If prospective buyers tend to stall at the same point in the funnel, you can create a webinar that helps clarify the value and advantages of a product or service at that sales stage. First, think of how many people you're expecting and leave a margin for error. Customer needs vary depending on what your organization offers. Print it out, put it on your desk, and use it to assess your current services. We help you review slides and presentation, then guide you through a full mock-presentation. And with a whopping 300 million daily meeting participants reported in April of this year, you're probably most familiar with Zoom. Once you’ve identified who you're teaching, choose a great webinar topic that will impart authoritative information on pain points, needs, or skills that would be of value to that target audience. If a blog post generates a continual flow of additional questions, the perfect topic for an upcoming webinar could be a presentation that addresses one or more of those questions. How to Create The Perfect Webinar Script 1. Every marketing department needs to track prospective leads and potential customers. Ask your customer service department to help identify webinar themes that center around post-sale customer needs. Identify inconsistencies in your vendor onboarding process. If you don’t have a big audience, you’ll want to find a handful of people in your target market and interview them about the subject first. Make sure all of this is user-friendly, too. ezTalks Webinar Tool. Schedule a future webinar that will serve as a FAQ, and make it easy to access on demand. Take this short quiz so that I can personally recommend the exact next steps that you should take strategy-wise to increase your income, book more clients, and create more freedom from your business. This outline takes away the guess work so that you know exactly what to say in your webinar script. As with any other kind of content, your webinar should answer a question, meet a need, or clarify an area where there is confusion. It’s also the most important part to get right. For that, online software becomes mandatory. For example, the perfect topic could be a how-to webinar that takes them through the setup of a product. Seriously. Also, make sure that the webinar name is in the language that your target audience uses, not your industry lingo! That said, many effective webinars can be held using existing computer or laptop hardware. Look for an email from downloads@slidebean.com. Find our more about pricing and plans on. And the follow-up path can target sales as we'll rarely see down other sale funnels. Link to the full webinar recording, so new users can review the proper setup and use of their purchase. That’s how I came up with the idea for the “Outline Your Sales Page” workshop that I run a few times per year). If you do have an audience you can survey, that’s great! So you’re ready to plan your next (or first) webinar?! The hardest part about planning a webinar is picking a topic and title for your webinar. Hot B2B leads seeking additional information are prime audiences for product-specific webinar topics. Lean on your data analytics team to identify webinar topics that sell. 03 15 PLANNING MAKES PERFECT 1. Identify the most common issues encountered by your customer service department and create a webinar to address the most pressing issue, or several related issues. This week’s action sheet will give you all of the questions you need to ask yourself in order to pick a great webinar topic. If you're ready to host a webinar, you must first decide on your target audience. Delegate Webinar Roles and Responsibilities Involve the right internal and external people from the start. outline to get all your ducks in a row. What about taking polls, recording the meeting, or showing a whiteboard? In the past, we've covered why templates make any presentation task more manageable. I honestly just like giving people practical strategies to make enough money to live the happiest, freest, funnest life they can. Identify any internal pain points that come up often and that are affecting productivity, and use your findings to create a webinar that addresses the need and provides a solution. Watch this video to get my best tips on picking the perfect webinar topic: You know you feel like tweetin’! Perfect Webinar is basically a training course with which you would get scripts for free. Managing to choose your perfect webinar … While there are no specifications for how long a webinar should be, most webinars are around 30 minutes to one hour long. Beyond the gift of preparation, rehearsal rounds will provide you with a real sense of just how short this lapse of a webinar can be. Use your transcripts, slide images, and user-generated content from your Q&A to create valuable materials like white papers, downloadable tips sheets, a blog or blog series, and FAQs.