Washburn might not exactly be the market leader in guitar design, but they have a reputation for manufacturing quality guitars, so let’s take a look at how this is put together and what’s onboard. Copyright © 2020 | Musicainintro is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Best Acoustic Guitars With Reviews In 2020, Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar (2020 Updated Reviews), The 5 Best Acoustic Bass Guitar (2020 Reviews) -Musicianintro.com, Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners for 2020 (The Ultimate Guide), Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review, Oscar Schmidt Og2sm Acoustic Guitar Review, Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review, Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag Review, Best Electric Guitar Brands (2020 Reviews) -Musicianintro.com, 10 Best Beginner Electric Guitar Reviews in 2020, How to Choose an Electric Guitar -Musicianintro.com, How to Choose the Right Electric Bass Guitar -Musicianintro.com, Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar Under $500 in 2020, Top 5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300 in 2020, Best Electric Guitar Strings – Top 5 Strings Review, Best Beginner Bass Guitars in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide), How to String a Classical Guitar Headstock Like an Expert. Because of this, it produces sound that blends clean and crispy tones. This gives you some intriguing options but also some potential pitfalls. It really was an interesting operation, and we will never know whether its sales strategies which often left a bad taste in the mouth when considered today, were genuine attempts at sympathy or just ways of preying on people’s sympathies to get business. Black Friday Deals Week - Save Up to 96%! After hours of research, experimentation, and feature analysis, we found Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Acoustic Guitar Natural to be one of our best acoustic guitar lists. And a three-way toggle switch for pickup selection. It is one of the most beautiful acoustic guitars. again i had to replace it. And, the ‘f’ holes are nicely cut in. With over a decade of experience in the musical world, he has been a great mind, who loves to give a hand to musicians who want to learn music. I played a little bit. When one looks at it for the first time, you will see the dots of redemption and the finish of the polished wood grain. Of course, there is a lot more that goes into producing a semi-hollow body guitar than a solid body: more time and a good deal of craftsmanship. Nor did they try and look too vintage and use a bridge system with a tailpiece as is common on some semi-hollow bodies. It was introduced in the year 2003. And, it doesn’t carry the thick sound of the very best. Last fret was chafing strings, I had to file it by hand. …inside those ‘f’ holes and you really need to be careful not to overdo the gain. Whoever, be it Washburn or the people at Oscar Schmidt who laid the basics down for this guitar. The Oscar Schmidt OE30CH has a double cutaway design made from mahogany. You haven’t got to thrash the pickups on this guitar all the time. I play this guitar every day. Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar -... Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Classical Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural. tall. It takes the shape of a classic dreadnought. This guitar fits me perfectly. Your email address will not be published. With a couple of humbuckers onboard you would expect it to be a bit more aggressive than the usual semi-hollow and you would be right, it is.