Out-of-Game VT2 Armory Mod Reference. Vermintide 2 PvP - play as specials? It was insanely fun in L4D. Not to mention even the maps themselves weren't made with being competitive in mind. pretty much title. youtu.be/0MwwEF... 262 comments. Maybe the engine is just so temperamental that it takes ages to get anything done with it? If it's happening I hope the sack-rat/ loot-rat is playable so I can fulfill my fantasy of being a loot pinata NPC, dodging shots and baiting players to overextend. But that's a completely different kind of game so. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Like stone dead. Everything You Wish Fatshark Told You. I've played maybe about 150 of those hours post WoM. They are honestly suffering from their own success and failure to realize what made the game great in the beginning. Are they really going through with a PvP mode? They had a perfect platform to expand upon and threw it all away for no good reason. I haven't played since WoM either. it'd be pretty good as a secondary gamemode. It's the same thing they did to people speedrunning, adding bosswalls and forcing people to engage with the fights. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. They throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. Hardly anyone ever plays it, and hasn't recieved any update for it in a very long time. Not a fan of PvP myself, but I have a feeling if fatshark ever does add PvP it may end up like KF2 when they added PvP. With almost a thousand hours in the game, I stopped playing when WoM dropped, as it felt like they were ignoring the golden spot the gameplay had found over time, just to revamp the combat system altogether. I suspect I will abandon it entirely when Season 2 hits. report. And it's a damn shame because the combat was sublime prior to WoM. That's what gets me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I expressed my doubts about weaves and leaderboards, basically voicing the same exact concerns: the randomness is what makes this game replayability, and WoM wasn't going in that direction at all. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I have no idea. I loved the dodge meta, sure it was a bit cheesy at times, but the game had an awesome flow that I have never found in any other videogame. The game wasn't balanced around PVP at any point in time plus it's not all that solid at points. Press J to jump to the feed. ... my point of view, more maps and mechanics that are tightly connected to the base game and I'm good. A Rat Slaying Subreddit for Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide, and Warhammer: Vermintide 2. This! Time and time again Fatshark has demonstrated that they'd rather have people play the game their way, than play it at all. It felt like no one asked for it and it ended up being terribly balanced and still isn't good today. Save Space! im also unclear on whether its going to be a seperate standalone game or a DLC for Vermintide 2? I’ve seen him a few times but can never catch him/kill him. I consider getting back into it every once and a while, but it just kind of makes me sad now. Something - whether it’s management, process, I dunno - must have some component that is just totally fucked. Vermintide 2 - Versus is a new player vs player game mode for Warhammer: Vermintide 2.It will be 4 vs 4 gameplay, and you will be able to play as dark pact characters from both the Skaven and Chaos, as well as the Heroes of Ubersreik. Breakpoint Calculator. As someone who quit when WoM came out after 1000+ hours, you wrote out exactly how I feel. As a new player on Xbox, any tips on killing that thing? I had some of the most fun in L4D2 in 4v4 pvp matches where one team got to play as the infected specials. Combat felt less fluid, a bit more technical, which was probably a good thing for some people, but didn't seem to do it for me. ... they usually end up even darker on mobile. Man. The beastmen are awesome though, even if they're unfairly buggy. I had basically the same experience, huge fan, hundreds of hours of gameplay,streamed VT2 on Twitch, the whole nine yards. hide. Vermintide 2 is Dying - MilkandcookiesTW. I have lost interest in the game since, but I still follow this /sub with nostalgia, always wondering if I'm one day gonna install it again, and maybe get that awesome feeling back after all these months. share. I loved this game, and I am sure I could love it again, but this is not the right direction for it. This has probably been repeated a lot of times, but I’ll say it again: something at Fatshark has to be really badly broken. I had some of the most fun in L4D2 in 4v4 pvp matches where one team got to play as the infected specials. Vermintide 2 New & Returning Player FAQ I just cannot understand that. I probably have 743 hours in game, I loved it pre WoM, and bought the expansion only because I was forced to in order to play with friends. Yeah I dont really get the downvotes. They've said they don't intend to add it because of the balance issues it'd create, they want to focus on PvE. I don't care for pvp personally, that's why I play a coop survival game. Delete Your Console Logs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Same with the twitch integration. Which is fine, if you're there for the fights. thanks. From my point of view, more maps and mechanics that are tightly connected to the base game and I'm good. I literally dressed up shirtless and drew dicks on my chest with finger paint to win the shitty Halloween costume contest on this sub, that's how into the game I was. Not to mention it was added during a time when people expected more content for the main game itself, and with all the bugs and promised content not in the game yet..Yeah I don't think it would be a good idea. FFS, listen. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Someone please listen FS. I suspect FS is well aware of the issues, but they don’t seem to be capable of fixing them. Nobody cares about ponies, FS! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There would be probably a dozen points on each map where players could exploit pulling people through walls as hook rat or other shenaningans like shooting through walls as Ratling. Biggest Changes Since Release. Rob me of all the process I made in the base game, expect me to do it all again, and with matchmaking so fragmented that it's almost impossible to find players for my level? Is there any plan to add this to Vermintide 2? I'm playing VT2 rather casually, so I'm not aware of / not so sensible to its development process, but I don't know how the fuck weaves in their current form had been greenlit. It's simply not as fun, and Fatshark is consistently making design decisions to make it even less so. Some people just wanted to speedrun though. It's like they have this amazing golden goose of a game, that will crap them a solid gold egg, all they have to do is feed it a bit once in a while, but instead they disregard the goose and start breeding ponies instead. I'm sure the AI isn't going to complain. Ultimately, I hated the fact that I was struggling to relearn a combat system I'd already chucked hundreds of hours into, why would I do that? I was. save. share. I remember when KF2 added pvp mode. Expand upon the amazing foundation you already have and the community will crap you a golden egg. "Yes, but this isn't how we intended it to be played". Maybe as a mod it'd be somewhat fun because it's a mod and nobody expects it to be fair and polished but as an official game mode it'd require a serious rework to better half of the game. Go play l4d2, it still exists and has a playerbase. I thought WoM was decent (minus the ubiquitous bugs when Fatshark releases new content) provided you ignored the weaves, I’ve clocked in a near 800 hours into the game and personally I’ve spent less than an hour in weaves. I think people just see "pvp" and their minds immediately jump to battle royale without understanding what it would be like in this game. With that DLC, it felt line the devs had no clear grasp of what made their game great, and instead they tried to steer VT2 towards something it was not meant to be. Wouldn't mind of it was moddable in the workshop.