My correct color should have been pearl grey: This stuff is designed to black out in front of urethanes to protect them from the sun. -----OEM VW glue VW# happens to be the sensor mount. This is through the central electric adaptation, channel 30 as seen below. The Golf also has a windshield part number but the parts catalog makes me suspect that it does not come with the mount already glued on. shown below right. I ran it behind the If your driver’s side wasn’t pre-wired, repeat for that side. If the This is actually a baked on ceramic that is applied when the glass is still red hot. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. (click to enlarge the thumbnails) Then try to polish it as smooth as possible so that the glass has no noticeable scratches. Then unplug the footwell light and separate the OBD2 port from the panel. Please do research regarding this issue. Click on Bit 6, wiper module) and run that wire up the A-pillar and Here is an example of only the rain sensor mounted to the side without the cover if you do that. windshield. and there will be exposed wires. driving. This is for the backup I suggest installing the bottom with the dig a little more there are some grounds under the overhead lights (next few pics) but make sure it's not on paint or else it won't be a good ground. wiring through. The easy way to do the wiring is to buy a premade harness from kufatec. In this example, the wiring was pretty tight so you may want to relay box. The mount should be the same. Reconnect the battery and headlight switch. -1c0 973 119 FEMALE HOUSING (sensor plug) work but I'm not sure of the correct part number for wiring these two circuits. Adding the auto dimming side view mirrors. Remove the 2x T20 screws under it. Give your vehicle an updated, more aggressive look. Please enter a number less than or equal to 8. The electronics were overhauled for 2010 so the CECM looks completely different. 3c0 857 511 d MIRROR (auto dimming) add sma for pearl grey, tlx for beige, tly for latte Forget about special ordering it because it's much cheaper to ship a small box of glass crumbs than a big box. If there is a problem, see 1000q: able to retrofit it to a premium (base) trim Audi A3 TDI as well. Apply a 2.5mm bead of mk5 Jetta-Golf windshield with sensor mount: 1k5 845 011 p (1k5845011p is the old part number) rain convenience feature. minutes and not more than 1 hour. Push the repair wire pins in until they click and give them a tug to make sure This article shows how to add the rain sensor and auto dimming mirror for auto headlights and wipers on a 2006 VW Jetta TDI. Solder it to the repair wire end for pin 6 on the not a perfect fit until now. gaps disappear. Be careful of heat. will just pop out. Service wire for door controller plugs 009 979 009. the trim. This leaves the headlights on pull to release the clip at the above. So instead of tapping plug F, pin 3 like the old modules for the rain light sensor communication wire, you tap the white plug, pin 33. an hour, you can remove the tape and scrape/wipe any excess off. mount. back slightly. black (black black). Remove the trim strip shown below. As of this writing, each headlights. Exclusions Apply. Both U light up hyper white as a DRL. that you had 2 of) until the hooks click. The sensor part number is 1k0 955 559 with suffix af, ah, r, or m. Give your VIN number when ordering to check for compatibility. All US 2012 VW Passat TDI come with a rain-light sensor standard. It can be checked Includes leveling motor (will require custom wiring and coding to function) FITMENT NOTE: Will only fit OEM HALOGEN Equipped cars. that the black painted area matches the edge of the mirror base trim. You could use a wire snake to pull the wiring through the pillar and pearl grey headliner. glass with the black painted area. Here is the fusebox on a 2010 Jetta TDI (click to enlarge) with some notes by digitalextremes: fuse #7 had no power and #17 was taken by J393 - Comfort System Central Control Module, J641 - Alarm Horn Relay. and also help hold the sensor and headliner trim cover in place. The rain-light sensor controls the auto headlights and auto wipers. The colors available for the rear view mirror and trim are anthracite (light black) and satin be mounted within the swept area of the wiper arms so that the glass over the sensor will be Splicing means that you tap into the connection and add your The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item. Press the release clip on plug B and F and pull them would wait at 8-12 hours to let the urethane glue cure. Give your vehicle an updated, more aggressive look. There are some clips at the top holding it. support thread in the myturbodiesel forums. The Here is his template for painting the black rectangle: The 2005.5 Jetta was the only mk5 TDI that came with the rain-light sensor. visible from outside either. Click on long coding helper. This prevents dimming when the light is on. bead. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. You will need 2 wires, new side view To connect the repair wire ends to my own extension wire, I used heat shrink crimps. pick to pry them open. 1k0 858 547 9b9 CAP (mirror cover) Ketofa Generic Auto Headlight Sensor Chrome Switch for VW Golf 5 / Golf MK6 / Tiguan / Jetta MK5. towels as long as any grease or glue is removed. bases. -000 979 225 WIRE (2.5mm fusebox terminal wires, see note in proecdure section, not sure if this windshield installer should also have an acceptable substitute. Remove the T25 torx bolt underneath it and peel the door seal steering wheel adaptation reset. That’s it from the factory the rest you have to install yourself. The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. NOTE Some models will require re-coding and / or modification to eliminate bulb out error. 1k0 955 559 ah = should work on most mk6 and all mk5. Pelican18TQA4, maloosheck, jkmboler, jamob1, b16a2, and digitalextremes. NEW Design! Here is a new headliner showing the other side and what shape to cut it. The Use a razor and scrape and then polish all the ceramic You can leave the covers off if you wish to test the sensors first. Most end users do not get an error but there are a select few Jetta's which will experience an error. There are 8 items available. install a new headlight switch with an Auto position. The dial which used to be intermittent I think that if you have rain closing on, the rain sensor is always pin passenger door connector. short and the plugs are different so I don't think you could mix them up. Automatic Headlight Sensor And Switch For GOLF mk5 mk6 Tiguan Passat B6 Touran Jetta MK5 This light sensor is the latest version, all functions are built-in, plug and play! both models. tab on the side. wiring to fit and solder them together. The rain sensor also lets you enable the auto-close feature. half and you now have 4 ends. This writeup also describes The anchor might slide out the side if it's allowed to go diagonal and it's gone and rattling until you remove the headliner. Here are some more tips by user whackit: Getting the dot off sucks. You an get this stuff at most auto body suppliers for about 20 bucks for both.The key to making this look OEM is the 3m 08682 primer. from a Cadillac to make it look nice. recognize the rain sensor is This is from the manufacturing process and didn't affect function. service manual says that you can mount the new mirror after 2.5 hours but I