Ask yourself these 5 questions before launching any influencer campaign. Because the influencer is publishing his or her own individual take on a personal channel, the posts should feel timely and authentic as opposed to cheesy or self-serving. If your company encounters these kinds of issues, you might opt for content collaboration for the time being. We all know and love Snapchat, but the app has been having trouble over the past few years keeping up with its competitors. #ad All drinkware in the Absolut Planet bar were made from recyclable and reusable plastic @ABSOLUTvodka_US #AbsolutCoachella Right on! As opposed to other influencer marketing examples that might be one-off or a few posts, Repetition keeps your brand at the top-of-mind for the ambassador’s audience, More frequent promotion gives more opportunities to show the versatility of your company’s offerings, A stronger relationship with the influencer means more trust, credibility, and authenticity in the eyes of their audience, in your marketing strategy, which generally equates to less uncertainty and more convenience, While the first five tactics involve your brand showing up on an influencer’s platform(s), this one involves the influencer showing up on. Key takeaway: Microsoft used influencer marketing to increase awareness about a prominent issue, casting both Microsoft and National Geographic in a positive light and driving a positive sentiment for both brands. Production media house considered using a famous Influencer. The stated influencers went on and took over this brand’s snapchat channels on the festive day. Over the past three years, the influencer marketing industry has grown from generating $1.7 billion to an estimated $6.5 billion. But there’s good news if you have a Snapchat: the platform has actually created a feature that lets your account post takeover stories without giving strangers your login info! Click here to read Travel Mindset’s free guide on measuring influencer marketing ROI. Many brands fail to understand this simple aspect of influencer marketing. These were some big names that Levi’s featured on their Instagram page throughout the festival weekend: Even more names were featured through a Levi’s-promoted Instagram video that wrapped up the fun, summer, and festival vibes of all these celebs and influencers at Levi’s Neon Carnival. They were to inform their followers about the limited emoji Pepsi products. Twenty influencers — with a combined following of more than 3.5 million dog lovers — were invited to attend a launch party in Manhattan, complete with a green carpet, “pupperazi,” a steak dinner, and hot dog infused water. The secret to successful influencer marketing campaigns is making data work for you. 10 Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Examples in 2019 As promised, we’re going to be branching off now to introduce some examples of influencer marketing strategies in 2019. The overall campaign has over 395,000 posts (plus stories!) Cox media group had a Facebook account with strong online presence. If anyone has figured out how to gain a loyal following on Snapchat, it's hip-hop artist and producer DJ Khaled. When Vlad moved from Ukraine to the United States, his end goal was to start a business. Once it's gone, it will be gone for good! Big Sean, a celebrity rapper born in Detroit, starts the video off with an unscripted, emotional voiceover about his native city. Key takeaway: Savvy macro-influencers will continue seeking out new ways to monetize their following, so savvy brands should look for unique opportunities to work toward a common goal. Their marketing campaigns were effective to the point Cox Media group gained over 55 million followers. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. The 44-minute video shows Offerman sitting by a crackling fireplace, staring broodingly into the camera, and occasionally savoring a sip of his drink. The “Pinboard to Dashboard” campaign drove more than 17 million unique site visitors. Being an alumnus of the BGCA, Rodriguez's promotion helped Old Navy raise $1 million as part of sales during Black Friday alone. While you should provide influencers with key messaging, remember they became influential by publishing the sort of content that resonates with their followers. I already know everything about product launch strategy. After highlighting the most successful influencer marketing campaigns of 2019, hopefully you are inspired to take advantage of this lucrative marketing strategy for your brand too. The main influencer marketing examples that come to mind involve the classic (and occasionally cheesy) Instagram photo of an influencer posing with the promoted product. For Black Friday, the company doubled down on this strategy by partnering with New York Yankee retiree Alex Rodriguez to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). Generally, there are numerous influencer searching tools you can use to find the right influencer. As opposed to other influencer marketing examples that might be one-off or a few posts, a brand ambassador might promote your brand for several months to a year or longer. Anthem of us received over 500, 000 views, immediately this video was produced. The selected influencers were required to come up with unique content within the theme Haagen- Dazs open container. The campaign features a reel of films highlighting female athletes, their stories, and providing hope to young women. Use data to validate your assumptions, uncover new opportunities, and help guide your influencer marketing strategy. Influencers are specialists in their niches. Influencer marketing in 2019 has proven that the most successful influencer marketing campaigns can result from highly-targeted micro-influencers too. Add your email to get the ebook instantly. Top artists started signing up for this event. These platforms range from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, among others. Stride gum selected DJ Khaled as their selected influencer. I already know everything about influencer marketing. In dedicated posts, she promoted FIJI by reminding followers about the importance of staying hydrated with a discount code for home delivery. Because Bernstein was also promoting her own product, her posts about FIJI water felt less like forced product placements and more like a reflection of what she was working on at the time. If you’re a brand looking to build your influencer marketing campaign, then take a look at the most successful influencer marketing campaigns of 2019 for inspiration. Key takeaway: Though their Instagram account has less than 100,000 followers, the Girls’ giveaway post earned an impressive engagement rate of 59.4%. Key takeaway: Influencer cont… Getting out of my comfort zone has never felt this empowering. They were also required to change their accounts to match with the rare country awards branding. Stay tuned for my #HuluHasLiveSports Off-$ea$on Workouts . The beloved soft drink, Coca Cola, cracked open a can of emotions for their influencer marketing campaign that came just in time for World Kindness Day this year. Influencers went an extra mile and used social media platforms to reach their targeted audience. Over the past three years, the influencer marketing industry has grown from generating $1.7 billion to an estimated $6.5 billion. WHAT MAKES YOU PRETTY DIFFERENT??? Now you can use this searching engine with ease. Swisspers, a U.S. Cotton brand, encouraged beauty bloggers and their followers to post “naked” (makeup-free) selfies as part of a cheeky “Sleep Naked” sweepstakes. 9 of the Most Attractive Benefits of Social Influencer Marketing, How to Leverage Influencers to Produce User-Generated Content at Scale, Influencer Relationship Management – How Brands Can Establish Real Connections with Influencers. In most instances, this marketing strategy entails using various Social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, among others. For example, beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill created an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the international makeup brand Morphe. Travel Mindset designed a campaign targeting adventure-seekers in the Pacific Northwest that involved Canada’s top adventure photographer and Instagram influencer, Callum Snape (@CalSnape). Tap In – Saweetie5. Therefore, they choose around eight influencers to create and post content on their platform. “We've been able to deliver significant value to our tourism clients by partnering with Travel Mindset to create authentic content & social that drives visitation. Brands are harnessing the power of social media influencers to propel their marketing efforts. Instagram users require powerful camera to take quality pictures. Danielle has huge followers on Instagram. Check out the social media pages of these brands to see what they are doing and how they are winning the social media race. Complete with swipe up capabilities, the brand was able to direct viewers straight to the download page to install the app and begin creating their own masterful content. #SimpleBirthControl Campaign by Simple Health, 10. There is some overlap between celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing campaigns. Stride gum wanted to take their brand to the next level. Out to Influencers, Online Video Marketing to Promote Business, Top Action game YouTubers in All Countries sort by subscribers, Top Gaming YouTubers in All Countries sort by subscribers, Top Role-playing video game YouTubers in All Countries sort by