Final Word. The 87A is a good mic, but may be a bit raw depending on what you need it for. Being a condenser microphone, the SM86 is more prone to background noise, while the SM58 rejects it better. Overall Sound. The SM86 … Deliver studio-quality sound with this cardioid condenser vocal mic. The folks at Shure ran over it with a car, dropped it from 6 stories, put holes in it with a shotgun, and it still worked. The Shure SM86 is ideal for live performance and built to survive the rigors of touring. Just as the Beta 87 is the articulate sister to the Beta 58A, the Shure SM86 is a more detailed companion to the SM58 with a less aggressive sound and lower price … Shure SM86 Microphone. Pretty incredible. I think the SM86 is the go to option, as it’s a lot cheaper and sounds more true to life. The SM86 is more natural sounding. That said, if you prefer a warmer, more natural sound, and a great all around vocal mic, the Shure SM86 … Rating and Reviews: Shure SM86 Microphone.