Made with French Blue Carbon Steel, a comfortable handle, and a perfectly sized base for your home’s stovetop, you’ll cause a stir in your kitchen. Made In Cookware Blue Carbon Steel Wok The flat bottom wok sits nicely on any stovetop. The Blue Carbon Steel Wok from Made In is a cool cookware item designed for adventurous home cooks in need of a specialty pan that … In this regard, our recommended Blue Carbon Steel Wok is a perfect item. With Made In's Blue Carbon Steel Pan ($69), you don't have to choose between your favorite stainless steel pan or cast-iron skillet because it combines the best properties of both. Launching just a few years ago in 2016, Made In is the brainchild of Chip Malt and Jake Kalick, longtime friends who saw an enormous opportunity in a slowly evolving industry. It doesn’t ensure the safety only; you can use this for cooking a lot of Asian and Chinese recipes with perfection. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok. Buy It: Made In Cookware Blue Carbon Steel Wok, $99; Made In Cookware Have you decided which recipe you will cook in the wok for the first time? Made In is giving home chefs the most requested specialty pan: the wok. So, they did something about it. Malt and Kalick’s aha momentcame when they realized that retail markups are why most people can’t afford high-quality cookware. Meet the pan built for rapid movement, high heat, and fun. Sautéing vegetables in the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Skillet was a particular dream — the even heat and slopped sides helped to quickly flip green beans and broccoli on two different evenings. With each use, the carbon steel surface becomes less sticky so that even a frittata full of sweet potatoes and chorizo slipped out of the pan with ease . Here, the handle won’t heat up like one-piece cast iron and the pan, while big in size, is as light as a comparable stainless steel or nonstick model. However, the uncomfortable, wide handle and the heavy weight of the wok made it awkward and difficult to use. If you’re looking for carbon steel cookware that heats quickly and evenly, if you don’t want a crazily high-maintenance pan, and if you need a good price point from a customer-service-oriented company with stellar reviews… Then you might need a Made In wok. Verdict: This is a big deal that cast iron users will sympathize with. Instead of selling through retailers that add … The Made In Blue Carbon Steel heats quickly like a nonstick pan… Made In is not like most cookware companies. Behind making this wok-brand and its glorious history … Shipping, Warranty & Returns.