Kirby Fighters 2 Template. Exept Star dream soul os was defeated. Welcome to /r/Kirby, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. Though it can be effective, the sword ability is pretty basic. How is Dark Meta Knight stronger than Morpho Knight? So stealthy. Misc. His versatility makes his powers truly unique. These tools aren't always the easiest to use, but in the right hands they can be very effective. (but only inside the Mirror World) he can create copies of himself, make giant swords come out of the ground and block attacks from Dedede. he also blitzed Meta Knight, Dedede, Kirby & Waddle Dee in his first form with energy orbs. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If the arena is considered canon than he can solo magolor soul. Waddle Dee also did yes, fight off the hands while Kirby couldn't and assist in the defeats of Magolor and Claycia, meaning he can harm characters as powerful as them. Waddle Dee tier list. he can fly pretty fast, as he flew from a planetoid near NOVA's summon point (which is at the galaxy's end) back to Popstar (at the edge of the universe) in seconds. No special weapons, only the Warp Star. Up close, you can also repeatedly thrust the spear at the enemy or charge up for a single powerful lunge at your enemies. he can take hits from the Ultra Sword, held back against it briefly and instantly reacted to it while Kirby moved at super speeds. 19 comments. his pause description in Triple Deluxe implies he is Meta Knight's equal. Star Dream calls him one of the strongest warriors of Popstar and was also unable to make a perfect clone of him. Press J to jump to the feed. she likely created her entire world of paint. Nightmare: Like D or F Tier, but there’s really no way of knowing. he can fly faster than Landia, who can fly fast enough to make the stars blur behind it. He can spin powerfully in place or fly across the screen like a charging cyclone. Its unknown if Kirby can harm Zero without them, that's the only reason I put him above Kirby. Kirby should be S-Tier. with the Warp Star, he can traverse the galaxy with ease, and is supposedly capable of moving faster than light with the Warp Star. Shadow Kirby -although he started off a punching bag in Amazing Mirror, he is immortal, like Dark Meta Knight. This threat...?" Yeah, I kinda agree with Sectonia being a little bullshit just so the Hypernova could come in at the end, but she still managed to overwhelm Kirby if even for a little bit, which not many characters have managed to do. An upgraded, stand-alone version of the Kirby… she turned Kirby into a helpless ball in their first encounter. They can be utilized to snowblade across the arena or create giant ice walls between you and your opponent, and you can freeze your enemies with your icy breath. however, Gooey can spit star projectiles to hurt him in Dream Land 3, but this is probably because he is a Dark Matter being. she would have defeated Kirby had Dedede not shown up to help. He's also a master of potions, pouring chemicals between different vials to create a healing medicine, put enemies to sleep or create a powerful bang. Kirby's mirror ability gives him an adorable jester hat and some interesting powers. As Magolor Soul, he can turn the fabric of the universe itself into a weapon, mess with the laws of physics and create black holes potent enough to warp the space around him. without the help of the player and Drawcia's own Magical Paintbrush, Kirby never would've stood a chance. he can also grant wishes with time. he can cut a hole in space-time to fire a spatial laser. How is Bandanna Waddle Dee stronger than Galacta Knight? he aided in the defeat of Magolor. however, Gooey can spit star projectiles to hurt him in Dream Land 3, but this is probably because he is a Dark Matter being. Galactic NOVA -he can grant wishes. without the help of the player and Drawcia's own Magical Paintbrush, Kirby never would've stood a chance. S Tier : The Robobot in itself is a pretty powerful weapon and includes the power and abilities of the user according to the Miiverse Q&A, having inherited infinite power since Kirby entered it. SS Tier-characters who can defeat Kirby or characters Kirby could only defeat with help. Magolor and Landia are so high because of the Master Crown. We unlocked and ranked each of them in Battle Royale so you don't have to. He even wears a little green cap similar to Link's. Nova: Kirby stomped Nova, using the ship doesn't mean kirby wouldn't do it by himself, remember Marx Soul, he absorbed Nova's power, and still was defeated by kirby, and kirby wasn't using any ship. How is Dark Taranza stronger than King D-Mind? Kirby Fighters Deluxe is a battle-action Kirby game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo as a Nintendo eShop exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. IDK, maybe because you can beat Morpho as him? I could have put Galacta Knight above Dark Meta Knight however Dark Meta Knight is the shadow of Meta Knight (whom defeated Galacta) and in his Triple Deluxe description, Meta is himself described as the new most powerful warrior in the galaxy. he's planet-sized. with the help of Elline drawing rainbow ropes, unpetrifying Kirby and turning him into Rocket Kirby, he was defeated. (although Dedede was weaker back in Kirby 64 & Dream Land 3) their very presence caused bosses to act crazy across Planet Popstar and the entire solar system in Kirby 64. an entire planets worth of Dark Matter and 02 can hide inside of a single person. Drawcia -she turned all of Dream Land, possibly the entire planet, the sun and massive portions of space into paint. I don't mean to be rude, I just want to improve the tier list and like typing/writing a lot, so yeah. As cool as these abilities are, we found that extremely difficult to master—hence the low ranking. If you prefer to keep the fight up-close and personal, fighter Kirby might just be your man. All the other characters can bring in whatever they've used in their fight against Kirby or whatever powers they can use naturally. How is Daroach incredibly higher than Dark Daroach? Except he did just that in super star/ultra to stop it from destroying pop star. Magolor -the dude has infinite power, this could apply to his strength, speed, durability, intelligence, etc. hes able to suck enemies into the Dimensional Mirror and trap them inside, as well as summon the Mirror. in the likely non-canon Battle Royale, Meta Knight can defeat Kirby's created by the Kirby Printer, which Dedede calls "equal to the original," although this isn't confirmed. Some notes about my choices : SS Tier : Void is defeated by the Super Star Allies - weapon made from compassion - and Kirby's Friends. he was likely sealed away and feared by the Ancients, powerful beings who existed long ago and created several incredible artifacts such as the Star Rod, Lor Starcutter, Master Crown and the NOVA's. he can also teleport himself/travel to places while inside his seal, as he appeared in Halcandra and appeared in the Access Ark after being sealed by Star Dream and sent to Another Dimension.