Humans are forbidden from stepping foot on this island for obvious reasons. Now who ever comes to his shop he use to tell the story and some women who like his story stick the hair in his shop. But the speculations range from medical experiments, experimental aircraft and weaponry to UFO and alien testing. Word has it that this was the inspiration for Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code.” Makes sense, actually. Now the religion was whenever a person die they used to preserve that person in soil but because of there climate and all they did not destroy and form as mummies. This museum is off limits to all outsiders. This you can see in Mexico. Traveling around the world is, well, a trip. AVANOS hair museum AVANOS hair museum Now its quit funny cause this museum contain more than 16 thousands women hair … Even if you’re something of a “Dana Scully,” at least attempt to play “Mulder” for once and take in the beautiful weirdness. A military base camp, it is jointly controlled by Australian government and the CIA. ( Log Out /  Funny right! Of course, you could always visit the usual towns, cities, etc, and that’s fine. Example man watching TV. Rennes-la-Chateau is a small French village on top of a hill that’s known for holding mysteries of all kinds: unsolved murders, deep secrets and rituals hidden in the roots of Christianity. But the rest of Australia is still open for you to go explore. Now see all the scratches you can use scuba diving and glass water can be used. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You’re able to see places that you otherwise would only read about if you stayed home. All those mummies pictures you can see this are not preserved by humans but instead of this its preserve nature . They are often also considered as one of the deadliest tribes still in existence. Yes, this town is famous for the 1947 UFO crash landing, and of course, the fascination with the area has UFO aficionados everywhere wanting to take at least one “pilgrimage” to the town that has much of its industry built up around the crash. So that girl cut her hair and gave to him. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. this can be fine as a unique type of museum cause is consist of the different type of toilets. Change ). The 5 most Shocking Places in the World with WiFi. ( Log Out /  A military base, what this places is actually used for nobody knows. Some of the last people on earth to be untouched by modernization, the people on this island still hunt with stones and arrows and are very hostile to outsiders. Today I am going to tell you about some funny and interesting places where u should visit. Today I am going to tell you about some funny and interesting places where u should visit. In this museum you can find more than hundred different type of materials which are made for hurt people. Nowadays, you can send an e-mail or check your social media from almost anywhere in the world. With internet access globally, apps like Wi-Fi Map and mobile devices, it’s almost impossible to be truly disconnected. ... To prove the point, here are some of the most surprising places worldwide (and out of this world) that have Wi-Fi access: 1. But try visiting some of these truly weird and shocking places — you just might find the beauty underneath the strangeness, once you get past all the judgments in your head that the world “should” be “this” way or “that.” Check out these twenty weird and shocking places from across the globe.