[Marina is trying to get Sinbad to go to Tartarus and get the Book of Peace back to save Proteus]. Marina Sinbad: Think of the sun. However, when he returns to Syracuse empty-handed, Sinbad accepts blame for the theft of the, stop Proteus' execution and willingly take his place. I'm not responsible for this mess! We may be meeting them soon. : A giant vagina floating in space just off the edge of the world Sinbad: Hey, if you’d rather take your chances by yourself, that can be arranged! Everyone else saw it. Director: Lauren Levine Oy. And you are? Kale: They’re cannibals there. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Jin: Pay up. Kale: It's monsoon season. She's got a major crush on me, and she invited me back to her place. Although only a mild financial success, the movie, like Treasure Planet, has a good cult following. Sinbad: Really? No content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused in any manner without express written permission. Sinbad: Well good! Sinbad Cover the pot and steam for 12-15 minutes. : He can pick his teeth when he's done with us! You could toast your bread or add mayonaise to bread before sandwiching. • In the scene in which the entire crew, including Spike, is loosing their lunch after traveling at top speeds you can hear a man say, “Hey, where did he get the carrot?” According to the filmmakers, that line was a joke someone said during story production that made everyone groan so much that they decided to put it in the movie. But this is going to cost you another diamond. Sinbad What do you think you're doing here? Sinbad: Good-bye! And later, a conversation between Sinbad and Marina: In the Norwegian dub, when Kale is enthralled by the sirens and says "We will speak of love," the word he uses in Norwegian is an old-fashioned word for "lovemaking". An Arabian sailor named Sinbad is on a quest to find the magical legendary Book of Peace, a mysterious artifact that Eris, the Greek wicked goddess of chaos, has ultimately framed him for stealing! Sinbad: The women, then! Sinbad: Wait a minute. [Sinbad finds out Marina sneaked onto the ship]. Heartfelt? Everyone else saw it. Sinbad …Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (Widescreen Edition) Kale Marina: Are you sure you… Kale Sinbad Sinbad too, which is why she was so pissed at the end. Egg pickles! Sinbad : Marina Sinbad: And you are? really ought to be a little more courteous. Sinbad Oh. You scaled a thousand-foot tower of ice, and you don't know how to get down? See Getting Crap Past the Radar below. They are suddenly attacked by a Sea Monster (sent by Eris, Goddess Of Discord, who has her own plans for the Book) and they team up to kill it. Sinbad Sinbad Sinbad So ungrateful. Or bring back your dead body if you fail. What are you doing here? • According to an article in Wired, this is the “first Hollywood production created entirely on Linux”. [takes the diamond]  [walks away muttering toward her “cabin”] Can you navigate on your own? Yup, this'll do! Sinbad | Scramble eggs in butter til done. Marina didn't start falling in love with Sinbad until after he showed his bravery, loyalty, and quick wit. • Initially, Russell Crowe signed up for the title role, but in the autumn of 2001 he was replaced by Brad Pitt because Crowe was too busy working on another project. The Tartarus of Lost Souls, where they grind your bones and pickle you spleen and-- at my, Sinbad Sinbad: Yes, we have done this kind of thing before, no, there is no other way, and yes, you do have my permission to stand there quietly and receive a free lesson in sailing. Because he told the truth, Eris has to give the. A. However, Eris then steals the Book herself and frames Sinbad for the robbery, getting him arrested and sentenced to execution. If you’re a frequent visitor and would like to support SimplyBrad.com financially, please consider making a money donation. Sinbad But this is going to cost you another diamond. : The water sirens also slink by dint of being made of water. Everyone else saw it. It's as big as the freaking ship! ", because he correctly answered her question: "Would you forfeit your life to save your friend?" Pickles, eggs, and pickles! Never miss a review! : After nearly drowning in the ordeal, Sinbad is approached by Eris herself, who strikes a deal with him to steal the Book of Peace, in return for which he gets all the riches in the world.