Some of the most commonly performed services we do include: ​When your vehicle breaks down, it can be frustrating, especially when you have things to do and almost every time the hours are inconvenient. No reason to fret when you call Victoria Mobile Mechanic. The vision at Speed Mechanics is to bring elite level training methods to the masses. But, it can happen at any time to anyone. We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples on whose traditional lands we serve. As our name suggests, everything is geared to make the athlete as fast as possible. Of course, your trusted mobile auto mechanics in Victoria, we offer our expertise to our customers at any given time, not just when your vehicle decides to give you a hard time. Hope everything works out, I love older cars but don't have the guts (or the money) to own one right now. Given the state of the world currently, we are working diligently to have our facility ready, with safety measures in place for when we can open. Speed Mechanics . Vic trans-- the mechanics there have done several full restorations and do lots of modifications as well. Strength is essential to all areas of movement, performance and general health. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with what's happening at PISE. I want to start with a little back story before we reach the exciting news. I was now in charge of the training for 12 varsity teams and about 350 athletes. He is a very professional strength and conditioning coach who helped reach not only our teams goals but my personal athletic goals as well. Digital Media Intern at Speed Mechanics Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada 18 connections. Strength is essential to all areas of movement, performance and general health. Report this profile Activity So... I’m an App Developer now! We have a large indoor turf for sprinting, agility, and sport-specific training. He helped me coach the sprints and jumps program, handling workout programming. Nearby gyms & sports facilities. When it comes time for a scheduled maintenance, you need new tires or an oil change; we will gladly offer those services with the same expertise and smile as we take care of the major repairs and breakdowns. Check out bodyQuiz on the App Store - learn neuroanatomy the fun way! Find useful information, the address and the phone number of the local business you are looking for. New Sports Science and Training Facility Opening for Youth Athletes October 1, 2020. He can be reached at, Anthony Pluta is a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Kinesiology, Master Coach Developer, 13-year professional baseball player, Canadian Women’s National Team Pitching Coach, Father of 4, Published Author. is apparently an excellent mechanic, honest all around, and he can apparently fix ANYTHING. On the strength side of the facility, we have four custom racks with platforms and all your strength training equipment. By leveraging biometrics and sport-specific strength and conditioning, we can train the body to react correctly and instinctively protect common areas of injury like the ankles, knees and shoulders. Our philosophy is based on the development of movement patterns and skills to build a broad foundation for athletes. We completely understand that your time is of the essence and we work at lighting speed, so you can get your car back on the road as quick as possible. University of Victoria. High importance is placed on educating young athletes, coaches and the community. As young athletes, we did not have access to elite coaches and the wealth of knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years. For more information visit or please contact: 721 Vanalman Ave. Suite 102 *Accessory charges may apply if additional programming, data analysis, detailed testing, or reporting is required. There was nowhere to hide in these sports. We provide almost any service your vehicle might possibly need. Speed Mechanics . If it's carb'd take it to, Esso car clinic on hillside and Shelbourne is pretty good for day to day, and, Searles, Victoria Transmission It's hard to find a car of that age (which hasn't been restored) that doesn't have a few maintenance issues. hey man when I had to get the PFC van taken care of, not that the van is an audi, but it needed, It's gas the dealership quoted me this: Rotate tires $39.95 Brake Fluid Flush $139.95. I’m not saying it can’t be done because there are great coaches getting it done every day. FULL ALL-ACADEMIC LIST  Stay safe and stay healthy! (IE: Don't pass up a car with a solid/straight body because it needs new brakes). I know of a great mechanic, but he's in duncan. What kind of speciality are you looking for? Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 500+ connections. May be worth the fuel to see him. Sometimes you’re not able to get to the auto repair shop for whatever reason. Simply call us at any time to book your service appointment. At Speed Mechanics, we provide technical speed training. Home > Canada > Victoria, BC > Gyms & Sports Facilities > Speed Mechanics . Enter the NEW Speed Mechanics Training Centre. At least that was the case when I brought a car back from the States. Repair cost can add up extremely fast if you don’t take care of problems as they happen. ... Victoria BC, V9E 2C5, Canada E . At Speed Mechanics, we provide technical speed training. Coming out of high school I wanted to play college hockey, but due to a couple of untimely injuries, that path was derailed. We make life easy when it would otherwise be difficult to give your vehicle the TLC that it needs. It was at this point I started to see I could have a huge impact at the high school level in their preparation for university, college, or national development teams. Our mechanics will take care of your car’s service needs no matter where you are or what type of vehicle you have! I saw this as an opportunity. I found Khyl to be a very knowledgeable, and professional strength & conditioning coach. University. Key features of the new facility include: large indoor turf for sprinting, agility, and sport-specific training; a netted cage for throwing, hitting, kicking, or shooting; four custom racks with platforms and all strength training equipment; specialized conditioning equipment including curved motor-less treadmills. Report this profile Activity So... I’m an App Developer now! We want to make speed accessible at all levels. Your safety and our staff’s safety are of the utmost importance and we will be taking great measures to keep everyone safe during these times. Whether you spend your days in the water or on a field, on your feet or in a seat, we’re here to help you make the team, up your game, better your time, or win your race. Mobile Mechanic Langford, Sooke, Colwood, Sidney, and Victoria: We come to YOU! Source: Senior guy there is my dad.. we have built my car, and are currently building another. Strength Training. The facility is designed for all elements of developing athletic movement. A full breakdown of costs based on individual or group needs will be presented to the client for approval before any invoicing is forwarded. VICTORIA, BC: On October 1, 2020, young athletes from Greater Victoria will have access to a brand-new High-Performance Training Facility.