Blightsteel+clones? It's a very specific combo, but if you want to go the infinite turn route, this is a commander to do it with. As long as Padeem is in play, all artifacts you control have hexproof. lol, Would you play Phyrexian Ingester and/or Duplicant? on November 20, 2015. 1 Walk the Aeons You'll need these budget commanders in your deck. This allows players to use artifacts that sacrifice themselves repeatedly to effectively multiply their effects and usefulness. Inundate and Whelming Wave have the chance of being one-sided boardwipes, which is always a very powerful effect. Edit Live Edit. When deciding how to build a mono blue Commander deck, you have to pay attention to your mana base. Lorthos, The Tidemaker is an absolute powerhouse, and while he is a bit on the costly side, Blue is excellent at using Artifacts to ramp him out. 1 Hedron Archive Artifact It's a simple ability, but drawing cards is incredibly important, and it provides a pretty consistent strategy. He has studied creative writing at The New Hampshire Institute of Art and Otis College of Art and Design, and currently writes for CBR, ScreenRant, GameRant, and TheGamer. While Memnarch's ability to "gain control of target artifact" may appear linear, Memnarch's other ability to turn any permanent into an artifact in addition to its other types means that Memnarch is capable of stealing anything as longs as you have the mana to invest. Counter magic is incredibly strong and important in constructed formats like Standard and Modern, but takes a bit of a back seat in EDH. © 2020 Wizards. Highly regarded for its pension for drawing cards and its instant speed shenanigans Mono Blue is often noted as one of the best options for control decks in Magic: The Gathering. Costing one less mana for each artifact you control, Emry is one of the few commanders who can consistently be cast for only one mana, even if her controller is paying commander tax. RELATED: Magic the Gathering: The 10 Most Powerful God Cards, Ranked. Memnarch is a commander who allows its controller to repeatedly steal their opponent's cards. It's not even a combo card or some expensive constructed staple. Retail Store Hours: Posted in Daily Deck 1 Capsize 1 Quicksilver Fountain RELATED: Top Ten Planeswalkers That Can Be Used As A Commander. Because Commander is such a versatile format, I won’t talk about specific deck themes or strategies. Thankfully mono blue Commander has a lot of options. 1 Monastery Siege 1 Distorting Wake It's ability lets you create a 2/2 blue drake creature token with flying whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell. Instead of talking about Modern or Standard, we're going to talk about combos for Commander! NEXT: Magic the Gathering: The 10 Most Powerful Creature Types, Ranked. However, a couple of counters for the sake of self-preservation are always helpful. Opt is the perhaps the fastest method: for one mana, you scry 1 and draw 1 at instant speed. 1 Phyrexian Ingester Today's deck is an exciting one! RELATED: Top 10 Strongest Mono-Blue Commanders In Magic: The Gathering. Yes, even lands can be gained control of with Memnarch. 1. By Melissa DeTora. So what are you supposed to do with this deck? 1 Cephalid Coliseum Emry also synergizes incredibly well with cards like Mirran Spy and Chakram Retriever which allow Emry's ability to be used repeatedly on a single turn. 1 Reliquary Tower Online Support Hours daily between 8 am - 10 pm. It's so important to me, that my mono-blue commander of choice is a scry engine. All rights reserved. One such commander is Sai, Master Thopterist who creates a 1/1 thopter artifact creature token each time you cast an artifact. Once you are at five mana, you can begin your combo. This is a great way to sift through your library for what you need. 1 Lorthos, The Tidemaker Edit. Even so, certain changes could always benefit the deck's build if you're trying to focus in a different direction. This means that low cost counters such as Disdainful Stroke, Negate and Arcane Denial will only cost one island to cast. The following options are some of your best options for providing card advantage while also dealing damage: Once you have a few of these meanies on the battlefield – or if your opponents have a similarly threatening creature – copy it with Clever Impersonator or Spark Double to make another, or a kicked Rite of Replication to make six more.