like bundle. Normally these rugs have been rolled up for quite some time. Shipping a rug may not seem like a big deal but, if you have an especially large or expensive rug, you should ensure its properly protected. Roll up your rug into a tight cylinder, going against the grain if you can. How to Roll A Rug For Storage. Your new rug has arrived and we want to help you show it off immediately. Never side to side. You can buy rug storage bags in many sizes, but canvas, house wrap or paper will work as well. This creates a lasso that can be secured around the rolled up rug at each end and tied off. Whenever you order or buy a new rug, assuming is has some size to it, you will get the rug in a roll.