0000120329 00000 n 0000037663 00000 n In a moment, XXXXX will join us with some opening remarks. Thank you all for finding time and visiting today’s webinar. 0000120564 00000 n 0000128877 00000 n Before we start, let’s take a moment to ensure that everyone is ready and familiar with the webinar control panel. 0000110208 00000 n 0000005715 00000 n It should help reduce some of the stress of presenting. The first step in winning your audience’s attention with your webinar is delivering a strong, confident introduction. 0000001902 00000 n My name is [moderator name] and I am [job title] at [company name]. Webinar Script Introduction. “Good evening and welcome to XXXXX’s Access Live Event. 0000127208 00000 n Don’t forget to ask them a question and make sure to launch a survey afterward. Thank you for joining us. Moderator: Good afternoon! Access Live™ Video 1: Screening Participants (Screener). I will be your host for tonight’s Access Live Event. Hilly Productions, Inc. – 5 Steps to Moderating a Webinar 5 Steps to Moderating a Webinar By James Hilliard, professional moderator 0000019033 00000 n 0000040457 00000 n 0000064863 00000 n 0000066005 00000 n It’s 877-XXX-XXXX, and the PIN number is XXXXX. This is not a replacement for actual town hall meetings, but rather another way to better serve you. 0000114067 00000 n A good way to ensure that you consistently deliver a quality webinar sans verbal pauses (uh..., ummmm..., etc.) 0000003209 00000 n 0000039222 00000 n Assalamualaikum Wr. ���^dUP ���@���c�.w�ߏ��Zn���Bl�^�-� Next, I want to explain the format for tonight’s call. 0000004448 00000 n This is a live question and answer session with XXXXX, and in a few minutes you will have the opportunity to speak to him/her directly. 0000129132 00000 n Interacting with your audience is the best way to keep them glued to your webinar content. Script Speech: Seminar Session by Moderator “Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. 0000005465 00000 n We hope you enjoy the program tonight, and if you do, please let us know. First, you should have a control panel on the right side of your screen. If you would like to ask a question this evening, it’s very easy. 0000127831 00000 n 0000006194 00000 n 0000039049 00000 n 0000003955 00000 n Be polite but expeditious so that the Moderator has a large set of caller questions to choose from. What are recommended best practices for Access Live™ Events? Thank you for joining us. 0000110781 00000 n You're quite welcome! Sample Moderator Script “Good evening and welcome to XXXXX’s Access Live Event. NOTE: Each screened call should last no longer than 60-90 seconds. Our office staff will assist you. 0000079270 00000 n If I do not get to all of you, then I will personally email you after the webinar to get an answer to you as we have limited time.” Please have a nice seat. 0000113816 00000 n 0000004205 00000 n Access Live Events provide XXXXX with another means to efficiently communicate with voters when scheduling conflicts or other concerns prevent XXXXX from hosting regular Town Hall Meetings in your community. Planning to section hike the Appalachian Trail - 2,200 miles - 14 states - 5 million footsteps. Remember, if you would like to ask a question, please press STAR 3 on your telephone keypad. trailer <<92A24C2ACE434357936153B1D39C4437>]/Prev 402899>> startxref 0 %%EOF 157 0 obj <>stream I’m _____ , your moderator and webinar organizer. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression and a well developed webinar script is the tool to help you accomplish that goal. We hope you find this call informative and useful.