This place would be her home indefinitely, so she would have to make do with what she could get, even if it was an old empty apartment in a town she’d never been in before. Abilities Adora found her, alive, and okay, and still leaving. Have a cookie to celebrate! Type (?) During the battle he set his ship on fire and, with help from Glimmer and Spinnerella, used it to destroy several Horde tanks.[4]. Finn is the lead singer in a popular rock band but that doesn't mean they don't have to face the struggles of growing up and accepting responsibility. Despite her protests to the contrary, Mermista does appear to be fond of Sea Hawk. Sea Hawk is one of the characters in the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. This is the story about a girl named Adora.”, tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (192), She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) (561), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (6), Alternate Universe - College/University (41), She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, modern but everyone still has their powers. She-Ra oneshots, most of the focus is probably on Entrapdak, *~everyone is disabled/nd~*. Just another fun she-ra high school story. "Adora?" [2], When Glimmer and Bow were captured by Catra and the Horde, Sea Hawk, Mermista, Perfuma, and Entrapta all assisted in Adora's rescue mission into the Fright Zone. Não importa agora. Jordan Fisher. Canon Just know that if you’re like me, then chances are your life is in danger.Now, you are also probably wondering who I am, so let me tell you. Sea Hawk has a deep interest in setting his ships on fire and seeking out adventure. Het Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [1], Sea Hawk accompanied Princess Mermista to The All Princess Ball: Winter Wonderland in the Kingdom of Snows as her plus one (or just her ride). [1], Sea Hawk has a rich and complicated history with Princess Mermista that involved him challenging a doorman to a duel which led to them being kicked out of the Dolphin Social and him setting their gondola on fire in the Tunnel of Love. Depois de quatro anos, quem conseguiu uma bolsa de mestrado e teria a chance de brilhar internacionalmente era ela. Era This is actually a really fun story. Mermista mentions that Sea Hawk once burned down their gondola in the tunnel of love. Quando sua namorada recebeu uma proposta de emprego em outro país e Catra pediu que escolhesse entre ela ou o emprego, adivinha só...Às vezes acha até engraçado, porque a forma como ela foi trouxa por essa mulher é diferente. Uncle Sea Hawk is back! Overly excited for adventure, Sea Hawk was spotted by Scorpia, but pretended to be "The Inspector" for long enough to be rescued by Entrapta and reunited with the others. Mermista Etheria CANON One passenger got off and stepped onto the sidewalk. Please consider turning it on! Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Affiliation (Yes, it's a ridiculous SPOP version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.). Adora finds out that singer, Catra, does not like Adora at all for some unknown reason. A coming of age story that will follow Adora from Middle School to College. Seamista is the het ship between Sea Hawk and Mermista from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom. That spicy magicat has got her heart in knots. Being the lesbian disaster she is, Adora falls for the mysterious singer on stage. Gender like so much swearing its stupid how much they cuss, I can't believe I actually had to tag that, Original Female Character/ Original Female character, original female character/ original male character, Adora and Catra Good parents besides one mistake, She-ra’s powers have been inherited by fanchild. Sea Hawk and Mermista have a long and fraught relationship before the series starts. Her veins a familiar red along with her eyes. My name is Catra D'riluth, and I am a 13 year old homeless girl who lives in the streets of New York City.---Or,How Catra finds out she is a demigod and how to stop a religious cult from finding and killing- or worse- her new family. Despite this, Mermista still gives Sea Hawk a new ship after he burns his old on while fight off the Horde. Her hand Glowing a menacing crimson hue. As the Queen of Salineas, it's expected of Mermista to give birth to a heir. I certainly didn’t know what one was. I cared about the whole world, because of you. Sea Hawk can keep Mermista out of the drug distribution scene, and Mermista can avoid getting hurt or distracted from school by not giving into the emotional side of this.That's what no strings attached means, right? Hair color Welcome to the Worlds Gayest Support group! Adora and Korra training to take the lacrosse team to the championship, as Asami and Catra work on their music careers. Homeworld Despite her protests to the contrary, Mermista appears to still have romantic feelings for Sea Hawk. Seamista Rebellion Many twists and turns await! Having not been invited to hang out with Mermista's friends he ends up escorting Adora, Glimmer and Bow to the north pole region to find First One tech. Catra, a seasoned outdoor guide with a skill for dogsledding, had to convince Angella that she deserved the job. Captain Sea HawkThe Inspector Adora couldn’t move more than that, she was practically paralyzed. “I’ll end all magic ONCE AND FOR ALL!” The Magicat sent Adora crashing through a pillar. Summary. Purplish brown He also claims his sea shanties are considered so desirable that sirens actually fling themselves into the sea at the sound of them. He strikes up a friendship with Scorpia as they both lament not being taken more seriously by their friends and love-interests. This is all based on true events from my own life. Species Sea Hawk wears a corsage that is the same color as Mermista’s dress. Also Known As The Bragocious Sea Captain and Pirate Charmer Prior to beating beaten by Adora, Sea Hawk claimed to have been undefeated in arm wrestling, even beating a Tyrosaur with biceps the size of his head in a match that lasted two weeks. This takes place after the War and the He-Man crossover that is bound to happen. Adora, Glimmer, and Bow go to Brightmoon High's Battle of the Band in support for their friend Seahawk who is competing. Human Sea Hawk is shown to have some insecurities about his relationship with Mermista in the episode "White Out". The two are seen together again in "Princess Prom" where Mermista is teased for bringing Sea Hawk as her plus one and tries to claims he is only her ride. She couldn’t possibly bring herself to hurt.... her own daughter.