Our team understands your needs and that every piece of artwork is unique. In addition, each shipper has a long list of liabilities not covered if your shipment is compromised. Both FedEx and UPS offered scheduled pick-up services for an additional fee. © 2019 Cabrella Shipping Insurance. Every one of UPS’ drivers is an employee of the company. This makes the right company for your fine art shipment a matter of preference, as the differences are negligible. The lone exception may be times when FedEx has a dispute with a large subcontractor in your delivery area. When shipping fine art, the surcharges can be especially critical to your bottom line. Ship smaller works of art in a new, double-wall corrugated box that will minimize movement and offer adequate space for padding. Proper packaging is the sole responsibility of the shipper. The worldwide package delivery market is massive; with nearly 350 billion dollars expected to be spent on shipping by the year 2020. The following year during the month of August, both companies again announced surcharges for the holiday season, indicating this trend is likely to stay. FedEx’s list, for example, has 21 specific statements of liabilities not assumed. Add 6 inches to each figure from Step 1 to allow for cushioning. It does not matter if sending 3-day delivery or overnight, across town or internationally shipping. Refer to the current FedEx Service Guide for terms, conditions, and limitations applicable to FedEx® delivery services. When shipping artwork or other fragile or unique items, we can handle all the packing for you to ensure protection and peace of mind. Retail Locations . FedEx also has the added benefit of packing the artwork for me, although I have chosen to do my own packing. When it comes down to it, the cost of shipped paintings will determine your company’s profitability. Same with live animals. The Mona Lisa, your 5-year-old’s ceramic giraffe, a miniature statue of David, an Andy Warhol painting---a hand-blown bowl—it’s all artwork and requires special handling and packaging for shipping. If you are a volume dealer of art, it would be prudent to ask both FedEx and UPS for commercial volume discounts. Take a look at our how-to video, so you can pack your artwork like a pro. The shipping cost for FedEx is based on size and weight. Although many factors go into the total cost attributed to shipping, the starting point is always the carrier’s rate. FedEx and UPS both provide online tracking, email and text notifications, as well as mobile apps to track your shipment every step of the way. With third party insurance software Cabrella provides as an ecommerce shipping solution, all factors can be analyzed helping you find the which shipping company best suits your needs and the needs of the party on the receiving end. For the first time in 2017, we saw the major shipping companies impose a surcharge for holiday shipping. As a service to you, Navis Pack & Ship offers the following Art Shipping services: Pickup is available in the U.S. and Canada. Get instructions for how to pack, ship, market and manage a business. FedEx, on the other hand, uses independent contractors for ground and home deliveries. Bankers Box SmoothMove TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Box, Large, 48 x 4 x 33 Inches, 4 Pack (7711301),Kraft. $42.20 $ 42. When shipping artwork or other fragile or unique items, we can handle all the packing for you to ensure protection and peace of mind. Both package delivery carriers ship to individual households. Many shipped pieces of art may be considered “large packages” by both UPS and FedEx. ... so starting back up this year. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,144. We have updated our list of supported web browsers. 20 $46.39 $46.39. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging items we accept for transit. It is because of the nature of the artwork, and the exclusionary nature of each carrier’s terms, that it is recommended you purchase third party insurance from a reputable insurer independent of who is shipping your artwork. For customers with rolled posters or prints, FedEx office offers tube boxes to ship these items.Â. However, you will find UPS has substantially more UPS pack and ship locations than does FedEx. Below is a list of some prohibited items that FedEx will not ship within the United States.