Peel the boiled potatoes. Cook for about 8 minutes until okra is soft. Heat a pan on a low flame, add the spinach puree, the gravy mixture of coconut and add some salt. 4 in method of preparation section, you may choose to pressure cook your spinach for 1 whistle too but since I don’t prefer overcooking leafy veggies, I choose to follow the quick process of wilting the leaves and then shocking them in ice cold water, similar to what is done in case of cooking Palak Paneer to retain that gorgeous green colour. Prep Time 10 mins. Love the pic with the saree, a perfect ode to your MIL . This recipe is very similar to palak keerai masiyal made with palak leaves but with slight variation. Servings:4 Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes. Cook in pressure cooker till rice is done. Looks nice. Again clean the pan with an absorbent towel, heat 2 teaspoon oil. Thanks a ton for always encouraging and keeping me going with your lovely words of appreciation. Add about 1 and 3/4 cup of water that was used to cook spinach and tomato. It looks terrible & the step by step pics adds to the attraction…Would tempt anybody, who comes around… Gr8 going…, Love, Ash…. Lovely write up. Along with the spinach, add green chillies, shallots, tomatoes and garlic. Easy spinach gravy for rice | keerai curry/masiyal recipe south indian style with step by step photos and video recipe. Mix everything well and make small balls from the mixture. A good spoonful of Manga Kari or Instant Mango Pickle seals the deal. Thank you smilez. Repeat with a rice layer, gravy layer, koftas. The happiness with which food was gorged gave me enough strength to cope up with the absence of Narayan for a few more days. Your email address will not be published. There is a RSS link on the site. Easy spinach gravy for rice | keerai curry/masiyal recipe south indian style with step by step photos and video recipe. Soak the saffron strands in it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 21/02/2018 By Jinoo Jayakrishnan Leave a Comment. Spread remaining rice on top, followed by the saffron milk. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. give me 2 more options, for making a kofta without potato and a gravy without spinach( My hubby is not supposed to take these two for some health reason). It adds a great aroma to the gravy. A healthy side dish and even kids will enjoy without any fuss for green vegetables. (do not add too much water). First lets prepare the gravy mixture by heating a kadhai, adding some oil and then the Bengal gram or chana dal. Mor Keerai (Spinach Greens cooked in a Yoghurt and Coconut Sauce / Gravy) – A Gluten Free Main Course Option from the South Indian Cuisine that is subtle on the spices and creamier with the coconut and yoghurt sauce combination. I am always curious about the coconut mix everyone uses. With yearsss of ‘Food” blogging, u pretty well get ‘Global chef’ title in your own little family! Aloo Palak Gravy Potato Spinach Curry Saag My Dainty Palak curry recipe how to make simple palak curry indian vegetarian recipe palak curry recipe how to make simple side palak spinach curry manjula s kitchen indian vegetarian recipes. Liberian Check Rice & Gravy. Saute and then quickly add the grated coconut, give it a quick stir and switch off the flame. Then, let the mixture gets cooled.Grind the mixture. Thank you so much for those kind words. I will try to make this in vegan version . Same story repeats – this time the other way around. In Bengal we usually used curd and coconut in many Curries. Grind the wilted spinach to a smooth paste. Required fields are marked *. Crispy paniyaram recipe | Gunta ponganalu recipe, Green peas masala recipe for chapathi south indian style, Turmeric Kara dosai recipe | fresh turmeric dosai, Mulaku chammanthi | red chilli chutney recipe, Ghee pongal | Ven pongal recipe restaurant style. some of the everyday spinach recipes which are popular in south India: keerai poondu kootu, palak keerai masiyal, drumstick leaves soup, drumstick leaves dosa, keerai curry/cheera molokushyam kerala style spinach curry with coconut, keerai kozhukkati rice dumplings made with spinach, keerai paruppu curry/cheera paruppu curry. It was a difficult transition for her since the language itself undergoes changes. Once cooked set aside.