And then it costs $3,500 if you want 50 grams of this Panda dung tea. It may change your perception of this fragrant food ingredient. Grown high in the Ya’an mountainous region of Sichuan China, the panda manure tea—or Panda Ecological Tea (PET) by its formal name—is said to be smooth, and offer health benefits because of the way that pandas digest bamboo in the wild—which leaves around 70% of the nutrients in their dung, not their bodies. Further, Pandan leaves are … If you have a lot of pandan leaves on your garden or your kitchen try to make some panda leaf tea. Panda tea or panda dung tea is a type of tea cultivated in the mountains of Ya'an, Sichuan and fertilized by the dung of pandas.When it officially went on the market in April 2012, it was reputedly the world's most expensive tea and 50 grams (approximately 16 cups of tea… These amazing leaves are also beneficial to the home and environment as its fragrance can be used optimally as a natural air freshener – even for cars. Pandan tea infused with various herbs is very popular for its health benefits and rich aroma. $200 for a cup of tea grown from a Panda poop-rich soil. Science has taught us that pandas have a poor digestive system. To make some pandan leaf tea is very easy yet beneficial for your health. Before that completely grosses you out, you might first want to know why this Panda poo tea costs so much. Your tea is ready to be served.