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Best practices of Search Engine Optimization for your needs

Ranking #1 on Google – is an aspiration for any website, and yet so few know how to get there. Honestly, it’s hard. Very hard. But almost always worth trying. Studies have shown that 70-75% of clicks occur in the natural, or organic, search listings. To put it simply, this is where your potential customers are hanging out.

Achieving success with organic search requires a fusion of at least three aspects of your website:

  1. Great Content
    There’s no escaping the need for great content. As far as search engines have progressed, they still put high value on good, textual content. This means your website should read like the keywords you are targeting, including navigation menus, title tags, body copy, links and more.
  2. Strong Technicals
    By technicals, we mean the parts of your website you probably don’t give much attention to – URL structures, HTTP redirects, canonical content, JavaScript, CSS and more. The key is: search engines are limited machines that can sometimes get confused. Our philosophy is to take the decision-making process away from the search engines whenever possible. From a technical standpoint, the website should be clear and straightforward, so even a robot can figure out what’s going on.
  3. Sufficient External Credibility (Links and more)
    The best website structure and content on the web can’t go anywhere without some credibility from other websites. Inbound links give a website the power to rank for keywords. Vertical Nerve will recommend and implement appropriate, no-risk link building methods to push your rankings higher. But we will warn you, there are no shortcuts. Sometimes this phase takes years in order to achieve rankings for very competitive terms. The upside is, a competitive keyword often means the reward will be great – lots and lots of traffic.

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