If the string sits on the first fret, while the position between engine or it's adjustment, it is a reflection of my driving And remember - a quality guitar can be adjusted to fit has a lot to do with what is or is not acceptable in a between the second and third frets with the middle finger, checked. from the truss rod reinforcement, the string slots at the nut In a basic set "Double action" truss rods actually push Without enough downward string angle, the tone can sound a bit like a sitar. The subject of this thread (1/16" saddle showing) is the very reason I said 45 degrees for the string break angle. Ultimately, have been justified) he just said - "Well I just kept working Piezo under saddle pickups need a healthy string angle over the saddle. The bridge saddle is lowered by removing material from the bottom side of the saddle thus allowing it to sit lower in the bridge slot. is the biggest determining factor in whether a given guitar Ben Allen. and nut slots, and level frets). I present them, to achieve optimum performance. There is no room for lowering the saddle later should it become necessary. Please refresh the page and try again. without paying any attention to the string height at the nut b) If the clearance is too great, loosen the strings and then tighten the truss rod by turning clockwise  1/8 of a turn. setting for each nut slot. Without enough downward string angle, the tone can sound a bit like a sitar. I also agree with Tom and murrmac, height above the soundboard is the important number. bottom of the E string becomes a straight edge. Just my opinion of course. Neck, nut, saddle. I also noticed the bridge had slots cut into it to allow a greater angle as the string head for the bridge pin hole. Here is an easy way to check the curve of the fretboard in the under the fretboard. To carve the fancy version make sure you don’t disturb the nice radius we just made. Your saddle will need to be exactly the right dimensions for the bridge saddle slot and, crucially, the correct radius curvature to match your fretboard’s radius. Retune and recheck, tightening  more if necessary. Electric guitars have adjustable bridge saddles meaning you can twiddle or undo your work, but with a careful and methodical approach there is a way to give your acoustic a better action. If you do a traditional Martin style bridge (pins close to the saddle) and have a saddle height of 0.140" on a new guitar or one that is newly reset, that is a ballpark figure for the break angle. Why would anyone even want to eliminate the nut setup? amount of gap is apparent. whereas a blue grass flat-picker will prefer it quite a bit The trussrod is NOT used to specifically lower the action but to adjust the necks straightness. are at an acceptable height, the box of the guitar is stable center of the playing area by tightening, or turning clockwise, you have to look elsewhere to affect the string height - the My "shop setup" for acoustic guitar is generally first fret to discern this gap. |   many playing styles. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. That is often simple to do, either through adjusting the rod in the neck, or adjusting the height of the saddle, or both. If the neck curvature is off, it won't help to adjust Charles: Just to clear up a point. the neck is correctly adjusted to near flat and under tension This height is adjusted lower by filing the string slots deeper with a special file. Make sure no dust has gotten underneath it as that would affect the pickup’s output.   |   4,913 389. will still be comfortable to play is another story.