I usually get a box every month sometimes two a month and I have never been disappointed. I have been ordering meat chicken and seafood from thrive for well over a year. I’ll likely hide most of the food somewhere and only keep a week’s worth of food in the kitchen. Yes and Yes!!! Fair prices. Quick response, friendly services, and refunded all items damaged. That was awesome! They all are so wonderful, they are so quick to resolve any problems you might have with your order. Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil ($9.99) –> I used to buy this at Costco, but now they only sell in a plastic jug which I try to avoid for oils because of chemical and BPA exposure. Really, you could set up one shipment and have it on autoship and never have to think about buying groceries. Notice that I will be saving $88.47/month now as a Thrive member. For example, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, then all you have is $100 to spend in that week. That being said, everyone’s situation is different, so take a look at this in depth Thrive Market Review and see for yourself. Inquired via chat on the app. I’ll be honest. Thrive is only for the people who are so committed to their family’s health that they are willing to pay extra for high quality food. Not only has the delivery been amazing these past few months, but the savings are unbeatable. AFAA Group Exercise Certification Study Tips, The Best Blogging Tools To Save Time & Sanity. They even offer meats if … Amazon Prime may be a better choice for you, and you’d get free 2-day shipping. You set how many of an item you would like each month and Thrive sends it to you automatically. Thrive market was fast and efficient when I shopped at their online store. I do buy a few things here and there from Amazon as well. This article contains my complete Thrive Market Review, and answers the question is it worth the cost of membership. Official Amazon Disclosure: Kelli Shallal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.hungryhobby.net. There’s no doubt about that. This means they will pay me a fee for any new members I refer. She serves up larger portions and typically gives the kids more snacks the first couple of days after grocery shopping. You can trust the information here to be objective, and you will find both the advantages and disadvantages of Thrive Market. Their prices are good and delivery is quick! She told me that survey was only for new customers and I shouldn’t have received it, but gave me $10 off my purchase to make a happy customer! Hi Rita, thanks for passing along your feedback. You can think of them as a Whole Foods type store, but without a physical store front. I could have easily used retail prices to inflate the value of Thrive Market, but this is an accurate and honest review. If you’re a good planner, that may not be an issue, but it is something to be aware of if you’re considering joining. Save this post for later or send it to a friend! Can’t get better food at better prices anywhere, even the specialty grocery stores. Love it. Before we dive into Thrive, I want to be upfront, so full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Thrive Market. I did the survey and chose my gift. Still no package that was due on the 16th. Great products. Not only for their products that are amazing and healthy, but for all the people who works there. Here is your classic pro and con list. Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. The next thing to point out is everything I buy from non-Costco sources (Whole Foods, Target, Amazon…) can now be purchased for cheaper at Thrive Market. I personally would recommend anyone who takes their health seriously to join Thrive Market, and see how much you might save too! I’m so glad I did! I went on the app and did the chat option. Always had my questions resolved to more than my expectations. I opened a chat and explained what happened. If you use Thrive like I plan to, then this is really no big deal because you’ll be using Thrive Market as your main source of non-perishable foods. If you fit in this category, first off, I’m sorry. When I was looking into Thrive, I wrote down all the costs for every non-perishable food item I buy regularly. I chatted with a Thrive representative and withIn 5 minutes had a refund for the impacted part of the order. My Honest Thrive Market Review. You wil have no trouble finding what you want. I then called 866 419 2174 and spoke with Natrice who assured me I would have my package that day the 18th. Never fear, Thrive has a solution for you if your budget is this tight. I essentially buy everything from the cheapest source I can find without sacrificing quality. I had a can of pumpkin that was dented in several places in my order today. I would not recommend a product or service that I believe to be subpar. If Costco offers an item, it’s likely cheaper, so my Costco purchases will remain the same. I texted the problem to customer service and they immediately responded with a gift card. I can go in an click shop by paleo and it will only show me paleo items. I then enter another chat with Kristelle and need to cancel the order.