Objects of the present invention include provision of aluminum flake powders having improved specular reflectivity for use in paints and other applications and a method for producing such powders as will become apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the drawing in which; FIG. Using our materials assures your UV and lighting systems meet the highest quality standards with: Outstanding reflectance demonstrated by an average total reflectance of over 97% down to 210nm. The size range distributions produced directly as set forth in Table IV indicate that the products may be used directly in many applications or can be sized to provide special size cuts to meet application requirements. Thin covered aluminum pigments, method for the same production and use of aluminum pigments. The aluminum flake may be used to produce powder coatings as in furniture applications. usually having a specific gravity of about 0.7 to about 0.8 at F. Other liquid hydrocarbons may be employed as those skilled in the art will appreciate. 12 through 16 were made using powder (Alcan MD-X65) having an apparently generated in situ during processing. Application Data [62] Division of Ser. The flake can be anodized and colored to provide special decorative effects. larger starting pow ders can be employed. Reflective Shade ClothsHighly Reflective Aluminized Shade Fabric World Famous Aluminet is a highly reflective Aluminized Shade Fabric that provides a radically cooler shade environment than does traditional black shade cloth. The polymer surface was previously UVO (ultraviolet and ozone) activated during 5 and 10 min. The average particle size of the starting material may range from about 4 to about 300 microns. all combined with improved economies. This flake exhibited a water coverage by the aforementioned test of about 5100 square centimeters per gram representing an average flake thickness of about 0.73 microns. however. flat surfaces relatively free of embedded particles or debris and having smooth edges produced in the product of Run No. The anodized reflective aluminum panel bonded to the surface of ALPOLIC®/RF provides a high degree of reflectivity without the liabilities of traditional reflective materials. from 1-100 micrometer, Submicrometer sized, i.e. It appears that demand exists in the art for aluminum flake powder having materially better reflectivity and /or water coverage than do the presently available flake pigments powders. to facilitate working, to improve properties; Metallic powders per se, e.g. The milling liquid employed preferably is a light liquid hydrocarbon called mineral spirits". 204. In order to illustrate a further advantage of the invention. l0 and running time. Generally speaking, the present invention contemplates the production of aluminum flake powders having either substantially improved specular reflectivity (R,.) Thin films of aluminum can be obtained by means of vacuum thermal evaporation and good compatibility and homogeneity can be reached through proper surface activation of the polymeric substrate. At the end of the second hour and at succeeding hours thereafter during the course of the run. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apsusc.2019.144596. More sophisticated tests involve the use of a photoelectric cell to measure the amount of light from a standard light source reflected from a surface comprised of a flake to be tested. FTIR, water contact angle and AFM analysis were used to validate the effect of the UVO treatment on the PC surface. On the completion of each run. These values were considered to be unsatisfactory overall and to constitute further confirmation that the ball to powder ratio should be at least about l5:l. The effect ofmilling time in reducing the thickness of the product powder with concomitant loss of specular reflectivity due to transluccnce of the powder is set forth in the folowing Example ll. the. plate-like, Micrometer sized, i.e. Assigned to ALCAN ALUMINUM CORPORATION, A NY CORP. expressed in CIELAB-values, GENERAL TAGGING OF NEW TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS; GENERAL TAGGING OF CROSS-SECTIONAL TECHNOLOGIES SPANNING OVER SEVERAL SECTIONS OF THE IPC; TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER USPC CROSS-REFERENCE ART COLLECTIONS [XRACs] AND DIGESTS, TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER USPC, TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER US CLASSIFICATION. Pat. ALPOLIC®/RF can be fabricated using ordinary woodworking tools, and can be bent to conform to columns or other curved surfaces. The equation provides confirmation that the ball to powder ratio is the significant variable in relation to R of the product. Related US. .1. Coarser flakes are used in other decorative applications to provide flash or sparkle to painted surfaces. ALPOLIC®/RF provides a polished reflective aluminum surface suitable for many applications that require a high degree of reflectivity. from 0.1-1 micrometer, Physical properties of inorganic compounds, Optical properties, e.g. 238.375. filed Mar. No. by crushing, grinding or milling, DYES; PAINTS; POLISHES; NATURAL RESINS; ADHESIVES; COMPOSITIONS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR; APPLICATIONS OF MATERIALS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, TREATMENT OF INORGANIC MATERIALS, OTHER THAN FIBROUS FILLERS, TO ENHANCE THEIR PIGMENTING OR FILLING PROPERTIES; PREPARATION OF CARBON BLACK; PREPARATION OF INORGANIC MATERIALS WHICH ARE NO SINGLE CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS AND WHICH ARE MAINLY USED AS PIGMENTS OR FILLERS, Treatment of specific inorganic materials other than fibrous fillers; Preparation of carbon black, Aluminium treated with organic compounds, e.g. sparkle' and flop" for a given amount of flake added. enamelware, white ceramic ware. :1 l:l I18 2 H.444 M56 98.28 34.9 40:] l:l 5/]6 3 H.444 M56 65.50 34.8 60:l lzl 5/16 4 I 1.444 I456 98.28 34.9 40:] l] H8 5 14.45] 1456 98.28 40.0 l.25:l UK 6 9.432 1500 8!.00 32.4 40I| ltl.25 U8 7 l L444 I456 98.28 34.9 40:] III l/8 8 H.444 728 65.50 26.2 60Il 2:| 1/8 9 H.444 728 98.28 26.3 40:l 2:l [/8 l0 H.444 I092 98.28 30.6 40:l l.33:l l/8 ll H.444 I456 l3l.00 35.3 30:l l:l l/8 l2 H.444 728 65.50 26.2 60Il 2:l 5/l6 I3 H.444 728 J8.28 26.3 40:l Zil 5/l6 l4 H.444 i456 98.28 34.9 40:l l:l l/8 I5 I 1.444 M56 65.50 34.8 60:l l:l 1/8 l6 H.444 l456 98.28 34.9 40:l l:l I/X Run Mill Water Coverage "/2 No. A lubricant such as stearic acid or other fatty acid, cg, oleic, erusic. TABLE I Ball Run Ball Weight Liquid Volume Powder Weight Mill Volume Ratio Dia. From the literature. Join the ALPOLIC® newsletter program and stay up to date on the latest product releases, news and inspirational ideas. THE ENTIRE INTEREST SUBJECT TO AGREEMENT DATED APRIL 30,1982, Assignors: INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY, INC., THE, MERGER (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). In particular, aluminum flake powders are employed in decorative finishes. B22F l/00 [58] Field of Search 75/0.5 B, 0.5 A, 0.5 R; [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,002,891 5/1935 Hall 106/290 2/1952 Wray et al. Cl. The material had a particle size of which 98% passed a 325 mesh Tyler Standard Screen Scale. 2 and 3 which dem onstrate the smooth.