Our recommendations are based on providing value to campers across the country. The (many!) Made of 7000-series aluminum, this lightweight tent stake is reliable in both sand and snow. Steel Tent Stakes Stakes are rods, spikes, or pins that are driven into the ground and used to secure anchoring lines for a tent, canopy, shelter or structure. Despite their history as the footnote in your camping gear checklist, tent stakes are a pinch hitter—and prioritizing their efficiency is something you won’t be sorry you did. Tent stakes are an inexpensive, must-have item for all camping trips. The holes in sand or snow stakes are there for a reason—sand or snow pack fills in and around each hole to further anchor the stake into the ground. Perfect!! Perfect!! She's excited to be a part of The Dyrt team, where she can marry her love of writing with her love of nature. I but these buy the hundreds. These small stakes are virtually long, slender nails made out of titanium with a reflective loop attached for easy retrieval. Designed to easily penetrate the ground. These are made in the USA out of recycled polycarbonate, and come in two sizes. Whether the ground is hard or soft, these Tent Stakes will keep your tent securely anchored to the ground. Based out of the East Coast, Tana has traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad. With a good mallet or driver, you can use these stakes in just about any soil, no matter how hard-packed. While there is some crossover between sand stakes and snow stakes, we found these are the best tent stakes for camping in snow. By purchasing through our articles, you help support this camping magazine. I use them to secure hardware wire to the ground under my chicken/duck coop. These spiral-style stakes are designed to drill into soft ground, creating a secure anchor in windy conditions, sand, or even snow. They feature a flat top and straight shaft that won’t bend when hammered into even the hardest ground, and each stake weighs a mere 0.6 oz. The stake that comes with your tent typically can’t withstand a heavy mallet swing into hard, compact soil. It happens every year: I’ll be on my first camping trip of the season, I look over my camping gear, and remember…I still haven’t replaced those twisted, bent tent stakes. steel tent stakes. There are two size options, a 6” (0.35 oz) and a 9” (0.5 oz), both with an attached reflective pull loop. Exactly as described. Exactly as described. If you’re camping on hard ground, it’s tough to pound a stake deep enough for proper grip and leverage for your guy lines. Using a set of pliers to pull from the steel will result in a longer-lasting product. Yes, these tent stakes can be used for anchoring Christmas decorations. Reviews . Write Your Own Review. Sandee Sheets Maui can be anchored to prevent them from blowing away in grassy areas by using these stakes for the loops and four corner pockets to fill with sand while you are at the beach. Pinnacle Mercantile 30 Pack Tent Stakes Metal Garden Edging Fence Hooks Pegs Christmas Decorat… 8340-00-985-7461 Steel Military Tent Stake Red 18-Inch. Product Overview. I need light weight stakes for what I do. They’re never the first thing you think about as far as camping gear—in the age of hammock tents, truck bed tents and rooftop campers, thinking about the best tent stakes for your setup feels like the ultimate afterthought. Thankfully, countless outdoors brands know the importance of good tent stakes. Worked great.Held yard decorations through Windstorm. You're reviewing: Steel Tent Stakes Your … skip to Main Content 1-800-214-6426 … Order your steel tent stakes from Army Surplus World today! These are a favorite for backpacking, made from 7075 aluminum and coming in at only 10 grams per stake. Tent stakes are an inexpensive, must-have item for all camping trips. All Rights Reserved. At 10” long, they’re still lightweight at 1.2 oz per stake. 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This design helps the stake to fill in with snow, which in turn helps anchor each stake in place. The EXPLOMOS Heavy Duty Solid Steel Tent Stakes have a forged steel construction that allows them to keep their shape despite repeated hammering into tough ground. You’re also less likely to trip over them when you’re walking around your campsite. Value can't be beat. Snow stakes all typically have one thing in common: holes placed throughout the stake. Vargo Titanium Nail Peg.