They also were not blind — they could see that Zion was not the tallest of all mountains. Jane was in her sixties, looking forward to the time when her husband finally retired and they could begin to do more things together. Watch Queue Queue. A. D. F. J. S. Emotion. We live in a time when a whole generation of young people seems to have no conscience. To us, this compares to the claim that the Christian Reformed denominational building in Grand Rapids is the headquarters of the entire Church of Christ on earth! In a multitude of quiet ways, in and through our faithfulness to God and our imitation of Jesus, we conspire together to make visible the kingdom of God and the Lordship of Christ. And how badly our world needs such a distinctive community, such a vision for life, for we live in a time of collapsed horizons.3 We live in a time when truths are dead. In fact, most of what the other people could see pointed the other way: Israel was a cosmic speck of dust inhabiting a modest city on a little pimple of a hill. Psalms 47 is an ”enthronement song” which celebrates the cosmic Kingship of God. But let’s take several giant steps back and consider this from a slightly different angle. Only when we see things from the perspective of Jesus’ Lordship and then bring our lives and our churches into genuine submission to Him, only then can we pick up the words of Psalms 47 and invite the rest of the world to join the chorus. Throughout the book of Psalms you can find numerous songs which sing out the belief that Yahweh is the universal King who has made Jerusalem (or ”Mount Zion”) His chosen dwelling place on earth. It’s a relative, helter-skelter, do-your-own-thing, find-your-own-truth world. ”You want to see God’s kingdom?” they exclaimed, ”well, look at us!”. I find Advent calendars so irresistible, in fact, that some years I have bought several! Throughout the book of Psalms you can find numerous songs which sing out the belief that Yahweh is the universal King who has made Jerusalem (or ”Mount Zion”) His chosen dwelling place on earth. And yet, the Israelites had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to claim that they held the dwelling place of the King of the entire universe. Psalm 46 is focused on the security of God’s people, noting how God had delivered them from one of their great enemies. ”You call yourself a mountain,” the other mountains scoff, ”why, I’ve got foothills bigger than you!”. Torah told then what to eat and what not to eat. Psalms 47 is an ”enthronement song” which celebrates the cosmic Kingship of God. The ascension affects them all. There were a lot of other much larger mountains around Jerusalem; mountains which, the prophets say, looked down upon and mocked tiny Zion. The psalm also portrays a procession for the purpose of celebrating God’s kingship. He is not only exalted, but highly so. Psalm 47 conjures memories of long ago rock concerts where throngs of jubilant young people roared their delight in music that reached for a new day of understanding, peace, and gentleness. Why cancer and Alzheimers and childhood leukemia? From start to finish Jesus did not dazzle this world with power as the world reckons power. “Why is unity central to the Church?”. Psalm 47 : Play. Vol. For on this day we are claiming that the Church of Jesus Christ is the most important ”place” on earth. Every time they sang Psalms 47 they were saying to the whole world: ”This place is holy ground. He is set apart, but He is not impersonal, v. 3-4. v. 9, The last verse is fairly long; the authorities of the people have assembled together as God’s people, their shields belong to God. But that is what we are celebrating. So for us who believe Jesus lives in the midst of His Church; that belief must change us into a distinctive community. v. 6-7, The psalmist writes a rhythmic section; in two verse, the psalmist instructs the people to “sing praises” to God five times because He is God, King, and not only King, but King of the earth. Even people living near the Mount of Olives had no clue that something cosmic had just occurred in their neighborhood. The disciples saw it, but most people did not. God’s Kingship over all is worthy of praise. To us, this compares with the Grand Rapids City Council passing a resolution stating ”Grand Rapids, not Washington, is the true seat of power in America.” To us, this compares to the claim that our city’s Mayor far outranks our country’s President. Their faith helped them see beyond physical, geographical and political boundaries, and this, in turn, reshaped everything else. ascends above all, YHWH ascension is sounded off with the trumpet (shofar). Israel believed God lived in her midst and that changed everything. This is where Yahweh, the only true God, lives. Jerusalem was not much compared to other cities in the world at that time. Yet, as with so much else in Jesus’ life, so too with the ascension: there is more here than meets the eye. Because the Bible focuses on Israel, we tend to think that Israel was obviously the center of the universe. It is a dance of sparkling clarity that claims God's power over all other powers. If Jesus is in charge and if the powers of darkness have been smashed in the teeth, how come we still live in the shadow of death so often? (2014). “Psalm 47 follows quite naturally after Psalm 46. And so it is on Ascension Day. Fond as those recollections may be, they are but a starting point for the celebration entered into in this psalm. If Jesus is in charge, then why Bosnia and ethnic cleansing? God, the Creator and King has created humanity to worship Him, v. 5, God loudly (it’s no secret?) Are we aware of how ridiculous this may look? 3. Of course, Israel was not ignorant of its status among the nations of the earth — they knew the land was comparatively small. Even today, the entire nation of Israel is about the same size as the state of Vermont. v. 3, He gives His people victory over their enemies, v. 4, and like a good Father and King, He has chosen for Israel their inheritance, for they are the glory (of their ancestors, whom God loves? When people see that, they will be struck by the spiritual power of Jesus as they see His kingdom among us. This is most evident in the declaration that God has “gone up” with shouts and trumpet sound (verse 5) and now sits enthroned over the nations (verse 8). That is probably what lies behind Psalms 47:5: ”God has ascended amid shouts of joy.” This was a song to get them ready for worship. Read. For Ascension Day is how we see things. Keyword: Filter: Page 1 | Found: 304 sermons: SORT. We’re claiming that Jesus Himself is still alive and is still watching over us and taking charge of us! Charles Taylor, Sources of the Self: The Making of Modern Identity (Cambridge: Harvard University Press), 1989, pp. But if we believe that Jesus is our Lord and our King, then we must make our belief real by how we live. Three generations of family are gathering for their traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. If you believed God lived in our city, that would tend to influence most everything else you did, wouldn’t it? At one point Churchill made some comments about how he hoped the Pope would have a good influence in putting Europe back together. Advent is a whisper, or a cry, or a prayer of "Come, Lord Jesus! As they watched, they also discussed the prospects for post-war Europe. Secular Middle Eastern history books frequently mention ancient Israel only in passing. … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 47" The Paperback Bible presents the Bible by the Book and is designed to be portable, readable, and truly personal with ample margins for notations. Because Ascension Day is how we see things. Psalm 47 Home | M. Henry Commentary | Play! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME (WITH O COME LET US ADORE HIM), Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training, Worship and Media Pastor (#232330) - USA Midwest (IA), CCPA – Do not sell my personal information. Show me some evidence!”. Why the Holocaust? If Jesus is Lord and King, why the nightly litany of woes recited by television news commentators? The power of Jesus is not power as the world reckons it.