Well done! Explore different variety of shots and camera movements that can be used in your video production. Sainsbury'... moarrrmagazine: 1) Write an analysis of the cinematography in the opening sequence. The camera in the first minutes zooms in to the protagonist's face which supposed to help the audience to know the character better and have an emotional relationship but because of the lighting that doesn't work but the audience will be interested and hooked up to find out who is the character that is being presented.We also have been on the backstage which separates the audience from the visitors that bought tickets for the show.The camera smoothly shifts from one shot to another, I think this is achieved with the use of crane that brings the audience in to the show.On the 17 second we see a low angle shot which shows power and energy of the characters, and the 1;25 minute the lighting is blinding the audience which also makes the show realistic and to give an audience a feeling of being there. Do they use key words from the title or question? Thanks to all 2nd year Film students for their hard work, effort and S P E C T R E: James Bond is no longer 007. Watch the video here >>, Applying to uni? For my A2 coursework production, I decided to create an R’n’B/Dance music video to Rihanna and David Guetta’s hit tune; ‘Who’s That Chick?’. Thus meaning that the character of Croft conformed to what the audience wanted, a character that was “young and Caucasian, with beautiful, angular and symmetrical facial features.” (19) Alien (2) however was not a mainstream film that enabled director Ridley Scott to have more control over his choice of actor for the role. Official University of Exeter 2021 applicant thread, ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾*mez's guide to not getting disowned : a y13 gyg*☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙, BMAT 2021 entry discussions megathread (Updated 20th October). Unblock through … "’ (9) By creating a woman as the heroine Scott is going against the grain and altering the typical representation of women in action films. effort and support this year. Frogs that are standing on the left side of the screen show how long is the room as the distance between them is decreasing but they are sort of getting bigger, which reminds me of a Fibonacci sequence. A2 Media Studies Coursework Tuesday, 29 April 2014. Explore the different ways your chosen texts target their audience? Explore the main ways your three main texts appeal to their audiences. x��TMs�0��W�Ngb,Y��c)0��Cif8�nZ��nf����q���cg�"[ϒ޳��������ZU/>&usWm�h����D� ��$�z�WgN�L� m�`!��y�$� Narrative could be more dramatical than flower picking. During the editing process I noticed that my video is too short so I have added some slow mo to some of the parts of the video and a title card at the start which made my video exactly up to 1 minute. Whereas films that appeal to a niche audiences such as ‘Alien’ (2) can alter these conventions significantly. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. There also hidden codes that suggest love such as the shape of the queen's head, mosaic on windows, pattern on the dress of the queen, etc..Anger is represented by the dark tones on the walls and sharp pointy dresses of other characters, also audience can spot evil characters drawn on the walls which suggests the evilness and wickedness of the queen. We can apply Barthes theory of action code to these couple of seconds where audience can identify some iconographies to predict what is the location and what will happen next.On the 40th second camera stops with the character facing an opposite way and key lights starting to shine on him to highlight him in the darkness.The camera shot than changes to close up as the character says ''closer'' which is a good match cut.Camera pans to the left side once again towards the light with the protagonist running with other characters at the back.The camera shot than changes to wide angle shot to reveal how big the stage is and reveal other hidden characters with the key lights towards the protagonist which we don't see yet as well as other characters this is now linked to Barthes enigma code.The camera shot than changes to O.S.T. the full teachers notes when you download the document. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. In Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ (2) the main protagonist is Ellen Ripley who is seen as the number one female action hero even today. Use each of the aspects you've... 1) Still image analysis Look at the still images on slides 33-37 of the Film Language Powerpoint linked above. Almost all of us are affected by the media in one form or another, whether it is television, Women in advertising from The 1920’s to the present day, Join over 1.2 million students every month, Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. As both Ripley and Croft are strong, independent protagonists within their texts. Furthermore in the original films the character of Croft is played by Angelina Jolie however a new Tomb Raider has been commissioned without her, suggesting that clearly another attractive female can easily replace her role. Good understanding of different types of shots and camera movements. A-level Media Music Video Coursework - 30 … You will have anything between 7 - 17 weeks to complete your coursework. Thank you for sharing this interesting information here. Thanks! If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. As you know the coronavirus has affected many students like me as I am unable to continue with my school work. 2014/201 5 2012/201 3 2011/20 12 Men do the looking; women are there to be looked at.” (5) This would suggest that the character of Croft is simply there for male pleasure rather than alter gender stereotypes; demonstrated in the opening fight scene in which the camera focuses on her breasts, legs and bottom, Croft is noticeably portrayed as a sex symbol. Therefore, I thought that using just the lips to mime parts of the lyrics looked much more authentic and by never seeing the whole face, the mystery links in well with the narrative of the title. What was successful, less successful and/or unsuccessful in your intended aims (be critical of your own work). In conclusion, by analysing both texts, I have found that the two texts have altered the representation of women as being helpless victims in action films. 4 Cambridge International AS & A Level Media Studies 9607 Introduction This handbook is a guide to the delivery of the coursework components of AS and A level Media Studies (9607) syllabus. reflecting society 'we now have a situation where society is reflecting......the imaginations of some in the media industry.' This would link directly to the character of Ripley who was first written as a man, meaning the character has clear male characteristics and connotations. The first genre conventions that come to mind when discussing action films are men with guns, expensive cars, explosives and a damsel in distress. Laura Mulvey states, “In herself the woman has not the slightest importance.” (18) Ripley strives to alter this ideology and is clearly the most significant character. ��/� uh3e�]��7UU7#�c�L� w�k�K�F�w�l��H6N�x��w��n����tq�R�t�B�Z� O��ȃ��;��W�^Bl����b�� reviewing squad. Overall this suggests that although Ripley and Croft have shown women are not simply victims, the characters are in themselves flawed, either needing to act like men to be dominant or portrayed as an object for male pleasure, showing women to still be defined by the stereotype. However, the video is definitely more glamorous than an episode of Channel4’s Skins, therefore some sexual innuendos are masked, helping to attract a more widely aged audience. Tell us a little about yourself to get started. My most significant role was actually filming the video, from zoom to filming at ground level, I was in control of the camera. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Majority of action films do not pass this test, examples are: Transformers, GI Joe and Wanted but there are many more. What aspect of Film & TV language have you most enjoyed studying? No public clipboards found for this slide. This is observably a common issue within the film industry as for the third Transformers film Megan Fox has been replaced by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, It is clear that the action film industry is very much a man’s world; ‘“Mike [Michael Bay- director of Transformers] films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality… And I think [Fox] never got comfortable with it” Shia LaBeouf’ (15). Assess the claim that uncensored press is dangerous, "Thus, from the ideas expressed above we can conclude that the media should have a high degree of freedom to publish things they wish to publish. As a result, I chose to produce a ‘Making The Video’ sequence, which would sometimes see on large production music videos, the artists personal website, which Miley Cyrus did show for the video I analysed for my research, but also on Youtube. Tori - AS Media Blog: Magazine Analysis: ELLE: 'ELLE' magazine's target In addition, the length of the song we chose did not fill the 4minute minimum duration, so I came up with the idea of creating a short clip of all names of people featuring in the video and also a Blooper Reel.