Made by straining yogurt past the point of even Greek yogurt, labneh (aka labane, lebni, labne, or lebnah) is thick and spreadable, and sometimes appropriately called "yogurt cheese." You may see it spelled lebneh , lebnah , labaneh , … Labneh is a soft Middle Eastern cheese made from strained yogurt. Labneh is a soft cheese, similar in texture to cream cheese, made from strained yogurt and very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. With its rich … 1. The fashionable Lebanese ingredient is expensive to purchase, but it’s thankfully It's surprisingly easy to make, and it's really versatile. Often eaten in the Middle East as a dip or spread, it can be made at home with minimal ingredients. Labneh is a type of soft cheese made by straining yogurt to remove the whey. Also known as labneh, lebneh and even zabedi, this humble yet ancient food is one of the Middle Light, refreshing, versatile and delicious, labneh is a type of soft cheese that has been part of traditional Lebanese cuisine for eons. Labneh cheese, also sometimes called strained yoghurt or yogurt cheese, is a type of soft cheese made by straining yogurt or kefir to create a thicker, more highly concentrated final product that can be seasoned for use as a dip or spread. Cut a large square of cheesecloth or muslin (calico) (around 15 inches or 38cm in diameter). Labneh (LEB-neigh) is a trendy food that’s nothing more than strained yogurt with a rich, creamy texture similar to whipped cream cheese. We like to serve it as a … Serve it as a dip with good-quality olive oil and za'atar, or add it to salads, … Labneh (which is also called labnah or labne,) is basically yogurt with lower moisture. It’s an early phase of cheese, which is why we commonly refer to it as labneh cheese.