It gives you access to Dack fayden, ral zarek, Ajani vengeant, daretti scrap savant, as well as wheel of fortune effects, the jokulhaups trees (best board wipes to secure your win), and the fork effects. So it looks like Gruul lists will benefit the most from Ilharg, the Raze-Boar. Grixis Midrange and Control players will definitely play Soul Diviner alongside the new Blast Zone land and a few other spells with Amass. Justice League Commander Decks – Superman and his Superfriends, The Nitpicking Nerds – Queen Marchesa Superfriends Deck Tech | Beezy’s Personal Deck, EDHRECast Ep95 – Your Deck’s Achilles Heel. I would like to 3 colour because I think that red is just so weak but then I would have to cut black because bant has the best way to abuse planeswalkers and black has, If five color works, I would suggest either. Being able to use any other planeswalker's abilities, including opponent's, is just outright ridiculous. But it also has Lifelink, which signals the possible use of Ajani Pridemate in lists that also run Legion's Landing. Ads by Fandom. Of course, it's important to have this in the opening hand and let it accelerate your damage from the very beginning of the match-up. #baird steward of argive, #epic experiment, #mono white, #prison, #superfriends Read More », Cow goes “moo,” Dog says “woof,” and Dragons go “Oink.”, #dragons, #HotC, #ilharg the raze-boar, #land destruction, #MLD, #mono red, #planeswalkers, #prison, #stax, #super friends, #superfriends Read More ». #black, #deathtouch, #deathtouch tribal, #Glissa, #glissa the traitor, #golgari, #green, #planeswalker, #superfriends Read More ». Check out this explosive list by Shannon the Johnny that wins through… combat damage? Since it was announced that War of the Spark, would include 36 planeswalkers, the newest Magic: The Gathering card expansion instantly became the most anticipated set in years. But there is a significant drawback in it, which forbids you to play cards from your hand. It’s not about opponents having the perfect answer to your strategy – sometimes there’s a hidden weak point in the deck itself… one the deck brewer may not even know, that can be the deck’s downfall. Also, there is no cost involved in drawing the cards, so this is clearly a very powerful draw effect with no drawbacks. But Heart of Kiran was limited only to planeswalker counters, while Soul Diviner can remove counters of any types from creatures, lands, artifacts, and planeswalkers. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. #azorius charm, #azorius guildmage, #biomancers familiar, #deathrite shaman, #deckbuilding, #dimir guildmage, #faeburrow elder, #grixis battlemage, #heartstone, #house guildmage, #illusionists bracers, #izzet guildmage, #kenrith the returned king, #kiora bests the sea god, #new prahv guildmage, #nivix guildmage, #obelisk of alara, #rakdos charm, #rhys the redeemed, #sultai charm, #superfriends, #the immortal sun, #thran turbine, #trading post, #training grounds, #vitu-ghazi guildmage Read More », January 24, 2020 by There is also a possibility of fitting it into a more combo-oriented sacrifice deck that generates damage by killing off your own creatures. This opens up a vast pool of possibilities for superfriends decks in Standard for sure. Her ultimate ability is especially strong, as it removes lands as well, which is basically game-winning at that point. Magic players who had the chance to play Heart of Kiran during the Kaladesh block know too well how strong an ability to remove counters instead of paying mana can be. The Haste part is what sells this card, just like it was the case with Fanatical Firebrand. What Are The Best Singleton Decks in MTG Arena? Since it was announced that War of the Spark, would include 36 planeswalkers, the newest Magic: The Gathering card expansion instantly became the most anticipated set in years.. The two best archetypes for Karn's Bastion are Green-White Tokens and Abzan Superfriends. If you regularly play Standard in MtG, then be sure to check out this list of the best cards in War of the Spark that should help you build more powerful decks and easily subdue the new meta. This knowledge will prompt many players to include The Elderspell into their sideboards. But this doesn't mean that it can't be used in straight-up Boros Aggro decks. GiodanteZero. This means that Spark Harvest will find its way into several different lists that run a lot of sacrificeable tokens/creatures. She could be casually run as a one-off in maindeck as well, since running a 4/4 with menace for five mana is just really good. Baird protects all, especially his Superfriends. But as already mentioned, this will be mainly used in sideboards as one of the best tools against superfriend decks. Thanks for all the suggestions I see a lot of creature based decks in my meta so sliver queen could be good but I also like the suggestion of cromat as he is so versatile on his own. Lots of planeswalkers have an ability that makes tokens. But she could be simply used for her card draw and sacrifice abilities alone, as those two pretty much control the game on their own. But there are also other great cards in the new set, which could easily replace the tried-and-tested bombs of the past sets. It makes sense that the strongest planeswalkers show up time and time again in these decks. But that is not a problem if you run Spark Harvest. Of course, if there is a legendary creature on the battlefield, then you will need to find the way to remove it, too. Chandra, Fire Artisan solves this problem and allows you to do both on the same turn. Unfortunately cheap-superfriends is an oxymoron. Also, if you have additional tools to untap your lands at your end steps, such as Wilderness Reclamation, then you could use the Proliferate ability twice a turn. Jeskai players have been waiting for this card for a long time. On the contrary, you will see it more often than you would expect. Let’s build a planeswalker deck… with no planeswalkers! I would just like to say that red is not a weak color.