Legendary dragon weapon associated with Seath the paledrake. See Scaling for more information. However, it also has one of the longest reaches among greatswords, being beat only by the Wolf Knight's Greatsword and Onyx Blade. Legendary dragon weapon associated with Seath the paledrake. Moonlight Greatsword (Dark Souls II), a greatsword in Dark Souls II. Attribute bonus View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). The blade of this greatsword shines like the brilliant rays of the moon. Old Moonlight is likely a reference to the one in King's Field given its description (and may tie in with some other lore, but that's a different discussion by other people) level 2 ... chances are that it was getting a little too complicated both in terms of lore … Skill: Moonlight Vortex The Aux Effect stats for a weapon are A / B / C: Damage multiplier applied to the base value of a spell. "An arcane sword discovered long ago by Ludwig. The data displayed above are current as of Patch App 1.15 Regulation 1.35. The Moonlight Greatsword uses the same moveset as the Greatsword of Judgment, utilizing horizontal and vertical slashes. Lore. This thread is archived. 14(-/-) Widely known in association with Moonlight Knight Bito. A higher stability also allows you to block stronger, The weight of the weapon. Oceiros, the Consumed King, was infatuated with the search for moonlight, but in the end, it never revealed itself to him. The Damage stat dictates how much damage the weapon does. What is the lore behind the moonlight sword being in this game? Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. The Moonlight Greatsword, a weapon seen across all the Dark Souls titles, holds a special significance in the history of the FromSoftware studio. In the oldest legends, rarely spoken of today, it is said that the sword was born of a great white being. - 130 View wiki source for this page without editing. https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Moonlight_Greatsword_(Dark_Souls_III)?oldid=331253. The Stat Bonuses rating indicates the level of bonus damage you do with the weapon, based on the associated Stat. 9 comments. The Pthumerians, being superhuman creatures who've made contact with Great Ones, either augmented the weapon themselves or had it "blessed" by an as-of-yet unknown Great One. Nowhere near the amount that Ludwig and the Holy Moonlight Sword did. Old Moonlight is the spell, Moonlight Greatsword is the weapon. By default the value reflected in the infobox and the upgrades uses 60 Intelligence and/or Faith. C N/A Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect; R1 Combo: 0.70x, 0.71x, 0.72x, 0.74x, 0.76x: 16: This is a four attack combo with a little flourish. This value scales depending on the primary stat of the weapon, i.e. Based on the original King's Field trilogy incarnation. Unlike its previous iterations, Dark Souls III 's Moonlight Greatsword inflicts both physical and Magic damage, as well as being given scaling in Strength, albeit poorly. The Damage stats for a weapon are A / B / C / D / E: Each weapon has one or more physical damage types: Certain enemies are weak or strong against different damage types. - Running clockwise sweep that puts the entire body into the rotation. Legendary dragon weapon associated with Seath the paledrake. View and manage file attachments for this page. Find out what you can do. Charged strong attacks will deal durability damage to the Moonlight Greatsword when used. Charge strong attack to its limit to unleash moonlight wave. Large Sword of Moonlight, a large sword in Demon's Souls. save hide report. A big one is Seath. Lore behind Moonlight Greatsword in this game? I don't think Seath had any meaningful lore association with the Moonlight Greatsword though did he? Large Swords are usually held with both hands and are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage towards hostile characters but are slow, making the player vulnerable to fast enemy attacks.. Charge strong attack to its limit to unleash moonlight wave. Moonlight Greatsword Home » Weapons » Greatswords » Moonlight Greatsword ... Damage Damage Reduction; 0: 55: 140: 60: 0: 35: 0: 35: 0: 40: Requirements Bonuses; 16-12-40: 100: 0-0-Lore. - We believe that the Holy Moonlight Sword was an Pthumerian artifact discovered in one of the catacombs beneath Yharnam. Damage multiplier when performing a backstab or riposte. Mirrored version of one-handed weak attacks. There was another black dragon, Guyra, who had one eye. Draw sword back and thrust to unleash torrential moonlight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 16 Plus bonus points for the Ludwig/Holy Moonlight Sword and Beethoven/Moonlight Sonata connection. Large Sword of Moonlight is Large Sword Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Miscellaneous These values are the amount of stamina the weapon uses when performing the listed moves. 55.0 In King's Field lore, Seath was a very powerful white dragon.