Cook that side for about 2 minutes, pressing lightly on the roti with a spatula. Roti, dal and rice were always on the table in my house for literally every meal. dough keeps okay for 2 days in the fridge. I didn’t even do all the steps 100% and they were still the best rotis I’ve ever made! Hi, If the dough feels too wet/sticky- add more flour. They will definitely help. No worries, here’s how you can make chapati (or roti whatever you call it) on tawa without putting it directly on flame to puff. Only pls say how the flame should be while making rotis. Jamaican Roti Recipe Say goodbye to bland store-bought roti, and hello to hot, fresh roti that you can easily make at home. The roti is done when it has brown spots, don't burn it. Take a piece of rested dough and press with your fingers to flatten the dough (picture 2). thanks for sharing & looking forward for more ‘Indian Recipes cooking show’, ‘Indian Cooking Recipe’. Rotate and repeat the pulling and tucking until the ball is smooth (picture 5). I think it should be possible to put a frozen roti in the pan and fry as I once bought this in an indian store. Oil your working surface well. Other SEA countries that have this is fatastic…in Phuket it’s not the same at ALL. The roti if rolled evenly will puff up, flip with a tong to cook the other side as well. Divide the dough into six parts and roll each into a ball. The second way of shaping it is into a square which allows you to fry it after folding into a square. Then transfer the entire stack into a freezer bag and freeze. ( Log Out /  I learnt so much cooking but this was something that took time. How do I keep the rolled out rotis on hold while I am preparing the rest? This is one of my favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner flat breads ever. Just made your roti prata flat breads and can’t thank you enough for sharing the amazing recipe and easy to follow directions. When frying roti, the more oil you add to the pan, the crispier the roti. A common addition to the dough is egg but in this instance I have opted out so you will notice that this dough recipe calls for no egg and just milk and water. One of the biggest challenges that I faced when I first started making rotis was that they never turned out soft. After a minute, or when multiple bubbles form on the surface of the roti, flip it over and reduce to low heat. Hopefully, you’ll get a softer texture next time!. The makes the rolling easier, the rotis so much better. Try this famous, Mamak Rojak, also known as the Indian Rojak, is made, Singapore Rojak Recipe (Spicy Fruit Salad), How to make Murtabak: Ingredients, Filling, Steamboat Ingredients, Marinade, Stock, Dipping Sauces and Condiments (Recipe), Singapore Indian Rojak Ingredients, Sauce, Fritters. The biggest reason is that it wasn’t rolled evenly. Bread flour would work but make it too chewy. The flipping will take practice but I got decent rotis on my second try, doubling the recipe to have enough dough. 16- Roll it thin until you have a 5 to 6 inch diameter circular roti. Also do these keep well if I make multiple batches? My son would love the freshly made one. Practice rolling the rotis, it only comes with practice. 7- Once done, the dough should be smooth. The dough should be tacky but not sticking to the container or your hand. Hi Scott here never made roti before and if you follow your instructions correctly they come out perfect. Start adding water, little by little. Hey thanks so much for such a detailed recipe…. Drop the stretched dough in while keeping it stretched. Form the ball by pulling a side of the ball and tucking it in the middle. Apply ghee once done- to add to the flavor and also to keep them soft, brush them with ghee once cooked. You may need more oil. Continue rotating and slapping. Then roll out the dough evenly towards the ends, turning your dough over each time it sticks until the dough is rolled flat and about ¼ inch thick. welcome Scott, glad it turned out well for you . With roti on your plate, there’s no need for utensils. You can use the brand that you like. Found your site because I bought a 2.5 lb of spinach and I love Indian food. Roti or Chapati is everyday Indian flatbread which is made with only 2 ingredients- whole wheat flour (atta) and water. If the roti starts to brown immediately or the pan starts to smoke, reduce the heat. Add remaining liquid and use the spoon to fold in. You may need more or less water depending on the kind of flour. The rotis are best enjoyed warm! Stir fried rice noodles with chives, bean sprouts and shrimp. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s latest in my kitchen! Then place a parchment paper between each roti and make a stack. Oil the surface and fold into a square (egg can be added before folding). ( Log Out /  The roti is done when it has brown spots, don’t burn it. Great recipe only need to add love to succeed. Say goodbye to bland store-bought roti, and hello to hot, fresh roti that you can easily make at home. AP flour gives us a nice amount of chew without too much of a bite to it. Roti is a soft, thin, flaky flatbread cooked on a flat cast-iron pot called a Tawa. If you are rolling it correctly, the dough will move in circular motion on its own and the roti will roll evenly. Now flip again (with the first side now at the bottom), press the roti with a paper cloth, any cotton cloth or spatula. 6- Keep kneading until the dough feels soft and pliable. I didn’t have a tawa, but I used a nonstick pan and that worked fine. Make all the roti/phulka similarly. Thanks! Scroll down to see the dough recipe. 20- Now, remove the roti from the tawa using a tong and place it directly on flame with the first side (which was little less cooked) directly on the flame. Once done, the dough should be smooth. I’ll be coming back for more recipes. Start to roll out the roti by placing the rolling pin in the center of the ball and pressing down. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and such great detailed instructions. Oil for coating the dough balls prior to shaping (or ghee), Melted ghee as needed for frying and shaping the dough. Thank you . I used your recipe and they turned out decent for a first try, my family all loved them. And when you go to pull the dough off the surface so that it is in the air, it tugs on the dough and stretches it naturally. Dip the prepared dough ball into the dry flour and dust it from all sides.