in situ These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. In particular case of normal – superconducting phase transitions we have shown that (1) the normal and superconducting crystal structures are not identical, (2) the phase transition between them proceeds by a structural rearrangement, (3) the epitaxial version of the nucleation-and-growth is its The low-energy 1D vortex spectrum can be utilized to distinguish between HOTI (with chiral hinge states) from a conventional TI. Yahuan Huan, Jianping Shi, Xiaolong Zou, Yue Gong, Chunyu Xie, Zhongjie Yang, Zhepeng Zhang, Yan Gao, Yuping Shi, Minghua Li, Pengfei Yang, Shaolong Jiang, Min Hong, Lin Gu, Qing Zhang, Xiaoqin Yan. Surface phase transition in a superconducting HOTI. This parameter vanishes at the transition between two topological superconducting phases with opposite Chern numbers, see figure 3(b) . Physical Review Letters™ is a trademark of the American Physical Society, registered in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Japan. 2. *���O�����o>�s�yM7��b������m��Ϳ��uĺ��f��}���v������?���M��۶l+Ī}^f]�:�7���y5�WN��G N�2S)���3��L릗�O���j1�@�gG`o��3�.,[���Yb��������DOʦMձ;!ml��avU����}�K��w���.=7�������!�w�����{���/�����0����cW��c��=����y��xK�■������:�w�=䱾̃� B�L[c�K� ���p��w�_�Jx�P�_����H�Z���Q@���t�[��t�$:�$�A�4:,���&$A��LG�G�1�ƣ�8|E���ɧ�9��]��2Mk�7&�¾��=��C�7�8/�Vϼ�I���n5����e��?w�sOx�(D�vj>�kk6|˻4� Z�w���;�1,z�;� ��p���j)����_�e�8&�/��^m>#�纸ȦLp�D��a랇��. Thickness-Controlled Synthesis of CoX2 (X = S, Se, and Te) Single Crystalline 2D Layers with Linear Magnetoresistance and High Conductivity. We appreciate your continued effort and commitment to helping advance science, and allowing us to publish the best physics journals in the world. Jonas Bekaert, Ekaterina Khestanova, David G. Hopkinson, John Birkbeck, Nick Clark, Mengjian Zhu, Denis A. Bandurin, Roman Gorbachev, Simon Fairclough, Yichao Zou, Matthew Hamer, Daniel J. Terry, Jonathan J. P. Peters, Ana M. Sanchez, Bart Partoens, Sarah J. Haigh, Milorad V. Milošević. The Supporting Information is available free of charge on the ACS Publications website at DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b07379. Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily. On the other hand, there is a class of properties that are independent of the underlying material. We observe a smooth crossover from the disorder-driven superconductor-normal metal transition (SMT) to the superconductor-insulator transition (SIT) via the intermediate Bose metal state detected by the low-temperature saturation of the temperature dependence of the sheet resistance. In particular case of normal – superconducting phase transitions we have shown that (1) the norm al and superconduc ting crystal structur es are … Files available from the ACS website may be downloaded for personal use only. Users are <>>> endobj of phase transitions is the way it to materialize. A schematic picture depicting the evolution of the vortex bound states with doping. (a) schematic picture shows the distance between a vortex (red dot) from hinge dh and center dc of lattice (black dot), (b) μc,2 versus dh for HOTI with superconducting vortex along the x direction (HOTI x) with two system sizes of N=24, 28 and HOTI z and TI with N=28. B. Cao, L. J . Flexible Foil of Hybrid TaS %���� endobj Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. ©2020 American Physical Society. not otherwise permitted to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or sell any Supporting Information Subscription 2 0 obj Xuzhao Han, Dongbin Zhang, Yang Qin, Xianggui Kong, Fazhi Zhang, Xiaodong Lei. The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. 6R x��=M�$�qw�sL���M6���#8�n��";:�J��!�>M���*����2Yz=M�X��*Vx������Ï_n?~x�������}���/_~��>|���Ӈ?����×��ۇ?��I�����姿�ﷷO���w�~��o�ܾ�������o�m�u7o�������/��Z���?�~���Sß�����? All rights reserved. In (c) the system size is 100×100. Your Mendeley pairing has expired., Physical Review Physics Education Research, Log in with individual APS Journal Account », Log in with a username/password provided by your institution », Get access through a U.S. public or high school library ». 1 0 obj Structure, Preparation, and Applications of 2D Material‐Based Metal–Semiconductor Heterostructures. Junyang Tan, Shisheng Li, Bilu Liu, Hui-Ming Cheng. DOI:, Sayed Ali Akbar Ghorashi1, Taylor L. Hughes2, and Enrico Rossi1, To celebrate 50 years of enduring discoveries, APS is offering 50% off APCs for any manuscript submitted in 2020, published in any of its hybrid journals: PRL, PRA, PRB, PRC, PRD, PRE, PRApplied, PRFluids, and PRMaterials. Joshua Hall, Niels Ehlen, Jan Berges, Erik van Loon, Camiel van Efferen, Clifford Murray, Malte Rösner, Jun Li, Boris V. Senkovskiy, Martin Hell, Matthias Rolf, Tristan Heider, María C. Asensio, José Avila, Lukasz Plucinski, Tim Wehling, Alexander Grüneis.