as children's names in 2018 was 23.3% less than the previous year. Compare Lachlan and popular -an last names Lahrman (TOP 37%), Lutchman (37%). But as old school Italian names... Scandinavian: Son, descendant; According to Norse legend, Viking Leif Ericson landed his longboat on North American shores some 500 years... Laurence has long been established as both a given name and surname, along with it's more common spelling of Lawrence. KS. "White." The more fashionable boy names among these are Leo (#50), Leonardo (#92), Levi (#33), Lincoln (#40) and Lucas (#8), while Lund (TOP 1%) and Liang (2%) are popular L- surnames. See also Kaird. Lemond, Lamonte, Lamond, Lammond Root fr. Historical. This page gives a list of song titles beginning with L that were radio hits from the 1960s through the early 1970s (1960-1975). Lake, var. L baby names and what they mean, with 202 results. Laszlo (TOP 19%), Lacko (25%) and Laslo (27%) exist frequently as last names. As... Logan has become one of those "cool kid" names like Carter and Jackson. "Land brilliant." Old-fashioned baby names (for both girls and boys) have stood the test of time. These kind of old school girls' names are connected to tradition rather than modernity and gloss. LOVELY Antique old fashioned Baby Names that start with L. These L baby names for girls and boys are totally vintage and at least 100 years old. While Liam began as a short version of William, it... Luke is a perennial boys name favorite, and it's not hard to see why. Lamar is a frequently occurring (TOP 38%) men's name, whereas Lamarr, Lamarre, Lemar and Lemarr are unconventional. Less used today. English: Form of Luke. Lachman, var. Lawrence has a very posh, British feel... Lorenzo goes back all the way to the days Lorenzo de' Medici, merchant prince and one of the Renaissance's foremost art... French: Lion. Usage of Lamont, Lamond, etc. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Usage of La- and variants as baby names in 2018 was down 67.6% compared to 2008. Stems fr. The third son of Jacob and Leah, the prophet Levi counted Moses and Aaron among his descendants in the Levite tribe. VT. f . Summary Index of names [and variants] for L- names for boys. Lavonte, Lavon, Lavell, Lavar, Lavaughn, Lavante, Laval, Lashawn, Latrell▼, Lasean, Laroyce, Laron, Laroy, Larenzo, Larell, Lamont1▼, Laray, Lamario, Lamarcus, Lajon, Lamar1▼, Ladell1, Ladale Based on American word. IN. Baby Boy Names That Start With L. L is for love, but also for Luca, Liam, and Leo. Ambrose: This is a fairly old-fashioned, traditional name, but I really happen to like it. The more fashionable boy names among these are Leo (#50), Leonardo (#92), Levi (#33), Lincoln (#40) and Lucas (#8), while Lund (TOP 1%) and Liang (2%) are popular L- surnames. Lavan Origin fr. "The water; land famous." "Man from the lake." Vintage dog names. Lancaster, var. Lalo1, var. Landbert and variants were popular as birth names during 1910-1919. Old French language. Here is the list of L- names for girls. 20 Most Popular Old English Names starting with L 1. Derived from the equally alluring Lucian, Luciano hasn't seen major popularity in America. Lazlo, Laszlo, Laslo, Lacko, Ladislaus Derivative of Slavic element. The full list of girl names beginning with L on Nameberry is featured below. LANGE German, Danish, Norwegian German, Danish and Norwegian cognate of LONG. See also Lazlo. Laddy, Laddie, Laddey, Lad Derivative of Middle English element. From the Roman cognomen Laurentius, which meant "from Laurentum". In the... Lee is a gentle sounding name that is more often used as a surname or middle name rather than a first name. Latin: Form of Luke. Old French, Old German elements. Laird was popular with parents 78 years ago. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. By Jerome London Updated August 9, 2018. 2. "Law man." 5. .. The list of antique baby names below reflects the full name, year of birth, and where the person was born. "Ladle maker or seller." Lallo, Lale Root fr. "Glorious rule." Old fashioned dog names. Lafayette▼ Derivative of French language. What gets confusing is whether stylish vintage names like Adeline or Clara really qualify as Old Lady Names anymore, or if a name needs to be a bit dusty and unfashionable to be considered an Old Lady Name. 100 Old Man Names. Lemarr, Lemar, Lamarre, Lamarr Source fr. Lachman (UPPER 11%) and Lachmann (57%) are found often as surnames. Classic old-fashioned baby names are coming back into fashion and whether you’re having a boy or girl, we have chosen our favourite old-fashioned baby names for you to consider. – Lagomorpha are found all over the world because of human introduction everywhere. Below MomJunction has thrown light on the personality traits and drawbacks of names starting with the letter L. The letter L, equivalent to number three in numerology represents action, creativity, and communication. Updated Nov 23 2020, 2:31 PM. Light; illumination. Lambert, var. Many old fashioned baby boy names are rising in the shadows as well like the modern-sounding Harley, Waylon, and Quentin. Laurentum was a city in ancient Italy, its name probably deriving from Latin laurus "laurel". Old English language. Here is the list of L- names for girls. Lachlan▲ Based on Irish, Gaelic word. Landbert, Lambirt, Lamberto, Lambart Derivative of Scandinavian. Lakon, Laken, Laikin, Laike, Laiken Geography name for an inland body .. Lake (UPPER 1%) and Laken (66%) are found commonly as last names. Ladell2, var. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures; symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage... English: Renowned fighter; a form of Louis. Derived from various places names, of Old English origin meaning "long hill" (effectively "ridge"). A strong male name with a fierce meaning of "lion" and "bold", this boy name has spanned centuries from artist Leonardo da... German: Bold as a lion; name of a medieval saint. Well, there is a wide variety of animals that names begin with the letter “L”, come on, discover and learn more about them. Lacy▼, var. 1. "To sing a lullaby." 4. Basil: This name was famous for an actor who once played Sherlock Holmes. "Wealthy guard." The Best Old-Fashioned Baby Names (That Aren’t Liam) In case grandpa's name won't do, here are some of the best old-school baby names. Scottish, Middle English languages. Lacie is unconventional as a baby name among the variant forms of Lacy. See also Lachman. "Manservant; young man." Lemuel: This name always makes me think of lemons for some reason. Lafayette was last found in the 1980s in the Top 2000. "Lord." See also Lachman. m. Labor . La-, var. Gabby Orcutt. b. This name has been around since ancient Rome, but it still manages to feel modern. Classic names. French: Form of Luke. Lancashire and variants are not often adopted as boys' names. By Emily Kelleher. Give your new baby boy a name from our list of L names that signify the personal qualities of generosity and kindness. EMAIL; SHARE; There’s good reason so many people name their children after a favorite grandparent or great aunt. Lagothrix: woolly monkeys. These old fashioned girl names are the best way to channel an era past when naming your daughter. 1886. L is for Landon, Lyle, Lucas, and lots of other lively baby boy names that start with the letter L. Irish names are on an upward trend right now and Liam is no exception.